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Of Cambridge, Harvard and the ghosts of the many diversified people who lived there.
They were experts in theology, education, trade, capitalism, literature, music… all these arts grew here in Cambridge, and at Harvard, often first, since we have always been years, if not decades ahead of the people elsewhere who foolishly make comparisons they cannot hope to win.
Folks come to visit me here in Cambridge, my place of choice. Me and all our artifacts, theories, stratagems, plans, great deeds, dreamt of then consummated… it all happens here in my neighborhood and has been happening here for hundreds of years, no end in sight. Those persons urging me to escape while the getting’s good have never of course lived in any place of such scope, brilliance, challenge, and ultimately veritas, truth.

Whatever the inconveniences (and they are not rare), these pale into insignificance by a single glance. What I see before me on days no matter what the weather, are the great people, the great ideas, the great dreams, the great challenges, the hope and spirit of a great people, everyone my neighbor.
for many years, I have been writing about my neighbors, my instructors, my friends, my lovers, my guests and visitors, and all the richness that they bring with them. I have lived here. I have grown older here. I have used the talents of people I encountered here to build enterprises of international use and merit. And in due course, I shall be buried here.
Now I invite you to amble through the following pages. I have selected a fraction of the articles I’ve written about this grand old city… what has made her… what has sustained here… what has made us proud… and the things we are still doing that will in due course make us proud again.

You will see Cambridge people of note in this book. You will learn of history that has shaped our lives and mental landscapes. I tell you about Anne Hutchinson, who despite every obstacle, brought us religious diversity and freedom of thought.

I’ve taken you to the homes of notable Cambridge people: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Dr. Charles Follen, and George and Martha Washington, to name but a few. I’ve showed you how they lived at various times, and their Cambridge connections. They were just a part of the rich legacy.

Read this book carefully; do not skim it. You see, someday if you are very lucky, you may live in Cambridge too. If you do, you will be supremely happy, just as I have been for so many years.

Digital copy in PDF and Kindle epub format.


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