Marketing Slowdown in 2010? Howard Martell Has the Answer for All Companies

The economic change that has created a marketing headache for companies has an instant relief pill on the marketplace via the innovative business model of a Virginia based entrepreneur.  “I have a complete marketing package that is providing immediate solutions for companies searching for revenue challenges, ” said Howard Martell.

Martell is a resident of Virginia Beach and is marketing a complete internet marketing program offering advanced tools, training and resources needed to create a successful presence in the competitive world of internet marketing.  “I have a very advanced background in the field of Information Systems Technology via my career of nearly two decades in the US Navy,” said Martell, “and I near the retirement chapter of my service to this country I have an option ( for long term individual financial security offering companies advanced marketing techniques that features the following:

* TRAFFIC CENTER … “I can show companies how to deliver massive amounts of traffic via advanced marketing techniques featuring:

– Instant Video / Audio Recording Studio
– Free World Banner Exchange
– Auto Responder Systems
– Classified Advertisement Plug-ins
– Advanced Email Marketing Techniques

* WORLD GRAM REPORTING …  “An advanced online reporting service for clients that specializes in generating 50,000 unique visItors to a URL for free ..”

* SafeList Xtreme Advertising System ..  “Simply THE BEST system on the marketplace,” said Martell, “as one can join for free and receive 50,000 free advertising credits and have the advantage of the following mailing systems:

1) SIMPLE MAILER:  Advertisements offered to an entire list once every 5 days for free members with a feature allowing clients with no credits available

2) CREDIT (Point) BASED MAILER:  Clients can earn 50,000 credits on a simple enlistment technique while earning credits for reading mail and referring others that runs 5 levels deep offering 3 different levels of membership services to clients with no long term committments.  “I specialize in offering immediate and long term solutions,” said Martell,  “and have a business commitment to finding a solution that fits inside the budget of interested parties.  I offer a FREE, SILVER & PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP with services that include domain sites, online tutorials, advertisement tracking tools, SEO promotional tool kits and an option for 50,000 visitors to an individual companies website.  Every company has a unique marketing goal and my wide variety of solutions can bring immediate answers and guidance ranging from one man home based operations to Fortune 100 companies.”

All company inquiries should be directed to Mr. Martell’s Virginia based office @

* 757-647-2886



I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.