6 PROFITABLE Little Known Benefits of being a Worldprofit Member.

Here’s 5 PROFITABLE (NO COST)  Benefits of being a Silver or Platinum VIP Member, that you may not have even known about.  

Worldprofit Members can now access the BANNER MAKER to create your own banners for any and all of your business opportunities or affiliate programs.

Here’s how.

1. To create your own banners…
In your Member area on TOP MENU select BANNERS then on that page at the top of the page is a mini-menu,  click on   ONLINE BANNER MAKER.
This is a free service compliments of Worldprofit exclusive to our members so you can quickly and easily create professional looking banners in any size. Add graphics, add your own text, specify the size you like.

2. For Worldprofit banners…
In your Member area on TOP MENU select BANNERS.
There you will find a number of banners in different sizes and types that you can use to promote Worldprofit services including promotion of SEOOptimizerPro.
The newest banners are at the bottom of the page, so scroll down the page to see it.

3. ClickBank banners and other services such as TrafficCenter, SafelistExtreme, DragonSafelist, Quantum Safelist..
In your Member area on TOP MENU select BANNERS then on that page at the top of the page is a mini-menu,  click on CLICKBANK BANNERS to access those banners.

4.  Banner Rotator Kit
The banner rotator kit solves the problem of posting banners on your website for the various Affiliate programs Worldprofit supports directly such as Clickbank, Trafficcenter, SafelisteXtreme and of course, our Worldprofit program. The banners are already loaded into the system and are ready to go now to rotate on your site. Just watch the short help video to get started.
In your Member area on TOP MENU select BANNERS then on that page at the top of the page is a mini-menu,  click on BANNER ROTATOR KIT  those banners.

Now, here is how to access some other powerful tools that you may not even have known are INCLUDED in your Worldprofit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership. Specifically we have included a number of Graphics Editors you can use for creating all kinds of graphics for promotion, for ebooks, headers, banners etc.

5. Worldprofit Graphics Editors

You can create your own professional ebooks including the cover, banners the ebook itself!
In your Member area on LEFT MENU select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT

You can also create headers and banners with the Graphics Packages. Silver members get access to the basic graphics packages while Platinum VIP members get unlimited access to all of the Graphics packages including the Mega Graphics package with more professional choices and options.

Each of these Graphics Editors allows you to brand yourself, make your sites unique and professional looking.

Now for those of you looking for more advanced Ebook Creation tools, we have software for this as well.


Each of these Ebook  tools is included in both the Silver and Platinum VIP Membership.

Attention Platinum VIP Members!  We recently announced the addition of our BONUS Marketing Courses for our Platinum VIP Members.

We just added TWO MORE for a total of 5 awesome training aids!

We’ve purchased the rights to these for the exclusive use of for our Platinum VIP Members.

Whatever you do,  DON’T BUY these courses if you see them available for sale online – you get them all FREE as a Worldprofit Platinum VIP Member.

All 5 are included at no cost in the Platinum VIP Membership.

Fast Cash Mechanics  covers such topics as Facebook Traffic, Google, Finding Responsive Buyers, Linked In, Fiverr, Warrior Forum, Ebay Selling, Social Networking, Blogs and more.

For those interested in Amazon Selling we’ve included a training guide called “Amazon Marketing Made Easy.” Training topics include how to earn commissions promoting countless products, how to cater to customers, how to provide a trusted shopping experience for customers, the benefits of self publishing, how to boost your brand visibility and grow your Amazon sales.

Next we have a 22 Part series called Internet Marketing Mastery 2.0. The “No-Brainer” way to speed up your online success.
Look for the download links after the information overview.

The Video Marketing course teaches you about Affiliate Marketing, Product Launches, Sales Funnels, Review Blogging, Media Buying, Snap Chat, and Software Creation to mention just a few.

That brings us to Million Dollar Copy: How to Become a Six Figure Copywriter Starting today and how you can do it.. This is a Copywriting course to teach you how to write copy for any business, for your own purposes or better yet to sell as a SERVICE for another source of income for yourself.  People are always looking for fresh content for blogs, for websites, for posting to attract search engines. Most people don’t have time to write this themselves so they will often HIRE someone to write for them!   This course will teach you how to write copy for any number of different purposes.     Simply download the course and it’s yours to keep.

Access: All Platinum VIP Members can access these new training programs on the LEFT MENU under PLATINUM VIP BONUSES.

These are value added services for our more serious Platinum VIP members keen on continuing your education for growing your online business..


I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.