Make More Than $1,000,000 Writing, Commissioning, Publishing and Selling “How To” Information

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“How To Make A Whole Lot More Than $1,000,000 Writing, Commissioning, Publishing and Selling “How To” Information” digital copy over 500 pages.
A book that can make you a millionaire or better.

– to profit from what you know
– How to package and market your “How-to” Information
– to give your customers more value with a superior product
–  how to present your information in a most usable format possible
Thousands of people worldwide are now using this book to do two things
– improve the quality of the how-to information they deliver to their readers and listeners
– to make more money.
In other words, with this resource they are doing well by doing good.
This book was written with a single objective in mind: to help you make money creating, commissioning, publishing and selling problem-solving information in

  • ebooks
  • books
  • Special Reports, and

It’ll teach you how to:

  • know the market and direct your product squarely at a large and growing market that has a pain you can take away … or an aspiration you can help them achieve.
  • deliver useful information. Provide the exact details people need to achieve the promise of the product’s title.
  • produce client-centered marketing materials. Motivating individuals to buy your product, by telling him just what he’s getting, all the advantages, benefits you have for him.
  • how to hammer home these benefits in an organized, efficient, relentless way that will make you money in the information business.
  • Update products to sell them for years. If you’ve pinpointed a market in need, produce a valuable problem-solving product, and you’ve resolved to sell your product so long as this market has this problem, updating is inevitable.
  • Creating a line of problem-solving information products. So all your eggs aren’t in one basket … or one product. Diversify and update all your products plus regularly adding new products . . . both ones you’ve created plus ones you got others to create.

and so launch you on your way to becoming the next millionaire information producer.

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I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.