Why I enjoy being a Senior Monitor inside Worldprofit Live Business Area

What the heck is he talking about? 
What is he volunteering for?
Do I have to volunteer too?
Can I just give a donation?
Well, these could be just the questions I ask when EACH ONE of the local XYZ charity solicitors call me at8:53pm – 7 minutes before the 9pm mandatory cutoff. Interrupting the last 7 minutes of my Prime Time TV show (I just turned the TV on at 8PM).  Right before I hang up on them.
I digress.
WorldProfit has a unique “video sales” platform that has been going for years.  It’s called the Live Business Center.
Yep. Live.  Not a recording (although we do use an Autotext tool to make it easier to respond by typing into the chatbar.)  Real People, ON CAMERA, interacting with visitors to the Live business center.  Live.  24x7x365 (with the exception of some occasional gaps in the wee hours – looking for volunteers – stay tuned).
Unlike the LifeLock commercials,  the WorldProfit MONITORS don’t only “report” that you are in the Live Business Center. but they greet all newcomers, invite them to fill in their name and email so they can use the “member-only” chat facility.  You see, you can see and hear the Monitor, but the Monitor cannot see or hear you.  You as a visitor don’t need a microphone or webcam – you simply type messages into the chat bar to communicate with the monitor,
When I stumbled onto the Live Business the first time (over 7 years ago), I quickly shut down my machine – how did they know I was watching them? Duh – you filled out that form to use the chatbar, right?  But how did they know I had not been there before, and HOW did they know  I needed to watch some video they were talking about?  Duh again – your response invisibly included your IP address  and a cookie was set when you submitted that form.  Just like every other website in the world NOT created by a 6-year old.  Get over it.  It’s a Gravity issue.
So, the Monitor has two very important functions:  and one of them is NOT technical support although I try to help when I can, but most times, support questions are better handled by George Kosch.  Founding member, programmer that WROTE all the cool programs, master marketer, trainer, tech support guru.  And a nice guy.
So we now know that is NOT tech support so… what DO they Do?  The Monitor’s duties include welcoming in new  associates (you have to be a member to use the member-only chatroom- you became an “ASSOCIATE” when you filled out the form.  No worries.  There is no cost or obligation.  I was enacted to keep out the “riff-raff”.  It just gives us the right to communicate with you (you agreed to confirm your email, right?).  
OK. you get the welcoming part.  The next responsibility is to direct you to watch the 12 minute video that explains everything about WorldProfit.  So, why again do you need that Monitor when a sign “WATCH THE VIDEO” would do the same thing?  It’s called developing rapport, a relationship.  You just put a face to this “thang” they call WorldProfit.
Something magical happens when you go to that green button and watch the video… INFORMATION.
Lots of information.  Volumes of information packed into that 12 minute video…  Oh, now you get it…  the Monitor is there to answer YOUR QUESTIONS about the video.  Right.  But more importantly, the Monitor is there to PRESENT YOU WITH AN OFFER TO JOIN WORLDPROFIT, or sign up for one of the many traffic packages, rotators, SEO packages, or anything else that YOU might need as a Network Marketer. 
But, you don’t even know what a Network Marketer is!  Well, it’s the Monitor’s job to tell you about theWorld Class Bootcamp Training, and invite you to JOIN WorldProfit as a paid Silver Member so you can GET this fantastic training, BECOME a Network Marketer, and start your OWN online business, and LEARN how to make money doing it!.
But WAIT A MINUTE!  Does this Bootcamp involve lots of push-ups, lowsy food, and carrying a gun?  I can answer questions 1 and 3 categorically with a NO.  The second question – you are on  your own…
The “bootcamp” came from George’s background – he is a retired Captain – a PILOT in the Canadian Military and HE TAUGHT PILOTS how to keep those massive pieces of metal in the sky.  You wouldn’t want a pilot to say… “Just pull the jet over to that cloud while I look this up in the manual” .  NO.. you want them to be trained with the information they need to make decisions quickly,  Direct.  Exactly what to do, how to do it, and just the right amount of information.
Enter Stage Right – the WorldProfit Bootcamp Training, administered by no other than George Kosch,
One thing you need to know:  it’s not reading some boring manual (although there is a complete ebook that contains the over 100 training modules).  Don’t run- the training is mostly SHORT but THOROUGH video modules.
“OK no!  I don’t have time to take 100 training modules. ”  You don’t have to.  Lessons 1, 2 and 3  teach you the FUNDAMENTALS.  The best advice from those at the top of the Leader Boards…
So now you feel a little better.  That Monitor is not here to harass you, pressure you into anything but just explain this in THESE simple terms?
So, you agree to TRY IT for a MONTH.  OK.  the cost of 6 pizzas for a whole month of training.  So you click the RED button, and sign up.
WARNING WARNING  WARNING.  NOW something MAGICAL HAPPENED!  That Monitor just got a SALES CONVERSION on behalf of the member  who posted the ad that YOU responded to.
You see, I left something out.  How you found the WorldProfit Live Business Center.  You saw an ad.  It was an interesting ad or maybe not, but when you saw the ad, something ELSE caught your eye.  Your mind wandered from the website that was displayed because some fool with an  annoying pop-up offered you 50,000 visitors to your website absolutely free.  Well, it would be JUST SILLY not  to take that, right?  So you put your name and email in the form and told them to send all your “traffic” (whatever that is), 
Give it a minute… Wait for it…   OHHHH,, THAT’S how WorldProfit got your IP address and set a cookie!
You know that ad, and the pop-up?  They call that a Lead Capture Page (or Landing Page, or Squeeze Page). AWorldProfit member POSTED THAT AD.  This is important.  The WorldProfit member who POSTED the Ad that YOU signed up for is now your SPONSOR FOR LIFE at WorldProfit!
So let’s review.
  • Click the Credit Link to go to the Live Business Center
  • Press the Green WATCH VIDEO BUTTON
  • After the video, PRESS THE RED ORDER BUTTON
  • SIGN  Up
Thank the MONITOR who CLOSES SALES FOR YOU-Included in your membership – No Extra Charge!
Want to shortcut the process and just sign up NOW to become a SILVER MEMBER?
Call or, email
Howard Martell
1-757-647-2886  m-s 8am-5pm EST
Email: homeprofitcoach2012@gmail .com
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