Why I have stuck with my current Home business 7 years plus in it for the long haul.

Why I have stuck with my current Home business service for the long haul.


Hello, my name is Howard Martell, AKA HOMEPROFITCOACH IN LLC Consultant and Business Coach.

A little about myself been marketing for over 24 years online, and wasn’t until left my first career serving The Great Republic in the US Navy for 20 years as Cyber security professional that really realized what being a professional marketer and coach entailed.

My story is short and sweet hard working eager online marketer who needed assistance with how to properly build a list of solid clients globally and capture resultant sales.

In 2009 December one of my good marketing friends kept telling me about Worldprofit, and eventually signed in as a free associate and that same day joined as Silver Member.

Being a successful Business owner and partnering with this company I feel my daily promotional efforts are being rewarded, as of last year my 7 years had my best year ever with earning money online. I will not rest on those efforts as want to introduce you to a serious marketer who does his business right.

I was so impressed with my company that even took it another step and created Homeprofitcoach INC, LLC. You see if wasn’t serious about treating this like a million dollar company, and also reaching my global clients would never had done this with any other venture I was in.

First being a successful Dealer and Senior Monitor who volunteers his time to take care of all the new associates or free members who arrive inside my Live Business Area.

My main goal is to be welcoming, answer questions, and direct you to our video presentation. Finally you will have a chance based off how bad you want to succeed online to join our family and enjoy success online.

With this being said marketing online is never easy the money is truly in the list you build each and every day this is crucial for any marketer online period. I only use either customizable landing pages with videos, or ones which offer free traffic, or eBooks on how to build your list properly.  98 Percent of my time is building my list period, no need for me to sell my products. This is since the Live Business Center was created and ran by a team of online professionals who truly want to succeed by helping others do it right the first time. I call this voice of our serious Paid Silver Members.

Another important point would like to make is that we are all real people who do have a professional career like myself and with my partnership with this company have exceled consistently to new heights.

I owe lot to God first and foremost but secondly to the community and consistent weekly Home Business Boot Camp Trainings George Kosch provides all members.

I know one of the biggest pet peeves of most marketers have is that they have a fancy website, but not training on how to build a list properly.  Another important thing I got was the fact see so many so called gurus who promise the moon and under deliver and take you’re hard earned money.

This continues to irk me as a person who struggled online until I found Worldprofit to totally understand the importance of building your list only with landing or squeeze pages. This serves to purposes one of which is capture your client’s information for future follow-up

The simple thing will ask of you is how bad to you want to succeed online and don’t think about it money lost as all legit companies have to charge for services. Nothing is free in life period!! You can continue to complain and say all business online are scams or do something about it by being an action taker. What I learned while serving in the military is take care of your people, good customer’s service, run your business with God’s purpose, and treat your business like one and not a hobby.

The benefits of being a successful business owner is as follows:

  1. Time freedom
  1. Home business tax saving( Talk to a home business tax advisor for all specific)
  1. Document all your taxable saving items.
  1. Residual income which helps lower your total taxable income. (again talk to professional)
  1. I learned from a system used for 24 years Ron Muellers Home Business Tax saving Made Easy


Finally, in closing do you want to be surrounded by professional like myself who will help guide you in the right direction whether its traffic, training or any other services the Homeprofitcoach provides.


God Bless,

See you at the Top,

Howard Martell Homeprofitcoach Inc LLC

Virginia Beach Va


Office: 757-647-2886

Skype: homeprofitcoach




I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.