ASK THE HOMEPROFITCOACH INC LLC What is Energy Vampire and why to stay as far away from them in your home business.

ASK THE HOMEPROFITCOACH INC LLC What is Energy Vampire and why to stay as far away from them in your home business.


Hello, My name is Howard Martell, AKA HOMEPROFITCOACH IN LLC Consultant and Business Coach.

I want to share some important information with you today in reference on how to properly leverage the correct tools online for maximize traffic exposure.

A little about myself been marketing for over 24 years online, and wasn’t until left my first career serving The Great Republic in the US Navy for 20 years as Cyber security professional that really realized what being a professional marketer and coach entailed.

My story is short and sweet hard working eager online marketer who needed assistance with how to properly build a list of solid clients globally and capture resultant sales. In 2009 December one of my good marketing friends kept telling me about Worldprofit, and eventually signed in as a free associate and that same day joined as Silver Member.

Let’s first look at what Energy Vampire is in the dictionary: energy vampire

someone who steals or trys to bring down your positive energy.

That energy vampire is totally trying to stress me out today.

Energy vampire

An energy vampire or an energy sucker is a person who seems to suck (NOT as a metaphore but as a true action) the energy of other people. This means, he has this unusual ability to draw energy from the people around him.
If you know a person who is NEVER tired, always friendly and active, and after being in his presence for a few hours you feel unusually weak and have a will to get away from the person as soon as possible, than he can be called an energy vampire.

This guy, Joe, really is an energy vampire. In his presence, really soon we all were so tired and sleepy we couldn’t stand on our feet, but he still kept dancing, lauging and drinking for hours, as if it was 10 in the morning and not 2:30 AM.

Energy Vampire

A person or couple that just sucks the energy out of a room or from a conversation.

You: Did you see Bob at the party yesterday?
Friend: Yes, I left exhausted. Please let me know if the future if he is going to be at one of your parties. He’s such an energy vampire.

Energy Vampire

An energy vampire is an individual or a small group of like minded people who have the unique ability to suck the energy from the room.
Almost all people encounter energy vampires in their life but they are mistaken to be ‘bitches’ and ‘dicks’.

Energy vampire numbers are often highest in the education system

Teacher ‘stop talking and listen, listen good! You are all to stay behind after the bell so that we can catch up on the math work you all are failing’


No that you know the official meaning of energy vampire is this someone who you really want to be on your winning team.  As progressed over the years of learning proven places where real people globally have come  from and got to learn quickly who are prospects that seem serious. I have to say when it is all said and done they want to have their hand held and not do anything. We then have the winners the ones who WHY is bigger than their own being!
Fear is the common denominator in these individuals, and you must learn to protect yourself from their negative influences. The five personality types are called ethereal, insecure, paranoid, passive-aggressive, and robotic.

The Paranoid Type

Betrayal is the main issue with a paranoid type. Their karmic theme in past lives has possibly been that of warrior-like behavior, self-sacrifice, and victory in their battles. As a results of their experiences, they learned that there were enemies in the world who betrayed and possibly killed them in several incarnations.

Paranoid types are soldiers still trying to win a war that no longer exists against an enemy that has long since perished. They do not trust anyone.  Everyone is their enemy and life is their battleground. Fear is everywhere and an ingrained part of their personality makeup.

Their energy fields tend to be more highly charged on the upper half of their body. They are especially fearful and distrustful of members of the opposite sex. Aggression is the most common response to the world from a paranoid type. This aggression takes the form of physical behavior and energy projections to anyone in their path.

Paranoid types constantly pick fights. They are seductive, but are incapable of long-term relationships. This person expects all others to betray them, and will assist in setting up others for this betrayal. A paranoid may initiate a betrayal as a preemptory strike.

To lose for a paranoid is to admit that they are bad. This is intolerable, so these people must win at any cost. They are hard workers, obsessive-compulsive, and are usually quite healthy physically. There is never enough time for them to accomplish their various goals.

Paranoid types insist you agree with their often-distorted view of the world. In reality, they want you to argue with them. This way they can win the argument and prove to themselves that they are good and you are bad.

Never argue with this person. Refrain from making eye contact with them. Lower and soften your voice when you speak to them, and change the topic to something pleasant.
Have you ever faced negative people before? Wait — who am I kidding? Of course you have! I know I have. Unless you live in a cocoon, all of us have probably encountered at least one or two negative person in our life. Negative people are everywhere, be it in our workplace, in social circles, or sometimes our family.

The challenge with dealing with negative people is that interactions with them tend to be draining. No matter what you say, they always have a negative opinion to offer. When something positive happens, they are quick to excuse that as a one-off or point out the black lining to the situation. When they have a problem, they prefer to victimize and complain, rather than work out a solution.

To negative people, life sucks.

While we sometimes associate critical people as negative people, I want to highlight that they’re not always the same. Critical people have a tendency to criticize, at times even insult, others. Critical people can be sarcastic and tactless, often stepping on people’s toes. On the other hand, negative people may not necessarily be critical toward others. What they carry is a pessimistic and self-defeatist attitude toward life.





Negative People as Energy Vampires

I like to refer to negative people as energy vampires.

Two reasons why

  1. Like vampires, negative people are incapable of generating positive energy. Hence they feed off the energy of others.
  1. Vampires convert living beings into their kind because they feel lonely living in solitude. Similarly, negative people tend to drag people down into negativity too. After all, misery loves company.

Actually, all of us have a connection with the universe that brings us unlimited (positive) energy. Because negative people are blocked in their connection to this source, they are constantly in an energy deficit, which leads to them to drain others of their energy. The more negative people can even leave you with headaches or mild dizziness — these are your king/queen vampires.

On the other hand, positive people are in tune with their inner energy sources. Their energy flows outwards, spreading goodness and warmth to people around them. It’s like a fountain of overflowing water.  This is why you feel upbeat and energetic when around positive people — they have a magnetic quality that draws people in automatically. Great leaders, iconic figures and some celebrities have this quality that allows them to attract large masses of people. When

I was in my previous company, there were numerous leaders in the management who exuded such qualities – it was always liberating being around them.



If you can first prequalify your prospects you bring in using customized landing pages. This serves two purposes one is to be able to provide further information and or send customized email out to see how serious this person is about success on the internet.

I prefer to ask pre-qualfying questions if a prospect calls me for one of my FREE marketing consults and limit the conversation to 10-15 minutes. I get to know them by asking open ended questions like why do you want to succeed online other than the money answer. Explain to them how my services can fit into their needs by using analogy of there current business model. I you the show ask tell method. Offer to send them a free marketing ebook as thank you for taking my offer for assistance serious. Tell them the benefits of being a successful business owner online and share my experience with not only making money, but helping build a solid group of like-minded business partners. Last I provide them a link to a resource used for 25 years when comes down to any of the taxable home business deductions we business owners are able to receive.


For further information or to see what I have been able to do with my home business please visit my site link has been included inside this article.


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