Learn about how the Clickbank Store Front works for Silver and Platinum Worldprofit Members.

Platinum Worldprofit Members.

Learn about how the Clickbank Store Front works for Silver and Platinum Worldprofit Members

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This lesson introduces you to the ClickBank Website Plugin.

What is ClickBank?

Founded in 1998, ClickBank is a secure online retail outlet for more than 50,000 digital products and 100,000 active affiliate marketers. ClickBank makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds, safely processing more than 35,000 digital transactions a day. ClickBank serves more than 200 countries, and are consistently ranked as one of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web.
Worldprofit has made it easy for you to sell ClickBank products to earn commission by providing a number of easy-to-use promotion tools.

ClickBank is a huge income generator for you, do not underestimate the value of having this on your site and the benfit of having the promotion tools Worldprofit offers you.

The ClickBank Website Plugin is NOT included in either the Silver or the Platinum VIP Membership.

Using this plugin requires purchase of a CB Engine Membership (direct from the Vendor) and then for a one time set up fee of $29.95 US we then install the ClickBank Website Plugin on your Silver or Platinum website.

Benefits of the CB Website Plugin

-Once we install the plugin on your site, you instantly have over 10,000 items on your site for purchase
-You get 100% of the commission from ClickBank products sold from your site.
-You can promote specific categories or products, direct links are provided
-A link is added on the main page of your site for you

How to access the CB Website Plugin for more information

From the left menu, select CLICKBANK STORE then select CB PLUGIN – 10,000 Products

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Karatbars International is a company based in Stuttgart, Germany and has a fantastic five year track record

Karatbars International is a company based in Stuttgart, Germany and has a fantastic five-year track record. Karatbars International has attracted over 250,000 customers and affiliates in over 120 countries and has a target market of 194 countries.

If you are interested in finding out more about Karatbars USA please see the registration information below. If you are not in the USA lease click HERE to register.

karatbars usa karatbars international America


My name is Brian McGinty and I run a global support desk for over 5000 Karatbars customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. The USA, America is where most of our customers come from as the US people know how precarious the dollar is in the world markets.

Karatbars has been growing across the USA from New York to Washington and I am proud to have many great business partners across the entire United States Of America.

karatbars usa karatbars international America


If you would like to become a Karatbars USA customer or business partner just look for your state below and click the link where you can open a completely free customer or affiliate account.

Once you have done that you will be given the contact details for your 24/7 support desk and information pack. We even give you a USA toll free support number as well as Viber, Skype, Whatsapp so your support channels are always covered.

Registration is completely free and without obligation so there is no logical reason not to register and check out the amazing Karatbars product range.

Karatbars USA – Karatbars International America


Karatbars USA, Karatbars International is about supplying gold bullion to the masses in small affordable weights.

If someone can afford to buy gold by the ounce or kilo they can get a better per gram price than with Karatbars. This is completely true. You can afford to buy a tanker of oil from shell you can also get a better price than buying from your local supplier. Karatbars is not about supplying gold to the people who have thousands of dollars to spend.

Karatbars USA, Karatbars International America is about giving the 99% of the population the opportunity to take physical ownership of their own 999.9 gold bullion. It gives the 99% of the population the opportunity to buy gold as and when they can afford to from just $55.

Karatbars also gets better than that. Karatbars sell 1gram, 2.5gram and 5gram weights and as you buy the bigger weight the price actually comes down. Bought with discount and commissions factored in you can buy a 5gram card and it will work out at around $45 per gram.


You can see a short video on Karatbars Prices HERE


Cost Per Gram -3% Up to -6%
1 GRAM €55 €55 €53.35 €50.14
2.5 GRAM €126 €50.04 €48.53 €45.61
5 GRAM €234 €46.80 €45.40 €42.67



karatbars usa - karatbars International America



Once registered please watch the following presentation which will bring you up to date on Karatbars USA, Karatbars International America. Learn about the company, the entire Karatbars product range and how you can become a Karatbars Business Partner.


4 Great Ways to Drive Ebay Traffic to Your Site

Who needs traffic? Everybody does. Traffic is the single most common concern among website owners and internet marketers, regardless of their reason for being on the internet. But did you know that you can actually use internet giant eBay to send traffic to your site? Yes, even eBay, which enjoys millions of traffic each day, can throw a good percentage of its visitors your way. Here are ways you, too, can optimize your presence on eBay. Give away something for free.

If you’re wondering why in the world would you give away something for free when you’re trying to run a business, read on. In the world of commerce, nothing is actually for free. They just seem that way. Giving away something for free now will mean a lot of returns later. And we’re not talking karma. Use a free report or e-book and give away free advice. Include links to your website in the document. If you want to cash in a little bit, offer to auction your work for just 1 cent.

These acts will do a good job at exposing your site (and business) to prospective customers, who will appreciate your taking the time to give them something for free (or at least really cheap). You get something for giving away something. Don?t be shy about your ‘About Me’ page. The ‘About Me’ page exists for a reason and that is to give a face and an identity to people who use eBay. If you’re an eBay seller, take advantage of this free method to promote yourself and your website. In fact, you can even link your About Me page to your website. Don?t worry about violating any eBay rules because they allow this. Your visitors and customers not only get to know you, they also find out about other great offerings you have on your site. Use eBay auctions for advertising your website. EBay is every advertiser’s paradise.

You have the platform and you have the audience. All you have to do is tell them who you are and what you can offer. Each time you participate in an eBay auction, you’ll have to put up your ad. When you do, always mention your site’s name. If your site’s address is: http://www.mywebsitebusiness.com, simply write a sentence informing your visitors that they can view more information about the auctioned product and other similar items on MyWebsiteBusiness.com. You don?t have to mention the full address in your eBay ad. This short piece of information about what your visitors can find will help whet their appetites and show them you offer more. Don?t break the communication link. Each time you do business with a customer, always follow-up with a short, personalized e-mail.

This is a good way to let your customers and site visitors know that you appreciate their business and presence. To make sure they don?t forget about your site, always include a link to your website in your signature. You might also want to mention your site and some of your other products or features that your recipient may be interested in.

Driving traffic to your site from eBay EBay is a massive opportunity for millions of online entrepreneurs. In fact, it has launched many of today’s home-based businesses and online ventures. Find out more about the ways you can monetize your eBay presence through ‘EBay Traffic’ from the Barking Videos series. The specific steps toward making your eBay venture a success are presented in this video. You’ll also find plenty of trade secrets from experienced eBay entrepreneurs here, along with tips on how to drive strong traffic to your website and grow your business.

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10 Simple Tips on How to Make Your Email Signature Generate Traffic

Not all online strategies used to generate traffic for your website will cost you money. Sometimes, it?s even the free ones that generate the most traffic for your website. One good example is that would be your email signature.

Tip #1 Keep it short. It would be pretty ludicrous to have your email signature longer than the body of your email, not to mention blatantly obvious as an attempt to market your products and services. When using email signature to generate traffic, subtlety and brevity are the keys.

Tip #2 Start with the signature. As these are email signatures, it?s best to make it seem that way by starting with your name and the name of the business you own or are working for. Do include your position as well.

Tip #3 Don?t forget to include your email address. Never mind that your email address is obviously visible in the field indicating the sender?s address. Your customers may be too busy to scroll the page up to copy your email address from the sender box. If you want to give your prospects the utmost convenience for contacting you then add your email address to your signature. It wouldn?t hurt to do so, anyway.

Tip #4 Include your website address. Again, you want to make it convenient for prospects to contact you. If you make mention of your website address too often in the body of your email, this could turn your readers off. Thus, it?s better to maintain the quality of content of your email and satisfy yourself with mentioning your website address in your email signature. This way, you get to advertise about your website without risking antagonizing your readers.

Tip #5 Are there any other contact details you can include? If possible, your email signature should also contain your office or company address, landline and mobile phone number, as well as your fax number. If your IM handle is important then go ahead and include that, too. If you have a toll free number, you definitely have to include that, together with a statement indicating its toll-free status.

Tip #6 Does your business have a tagline? Taglines are usually brief but catchy lines and which define either the identity or mission of the business. If you have one, include that in your email signature.

Tip #7 Include a short but friendly invitation to contact you if your readers have any inquiries or concerns about the products and services you?re selling. You want to make it very clear that you?d welcome any overtures in their part without appearing eager.

Tip #8 Do you have an email newsletter they can subscribe to? How about an RSS feed? If there?s anything that your readers can subscribe to for free, you definitely have to include that in your email signature. Make sure to limit your invitation to one sentence only. Remember, we need to keep this short.

Tip #9 Are there any other thing you can offer for free? How about free trials on your services or free gift items for referrals? Anything that you can use as bait must also be included in your email signature.

Tip #10 Lastly, make sure your email signature is easily distinguishable by using borders and line spaces. Use the appropriate size, style, and color of font to make the text easy to read.

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10 Quick Tips on How to Generate Website Traffic from Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is the 100th most visited website in the world and just imagine how much you could benefit if you?re able to use the popularity of Yahoo Answers to generate traffic for your website? Sounds impossible? Well, it isn?t and we?ll teach you how to do it in simple steps.

Tip #1 Create a Yahoo account that?s very close or exactly the same with your website?s domain name. If your website?s URL is, for instance, www.mylittlestore.com then find a way to create a Yahoo username similar to that. If ?mylittlestore? is not available then perhaps, you could try ?my_little_store? or some other similar variation? As you go on using Yahoo answers, people will find it easier to remember your website because it?s close to your username.

Tip #2 Read the terms and conditions for use of Yahoo Answers carefully. Make sure you don?t violate any policies while working on generating traffic for your website. If you play your cards right, you?ll be able to get around the policies and continue marketing your website.

Tip #3 Choose niche categories. Yahoo Answers has a fairly good classification system for its categories so you won?t have a hard time looking for the categories closest to the products or services you?re selling. Concentrate on answering questions from these categories as this will make building your credibility easier.

Tip #4 Answer just a few questions each day. If you post too many answers everyday, no matter how informative, Yahoo Answers could still find a reason to accuse you of spamming and proceed with deleting your account.

Tip #5 Take your time answering the questions you?ve picked for the day. Always aim to giving the ?best answer? for the question because this can only help improve your reputation. While you don?t need to have to provide overly long answers, your replies must be at the very least, informative and hopefully unique as well.

Tip #6 Remember to include targeted keywords in your answer. Since questions and replies in Yahoo Answers also show up in search engine results, use of targeted keywords will enable more people to see your reply and consequently, generate traffic for your website. Avoid flooding your answers with targeted keywords. Mentioning them once or twice would be enough.

Tip #7 Preview your answers and check for any errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. These little mistakes could hurt your credibility in the long run so it?s best to get them out of the way as early as possible.

Tip #8 Post important links together with your answer. The links must, of course, provide additional information that people would desire to know. Last but not the least, remember to include a link to your website.

Tip #9 Take note of how the question was phrased and make sure you match it in tone and style. These usually have to do with the question category as well. If you?re selling microscopes, you?ll no doubt find yourself in the science category and most questions there are technical. You?ll have to answer in the same vein if you want to gain people?s trust and respect.

Tip #10 Lastly, create other Yahoo accounts for yourself and use this infrequently to vote for the answer you?ve posted with your primary account. Don?t let yourself get carried away voting or you could get all your accounts banned.

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Using Facebook And Twitter Together For Your Business

While some will argue that Facebook and Twitter can never work together to achieve a common goal in terms of business, this notion is really just a matter of professional adjustment. In online discussions, Facebook has been constantly related to personal contacts and updates while Twitter is more widely known for its professional purposes. And for a time, that impression was true until Facebook created its Fan Page. With a Fan Page, profiles can be professional and used for business updates.

Both continue to still have their own set of advantages of disadvantages though. As we have been discussing, Facebook can bring a social and emotional impact to your product much more naturally than Twitter can although it can also be subject to a lot of unnecessary clutter. Twitter, on the other hand, gives fast and easy updates. The concept of microblogging can target a different market and can help you watch what competition is doing. Moreover, these two can actually work together in getting more prospects. After all, there are people who still continue to use Twitter alone and some who still prefer opening just their Facebook page.

So my question is, why not create two accounts to garner a wider market? With both social networks, you as the account moderator should be very careful as to what to what you post. Be mindful of posting personal issues and refrain from talking about business problems, disagreements and so on. You should stick to things that your customers or potential customers will be interested in such as project updates, product launches, useful links, updates from the official website, any news from events, conferences or meetings attended, sales, promos, incentives and potential collaborations with clients are more preferable inclusions.

Remember that both are social networks and being a social network, you should provide a politely casual but not overly personal tone when making Tweets and Facebook posts. Respond in a proper manner when customers ask for assistance or make product inquiries. It is also good to infuse some personality to your Tweets and page updates. Don?t just talk about products, services or company business the time. This will annoy followers and will even bore them.

There are several ways that you can link Twitter to Facebook in order to better organize your updates. Twitter has an official page which gives you instructions with a Twitter application that integrates the two together. Similarly, there is also a Facebook application which helps organize Fan Page contacts directly to the Twitter account too.

This way, you can be sure of the consistency of the news given. By being consistently with your posts you can effectively put your Facebook and Twitter accounts to work for your business. You can use them both to drive traffic to your website through your marketing efforts by incorporating contests, exclusive news, articles and more. This way, you can gain maximum coverage from both sites.

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The Power of Facebook Groups

The Power of Facebook Groups Facebook Groups can be started up by anyone, on any topic of interest to them and they serve as a gathering place for members to discuss the topic and share thoughts and opinions. Conversely, Facebook Pages can only be created by the official representative of the business, artist or public personality. Facebook Pages allow for more interaction though due to the addition of applications, while Facebook Groups can’t have applications.

You have a choice of either joining an existing Facebook Group on a topic that is relevant to your business so you can promote your brand or create your own group. If you decide to join an existing group, remember that it is still a social media platform and so bombarding members with commercial messages will only serve to alienate them. Additionally, if you try to advertise yourself too much, you may end up being reported as a spammer and have your profile or page shut down by Facebook. They have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to spammers so you need to be extremely careful. What you should focus on, though, is building yourself up as an authority and someone people want to follow. You can achieve this by posting relevant content that they will find interesting. Likewise, don’t post only content that is on your blog in an attempt to drive traffic because people will still think you are spamming. Remember to mix it up by posting content from your own blog or website along with other interesting content from the web.

Finding content to post isn’t as difficult as it may seem as there are plenty of content aggregators on the web, such as AllTop.com or Technorati, which aggregate the most popular content on the net. You can start your own group, but you should first be sure you have a thorough understanding of how groups work which you can only do by joining other groups and watching how people interact and participate. You manage your group just like you would your Facebook page by posting fresh content to make sure that people are joining all the time. The more people you have joining your group, the more others will come and join as well because this acts like a form of third-party validation. You may be asking yourself what the point of creating a group is if you have to do the same things as you would on your Facebook Page.

You need to understand, though, that your group shouldn’t be based on your brand, it should only support it. This means that you need to create a group based on a topic that is of social interest but is also relevant to your brand. So, for example, if you sell wedding gowns, you could start up a group for brides trying to lose weight before the big day. While it isn’t a direct promotion of your brand, it is a topic that will garner a lot of interest and will increase brand awareness while drawing in your target market.

However, just as with your Facebook Page, you need to post interesting content and even sometimes controversial ideas to spark discussions, while also engaging your members as much as possible. So, if someone comments, then comment back. The more you engage members, the more people will trust you and the more activity your group will have. A highly active group on an interesting topic will always draw new members in. Howard Martell is the Owner of http://HomeProfitCoach.com/topnotch . Check us out anytime for marketing tips and a free subscription to our cutting edge newsletter.

Social Media for Business. Myths about Social Media for Businesses

Social Media for Business – Myths about Social Media for Businesses In the world of business, marketing strategies and techniques are riddled with myths, just to discourage people from using them. When social media became a popular marketing avenue or option for business owners, it had its own myths that discouraged traditional and old-school business owners from using them. Before the advent of Twitter and Facebook, it was considered a leap of faith for business owners to abandon traditional forms of marketing and use Internet marketing as a viable marketing option. So, what are these myths?

1.) Everybody’s on social media – Internet marketers will perpetuate these myths to business owners who think social media sites like Facebook can rake in millions of visitors. Internet marketers will do anything to hook business owners in, which is why this is the most prevalent myth. Facebook and Twitter may have millions of visitors, but it won’t guarantee that you’ll earn the same amount of visitors for your account or page. This is due to the fact that not everyone on social media is looking for you. If you’re using social medial, you need to set a realistic expectation on the kind of traffic you want to generate, like hundreds or a thousand a month.

2.) Social media requires special companies – Yes and no. Social media management is something that can be done in-house or you can hire companies to do it for you. The latter is often perpetuated as a myth to generate customers. Social media management is not that difficult. The concepts are easy to learn and the theories are easy to understand. There is no need for a specialized degree or graduate program to be considered as a social media guru.

3.) Social media generates traffic overnight – Again, yes and no. While social media will boost traffic to your company website or office, it won’t be in the hundreds or thousands overnight. Traffic generation with social media is gradual. You’ll increase your traffic the more you work on your social media efforts, which will bring us to the next myth.

4.) Social media requires 8 hours of work and attention – This is not true. You’d only have to spend at least a couple of hours to update your Facebook or any other social media account. This is to ensure customers that the page or account is being managed and they can expect fresh updates from you. This also gives them an idea that your business’s social media account is an avenue for customer interaction, which is a huge bonus. Social media may have its myths, but it shouldn’t stop business owners from taking advantage of using sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Social Media for Business. How to Optimize your Facebook Page

Social Media for Business – How to Optimize your Facebook Page Business owners should consider using Facebook as either their main or alternative marketing strategy. This revolutionary social media site has taken the world by storm, and in a couple of years, has generated the following numbers (data is official Q1 data from Facebook): – There are 1.11 billion Facebook users – There are 665 million active Facebook users daily – There are 50 million Facebook pages –

There are 751 million Facebook mobile users – Average daily Facebook likes is 4.5 billion – Average number of page likes per Facebook user is 40 The list goes on, but these numbers are the main focus as to why business owners should never ignore Facebook. At any given time, your Facebook page could be liked by a fraction of those 665 daily Facebook users. Even if your page has garnered a thousand likes, it can still do wonders for boosting your business’s traffic, regardless if you have a physical office or an online store. If you want to attract more Facebook users to your page, here are a few tips on how you can optimize it for search engine visibility and increased Facebook visibility:

1.) Include the complete name of your business – Don’t skimp on your business name on Facebook. It’s a good way of building your brand and your existing customers could be looking for you. For example, if your customers know you as ABC Laundry Centre, that should be your Facebook page name. Having your complete business name is also important because there’s a chance that your business may have the same name as another business, like ABC Consultancy.

2.) Include complete details – Your business address and contact info should be posted on your page’s ABOUT US or ABOUT section. This should give your customers an idea on where to find you or how to get in touch with you outside of Facebook.

3.) Provide proper tags and names for your videos and images – Your images and videos should have proper tags, like if you’re showcasing a new gaming rig then your photo should have the tag or title of “New Gaming Rig”. It should be relevant to the content you’re posting.

4.) Provide links when necessary – When posting a status, Facebook creates a thumbnail of any link to a website. This should make it more enticing to click on because your viewers already have a glimpse of what the link contains. When posting content, whether it’s image or an article, try to insert your website’s link when necessary. Don’t spam though. It’s really easy to optimize Facebook pages. If a 13 year old kid can run a page, I’m betting so can you.

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Posting Videos On Your Facebook Wall To Help Improve Your Results

It’s no secret that promoting your business through videos online is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. Videos are effective for many reasons. They retain a certain novelty that websites don’t carry anymore. Whether for creative or practical purposes, videos can help publicize your business in a positive light. You only have to see how YouTube has turned plenty of struggling artists into overnight sensations to understand the impact of video for business branding. From a professional stand point, significance is key when it comes to posting videos. The video and its content will ultimately depend on what the purpose you want it to serve and whether it will help your product, service or business to be seen in a positive way in the public eye.

So, before clicking that post button, ask yourself whether the video will help you achieve your goals. Will it generate interest? Will it help customers learn how to use your product?s more effectively? Will it differentiate you from other businesses? Whatever the goal is, always be sure to validate before posting. There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the best places to distribute your videos. But, did you know that Facebook is also a fantastic place to share videos on and it’s relatively easy to do especially if you already have your videos on Youtube. If you don’t then you should upload your videos to Youtube because it will make it much easier for you to share them on Facebook. After you have your videos on you tube all you have to do is click on the share button and follow by clicking on the site that you want to place the video in. In this case, that would be your Facebook wall or page. This will lead you to your Facebook account where you will have to log in again. Then add a message to go along with the video then click post and you?re finished.

TIP: Short videos are more effective than long ones especially when paired with Facebook. Even instructional videos have to be short. It is a good idea to keep the clip down to five minutes or less. You don’t want to take the chance that your audience may not view it completely if it?s too long or too difficult to play. You also want to make sure that the video is high quality. It doesn’t have to be an award-winning piece. Just make sure that the audience doesn’t have any difficulty when listening to or watching it. Most of the time your videos will sever your business well for a very long time, but if the effectiveness of the video slows down, stops or when the video has been overplayed, make sure to take it off of your Youtube channel and your Facebook page too.

An overplayed, overused or outdated video can hurt your business reputation more than helping it. This will also help avoid confusion when customers are searching through your Facebook page. Since there are so options for creating video there is no reason that you can’t create good marketing videos for your business and sharing them on Facebook. By taking advantage of user-generated content and creating your own marketing videos, you can effectively reach your target market and brand your business quickly. To take your Facebook marketing to the next level of success you should start using video. You could run video contests, share product videos and collect video testimonials, not to mention a wide variety of other options available for clever marketers. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate video into your marketing plan then start by doing some research and looking at your competitors Facebook pages to get some ideas for your own business. There is no doubt that using video on your Facebook page will positively boost your brand and increase conversions, guaranteed.

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