Marketing In The Year We Live In: Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Strategies

Think about that for a moment… Every year technology takes a giant leap forward. Thanks to Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, cars can now drive themselves. Steve Jobs gave us these mini handheld super computers affectionately called iPhones dwarfing the performance of the gargantuan room-sized computers of old. Even film cameras have been replaced by smartphone cameras with 12+ megapixels.
The way business owners market their goods and services must change as well if we intend on staying relevant in today’s fast paced environment. What worked 20 years ago doesn’t hold a candle to what savvy business owners and marketers of today do to drive new prospects and sales.
Billboards get little attention nowadays because most passengers are staring at a mobile device instead of gazing at the passing scenery. Most drivers aren’t even looking at them either, to quote Vayner Media’s owner, Gary Vaynerchuk “$hit man, they’re not looking at billboards, they’re not even looking at the f@%king road!”
SO what’s the first thing we do when a commercial comes on TV if you’re not blessed to own a DVR? Most people scoop up their smartphone and check email, Instagram or Facebook. Outside of a 60 second spot during the Super Bowl, no one’s watching your Campbell’s Soup commercial bro. So smart marketers rule out advertising on the boob tube too.
Let’s talk print… I’m 41 and haven’t had a newspaper subscription in 19 years and other than September 11, 2001 – I’ve never bought a newspaper at a stand. Magazines? Fo-get about it. It’s been a decade since I’d happily march to the mailbox excited for my latest issue of Bassmaster Magazine.
As more new cars are coming equipped with Bluetooth connectivity allowing drivers to listen to their iPods or commercial free subscription services like Spotify, advertising on the airwaves of AM and FM stations is so 2002.
Sadly, radio ads are becoming the old way of spreading the word too.
Yes, the old guard is dying.
And a new way of marketing has emerged. Who am I and why should you listen to me? I’ve spent the last 4 years building successful online businesses using SEO, PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) and social media giants like Facebook and Instagram. I’m no stranger to spreading my message, building client’s brands and dominating the interwebs in their industries.
Until recently one of the fastest ways you could reach people geographically was to run a geo-targeted Facebook or Instagram ad to get the word out about your product or service. That’s still a dynamite way of getting eyeballs on your offer but there’s this new kid on the block that’s exploding in popularity.
His name is Bluetooth Proximity Marketing. In essence these tiny little devices, no larger than a silver dollar allow users to send a custom 40-50 character notification with a clickable-link to any Android user with Bluetooth enabled within 100 meters.
The notification can be removed by clicking the link, swiping it away or as the Android user leaves the beacon’s 100 yard range the notification disappears.
Nifty huh?
It’s a digital marketing revolution and only the bold and fast movers will survive.
Some have fought their last battle, closed the doors for good and settled for more stable forms of income by working for others that have it figured out. (For now at least)
Android has a 60% market share in the smartphone category in North America and as times passes more and more people have their Bluetooth enabled. More and more people are listening to wireless headphones while lounging in the park, exercising, conducting phone calls and playing their music through car audio systems than ever before.
I want you to win in the future and the early adopters always seem to reap the biggest rewards of any new technology. I’m hard pressed to think of a business that can’t use one of these notification devices but below you’ll find a list of businesses and Bluetooth Marketing strategies for each of them.
“How You Can CA$H In Big With Bluetooth Proximity Marketing”
It’s important to note that it’s not just the idea of generating new business leads as the main value proposition of using a Bluetooth proximity device as much as the upsell potential for existing customers that are already in your place of business.
I’ll break these two concepts down into two categories: Upsells to existing customers and new lead generation.
Would you like fries with that? Would you like our extended warranty and would you care for a desert are some of the highest revenue generating questions business owners can ask their customers.
It’s far easier to get what I call “second money” immediately after someone just spent money with you wouldn’t you agree? Here’s the list of businesses that could benefit tremendously from Bluetooth proximity marketing.
Coffee Shops
Ice Cream Parlors
Hair & Tanning Salons
Auto Dealerships
ATV/UTV/BOAT/RV Dealerships
Service Based Businesses
Boutique Clothing Stores
Gym, Yoga & Fitness Centers
Festivals & Trade Shows
Famers Market Vendors
ANY Retail Outlet
Even Funeral Homes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
+ More
Business Specific Notification Ideas:
Restaurants/Bars, Coffee Shops, Ice Cream Parlors:  Have a sign or a mention on your menu with “Check your Android device for special offers!” or “15% OFF when you check your Android notification.” Your clickable link can send them to a webpage so with instructions to simply present the coupon on the page to the wait staff.
Restaurants: Notifications with new menu items, desserts and gift cards offers are the norm.
“Happy Hour Special – Order Now” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Gift Certificates Available – Ask Now” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“10 Percent Off All Deserts – Ask Our Staff” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Discount Coupons – Join Our Mailing List” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Coffee Shops & Ice Cream Shops: Like restaurants, coffee shop notifications should offer new flavors, sandwich & dessert combos or gift cards.
“Tried Our New Flavors Yet? YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Need a cup of Joe to go? – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Gift Cards Available On Request!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Hair & Tanning Salons: I can’t think of a better way to generate more revenue from a captive clientele than sending a Bluetooth notification to salon customers.
“10% Off Your Next APPT. – Book Now” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“TODAY ONLY! – 5% Off All Product” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Tanning Members Save More $$$” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Vehicle Dealerships: Most dealers are open, no later than 9:00 PM but the lot traffic doesn’t stop just because your done for the day. I can remember as a kid going out to a movie or dinner with my family and riding through the car lot looking at the latest models.
Simply place a device in a vehicle with a message like:
“See One You Like? Tell Us HERE!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Schedule Your Test Drive Below…” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Contact a Sales Representative Now!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Seen Our Lease Specials? Click Below NOW!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Cash Back On All Truck Models!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Service Based Businesses: The list of service businesses that physically go to a customers residence or place of business is extensive. Many businesses like plumbers, roofers and construction companies don’t have branded vehicles with wraps or advertising on them. Place a device in each vehicle and roll out!
How many times have you seen a roofer or plumber parked out in front of a home and wondered which business it was doing the work next door?
Here’s a few ideas on how to this leverage technology to build brand awareness.
“We’re The Roofers Next Door” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Serviced Your HVAC System Lately?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Is Your Septic Tank Full?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“New Flooring Installed $1.oo Sq. Ft.!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Too Busy For Yardwork? Click Here!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Call Us You Need A Tow” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Bookstores: If your bookstore sells coffee or pastries why not send a notification just like a coffee shop? I’m not sure of the margins book stores have but a coupon offer would make me consider more than the one book a I came to purchase.
“Buy one book get 10% OFF your 2nd!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Have a cup of coffee while you read…” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Click Here To See Our Newest Releases!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Boutique Clothing Stores: Advertising specials or clearance items is what comes to mind for marketing a clothing store. Most of these shops are in areas with heavy foot traffic so why not capitalize on it?
“Clearance EVENT Happening Now ==>”- YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Check Out Our BOGO Offer!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Gym, Yoga & Fitness Centers: When it comes to fitness centers with memberships I think of deals on extending their contract for a longer term at a discount for in-store promos.
“Need A Personal Trainer? – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
For marketing outside of these your physical store locations:
“New Member Special!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Get Fit For Summer!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Festivals & Trade Shows: Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. Launch a contest or giveaway through a notification in exchange for a prospects email.
“Come By Our Booth NOW To Win $$$!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Have You Seen Our Exhibit Yet?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“ENTER To WIN [your product] at our booth!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Farmers Market Vendors: This is where the savvy farmer or craft maker can dominate the local farmers market. You can’t always get the best real estate at the these venues but you can pre-sell them on your deals as they walk or drive up.
If people are anything like me they’re always checking their phones right after they park the car. Let’s have a special on heirloom tomatoes notification ready when the parking break is set!
“Fresh Sweet Corn 3/$1.00!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Grass Finished Beef At >>>” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Local Honey $7.00 QT.” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Fresh Zucchini Bread Today” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Organic Eggs $5.50/dozen!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Funeral Homes: I know, I know. Maybe it’s weird to include funeral parlors but let’s face it. Who really thinks about planning for this event for themselves?
You have a captive audience that’s thinking about their future when at a funeral wake viewing. This is where you have to put the breaks on the aggressiveness of your message in my opinion. I won’t even begin to write headlines for this subject so use your imagination on this one.
New Lead Generation
Insurance Agents
Financial Planners & Accountants
Affiliate, Network & Internet Marketers
Realtors, Real Estate Investors, Property Managers & Wholesalers: Market your open houses to everyone on foot or driving by your listings. Real estate investors and agents can simply place a Bluetooth notification device on your keychain as you drive around town or place one in each listing.
“Open House Sunday! Directions at ===>” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“House for Rent/Sale At ===>” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Move In Special!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Selling Your Home? Call Me!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Insurance Agents: I don’t know an Auto, Home or Life insurance agent that isn’t always looking for new customers. Have one of these devices on your keychain or in your car so you’re always in front of new people.
“Is Your Auto Ins. Coverage Adequate?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Is Your Life Ins. Coverage Adequate?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Is Your Home Ins. Coverage Adequate?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Financial Planners & Accountants: Thousands of people are retiring everyday and need your assistance so get in front of them with Bluetooth proximity marketing.
“Retiring Soon? Schedule a call here ===>” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Is your 401K gonna be enough?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“The market is up… are you _____?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“The market is down… are you ______?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Taxes done here…” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Filed your taxes yet?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Attorneys: I’m not an advocate of divorce but I am a marketer so I wanna see everyone do well. With that said here’s headlines that that may be “little” edgy…
“Cheating Spouse? Call 555-5555” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Owed Child Support? Call 555-5555” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Legal Representation” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Teeth Whitening Special” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Does Your Child Need Braces?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Invisalign $_______” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
“Porcelain Veneers $_______” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Affiliate, Network & Internet Marketers: The possibilities of building HUGE lists and making a ton of sales with this technology in this space is near infinite. When I first saw these I immediately thought Clickbank, JV Zoo and other CPA (Cost-Per-Action) networks like Cash Network and Max Bounty.
Here’s what I’ve came up with to earn $1,000’s per month using these…
Make Money Online: These devices are a MLM’rs and Network Marketers dream come true. Since the notification displays the corresponding social media icon you can simply link to your social media profile like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and say something like:
 “I found you, wanna know how?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 “Are we friends on _____?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 or for linking to your opportunity:
 “Does Your 9-5’s SUCK?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 “Call Your Own Shots In Life…” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 “Fire Your Boss Here ===>” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 “Dead End Job?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 “Work From Home ===>” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 “Wanna Earn $500/Day?” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Weight Loss & Supplement Offers: Everyone at the gym is listening to Bluetooth headphones these days. Grab a cheap domain and forward it to an offer. Throw one of these in your pocket when hitting the gym or “strategically ” leave one under a bench or in the bathroom.
 “Wanna Lose More Weight” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 “Gain More Muscle… Click Here!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Dating Niche: Let’s face it guys at the club are there for one thing and most of them aren’t the Casanova type so they could use some help with the ladies.
 “Get The Girl You Want NOW!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 “Don’t Hate The Player… Hate The Game!” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 “How To Get Any Girls Number” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
 “Text Your Ex Back” – YOUR WEBSITE LINK
Surely there’s 100’s of other ways you can generate revenue with this low cost, simple to use technology so I’ll leave you with one more idea…
I came across this iPhone app that pays $5 straight to your PayPal overtime you share it. You can download the app here at:
THE END… or is it just the beginning?
Howard Martell


I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.