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The gap between rich and poor worldwide is growing minute by minute. The middle class is being crushed, the universal dream of happy financial independence now more fantasy than fact. Do you feel anxious about this worsening situation? You should. After all, it’s you and your family who are getting shafted, one dismal step at time.

Fortunately, there is something – a lot of somethings – you can do about it, if you’ll take your head out of the sand and make securing financial independence your top priority with a minimum goal of $1,000,000, no ifs, ands, or buts.

It all starts today.



With you and me.

I promise to give you the essential information you require to become a GUARANTEED MILLIONAIRE.

You need to promise that you will treat what I tell you with the utmost seriousness and urgency. Remember, every day you are either getting richer… or you are deeper in the rut you call life. There are no two ways about it. I chose riches. What you do with this book will make your choice clear.

Action Step One

For openers, let me give you your first Action Step, in a book packed with Action Steps.

Go to This is your wealth success center.

Join THE GUARANTEED MILLIONAIRE CLUB. It is free with the purchase of this book.

You can visit as often as you want. We encourage you to:

1) Each time you visit you need to bring a helpful piece of information, a tip, some sound advice about money, finance, business, something you have used successfully, with solid results etc.

People who come prepared to share are especially welcome. Selfish marauders, the kind who proliferate online, are not. My view is that you get ahead faster when you have help, and you feel better about yourself and your place in society when you give it.

My friendly Club turns everyone into what we all should be: a good neighbor, advocating and living the Golden Rule.

2) We encourage people – people who are committed to becoming a GUARANTEED MILLIONAIRE – to introduce yourself and start a money-making relationship.

Whenever possible, greet me. I want to know you and want you to know me. This relationship is good for both of us. I stand forward shaking your hand and welcoming you. I shall very likely not just make your acquaintance but make some suggestions based on what you tell me. I have an excellent memory. I shall, therefore, ask you about how you are implementing my advice when next we meet. If you are not making use of what I tell you, I shall be the less likely to help you. Take note!
I invest in those who are worth investing in. Let me be clear, you don’t need initial capital to get my attention. What you do need is a positive attitude and willingness to do what’s necessary to lock in your Guaranteed Million as soon as possible.
Before digging into the text, let me stress that I am only interested in working with future millionaires, people who are willing and able to do what’s necessary to become a GUARANTEED MILLIONAIRE. No others need show up. I can only help, I will only help the committed, and by proceeding into the text and online Club, you are affirming that is YOU.

Digital Book available in both PDF and Kindle e pub formats.



Folks, you want to make a million dollars and gain financial independence?
Have you been feeling your way around without anyone to help you?
That’s the way I was 5 years ago when I met Dr. Jeffrey Lant.
I wanted to grow my business but I just didn’t know how. Dr. Lant had tore into me like a tornado saying do this, do this, do this and when I did them things started popping.
I had learned real fast that Dr. Lant doesn’t take any excuses and you better get past them quick.
If you tell him you want to make a million bucks be prepared to get with the program and make it!
Dr. Lant is very engaging and focused.
He is here to make money and help others to make their millions as he has done, right in the
Guaranteed Millionaires Club.
He is a people’s man working right along in the trenches with his team.
He is honest and expects that in others too, asking very pertinent questions like –
”Did you do your promotions? What are you doing towards making your millions?”
He is a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to make money, haven written many articles and best-selling books with a whole collection of money making resources found at
Let me say this, it was never easy working with Dr. Lant. He can be very demanding.
Although demanding, I knew he had my best interest at heart, wanting to see me succeed and prosper.
With so many years of experience (50 years), he knew what it takes to gain success.
Being steadfast and keeping the goal in mind he would bring up things that only the wealthy would consider like: “Keep all your assets in play.” I loved that, for it opened my eyes to all the assets that were available to me and once I really began working directly with Dr. Lant I could see how he lived those words and I could too.
It became clear as I continued to work with Dr. Lant that this is business and not to take things personally.
Never get too attached to any one thing either.
When working for prosperity (remember Dr. Lant made it very clear to be in business you need to be making money) if something isn’t working let it go, hard as it may be. When you let go of the mediocre the good stuff can come in!
Guaranteed Millionaires Club is geared for that.
Also let me say this about working with Dr. Lant, although he may seem like a hard task master, I found that he has a real deep sense of humanity about him.
I told him once he was a hard task master and he replied with:
“Poverty is a much harder task master”
You see he really does have your success in finding prosperity in mind.
That is why he has written the book “Guaranteed Millionaire” giving steps to reaching that end.
That is why he formed the Guaranteed Millionaires Club and made himself available to guide you on your way to making your millions.
I’m extremely excited about this new opportunity and I’m delighted to be able to recommend it to you.
Candid remarks by Patrice Porter on “Guaranteed Millionaire” by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

After a long awaited arrival of the completion of Dr. Lant’s latest book “Guaranteed Millionaire
I dove into the completed text and couldn’t put it down for I needed to know all the tips and strategies Dr. Lant was proposing for my wealth development.
Even right from the very beginning, the book put my mind into action mode.
The actions we’re simple and doable for anyone at any stage on the path to financial independence.
Some steps I was completely aware of but seeing them put down in print and knowing they were essential to a bright financial future, strengthened my resolve to implement them.
Guaranteed Millionaire” contains some of Dr. Lant’s tales of how he gained his wealth. I love to hear these stories of how he made his millions. I find them very inspiring.
Dr. Lant was not just given his wealth but he was very ingenious in creating it.
As he always says “put all assets into play.” This excites me having been given the opportunity to work right along with Dr. Lant in his Guaranteed Millionaire Club I know more assets will be made, and more will come into play.
There is a free membership into the club given with the purchase of the book.
This is a wonderful opportunity for “Guaranteed Millionaire” is a great introduction to Dr. Lant and his wealth development ideas plus you gain access to Dr. Lant to work through the steps given in the book through his Guaranteed Millionaire Club.
I would highly recommend this combination to anyone who is serious about gaining financial independence.
This has been my goal for some years now and “Guaranteed Millionaire” is shiny a bright light to make the path clear and success inevitable.

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