Simple Ways to Obtain and Use Moneymaking Keywords

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Hunting for the most profitable keywords is no joke to many internet marketers and website owners. In fact, people will pay good money just to be able to obtain these moneymaking keywords because they know that these can translate to incredible earnings. If you’re a little apprehensive about paying for keywords, take heart. There are some cool resources on the internet you can use for free. That’s right ? at no cost. Here are ways how you can make use of stuff online to hike your popularity factor:


Find out how certain keywords perform from search engines.

Before anything else, remember that not all moneymaking keywords are right for you. What’s the point of using keywords pertaining to techno gadgets if your website is all about scrapbooking?


Find out which keywords work best for your website and then use search engines such as Google and Yahoo!. These are free resources you can use on the internet that will give you an idea of how many searches are performed on a given keyword/s and/or keyword phrase. The number of searches you’ll find will help you determine the kind of keywords that will land you on the SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages.


Submit your website for indexing.

It’s tough to get noticed online especially if you’re just starting your website. Be proactive about letting others know about you by submitting your site to the most popular search engines. The three most popular search sites are Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Go to their websites and add your URL address, start building your site’s traffic volume and watch your income grow.


Link up.

Another great internet resource that is used by many website owners is linking. You can exchange links with other websites who belong to the same industry as you or are at least related to the type of business you have.


Linking with other websites is free, fun and very productive. Consider it as being referred to by a friend of a friend. If you link your website to a reputable site, traffic from that site can get directed your way. Imagine receiving just 10% of the traffic from a site that receives 2,000 visitors a day. That’s 200 more clicks on top of the ones you already receive on a regular basis ? from one site alone.


Be careful, though. Some sites with less-than-good reputation can damage yours as well. Search engines prefer linking sites that offer quality. If you’re linked up with a site that pulls you down, consider asking that site to remove links to your website.


Use your own resource.

We mean your common sense. Some keywords have a lifespan while others shine brightest during a particular season. Keywords such as ‘Halloween costumes’ and ‘costume masks’, for example, are much more in demand during the months of September and October. When November and December come along, you probably don?t need a free resource on the internet just to find out that certain keywords related to Thanksgiving and Christmas are much more in demand.


Keywords are some of the most valuable resources you can use online. They can help you build your business and drive traffic to your site. They can even be a direct source of income for many individuals.


Learn everything you need to know about how to use keywords to increase your site’s exposure from ‘Keyword Research’ from The Barking Videos series. Using keywords to increase your site’s traffic can be tricky and you’ll need all the help you can get. Learn as much as you can so you don?t waste your time on keywords that will do nothing for your bottomline.

Money-making Schemes with Your Captivating Ebook


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You can never underestimate the power of the ebooks. After all, there are too many benefits a reader can get from them. First of all, they?re quite easy to make. As long as you have a topic to write about, outline, and a compiler or converter, you?re good to go. Also, you can allow your ebook to earn higher revenue for you and your business.


Here are the different ways on how you can increase your profits by selling or creating your own ebook:


1. Create your own ebook. This is one of the traditional ways on how you can earn your money through your ebook. You can then sell them for a good price, depending on your topic. Easier ones can go as low as $5; those that are more difficult to discuss can be as expensive as $20. Nevertheless, you can?t simply produce your own ebook. There are a number of things that you have to consider. First of all, it?s ideal if you can develop your outline. This is to ensure that you don?t get lost while you?re in the process of building up your pages.


Because you?re banking on your contents, you also have to focus on your writing style. The best-sellers are those that sound conversational, where technical terms are carefully explained in layman?s terms. You can also try to add some images and tables to further emphasize the different points of your ebook. Don?t forget to include subheadings. It will be more convenient for your readers to scan and read your ebook. After all, you can?t really expect them to read the ebook from cover to cover.


2. Sell your ebook rights to your buyers. When it comes to your ebooks, you don?t have to limit them to your direct customers. It can even be viral if you can allow your buyers to resell them to their own targeted customers. Moreover, it will also increase the traffic going into your website, if you have embedded links into your ebooks.


3. You can carry advertisements in your ebook. Do you have some free space in your ebook? Why don?t you sell them to different advertisers? This is also one of the best ways on how you can practically earn more money through your ebooks. However, don?t wait for your ebook to be near completion before you can actually look for advertisers. Even in your planning stage, you can already approach some of them. Nevertheless, because there are a number of them who may not be too keen on having their ads on your ebook before it?s finished, you can talk to your webmaster-friends. Surely, they?ll be glad to put up some of their banners and text ads in your ebooks.


4. Sell your licenses. You can actually sell the license of your content to companies and markets that may be related to your chosen niche. A good catch, though, is to provide a license fee for your ebook. This way, they can make use of the data and information in your ebook to further their growth while you continuously earn from their usage of your material.


You see, there?s definitely money in ebooks. What?s more, you don?t have to settle for long pages. What?s basically essential is you can express your thoughts properly and concisely.

Creating Abundance-Dates Back To The Beginning Of Time


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The idea of creating abundance may seem relatively new, but it is actually something that has been at work since people first populated the planet. A lot of people think of money when they think of abundance, and that is definitely one way that abundance can be manifested. However, you can also have an abundance of health, time, freedom, happiness, relationships, spirituality, love, and anything else you can think of; there are no limits to what abundance can provide.

The good news is that no matter where you are now, creating abundance is not only possible; it’s guaranteed when you know how to do it. Now, here’s a critical element to all of this: you are always creating something. Some people create hardship, while others create abundance. The main thing to remember is that you have created everything that is in your life, whether you think it’s good or not. The secret is to be purposeful in what you bring into your life.

Everything in your life is a result of your thoughts and beliefs, and nothing more. Notice it doesn’t say that your life is the result of your circumstances or surroundings. People today are quick to lay blame on anything, so long as it’s not themselves. That’s a guaranteed way to stay stuck. You are responsible for what you have. If it’s not good, then it’s a simple matter of changing your thoughts and beliefs to start attracting the things you really want.

The next logical question is how do you change your thoughts and beliefs so you can start creating abundance? At first it will take conscious effort, but over time your conscious mind will start programming your subconscious mind, and that’s when the real magic starts to happen.

Creating abundance is about having the right mindset and focusing on the right things. You need to believe that you will get all of the stuff you want and that you are worthy of getting it. Believing you “can” is not the same as believing you “will”, and “hoping” is not the same as “expecting”. You have to believe you will get what you want and you have to await it with positive expectation. It’s not a matter of whether or not you will get it, but how soon it will arrive.

Reaffirming the good stuff in your life will bring more of it into your life. In fact, whatever you affirm will be amplified. For example, if you have a cold and talk about how miserable you feel, it will only lead you to feel more miserable. On the other hand, if you tell yourself and others that you feel great (and you act accordingly), not only will you feel better, but you can shorten the duration of your cold.

This is only a quick overview of creating abundance, but you can see that it really works. The next step is to take positive action. Even the smallest step in the right direction will help you to start bringing more abundance into your life.

Considering Child Adoption-Help A Child Have A Fair Chance


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Do you already have children, but would like to help out some other kids in need? Do you want children, but for whatever reason, can?t have them? If you?ve answered yes to either one of these, then you should seriously consider child adoption. There are millions of children around the world who would be very grateful to be accepted warmly and lovingly into your home. While having a big heart is certainly a requirement on your part, that?s only a start. There are many things you have to consider if you are interested in child adoption.

Are you financially able to afford a child?

If you already have children could you bear the financial burden of one more? If you don?t already have children, then you must be aware of the costs involved with raising one.

You must consider you will have to buy clothing, toys, food, etc?for this child until they are at least an adult. You also have to consider the costs of seeing a doctor, dentist, eye doctor, etc?These costs are in addition to the cost of fees and expenses related to initially adopting the child in the first place.

Do you know where you want to adopt your child from?

Child adoption can happen locally, nationally, or internationally. You need to decide where you which of these locations most interests you, to adopt from. Each one has their own set of pros and cons

Are you prepared to do the necessary research?

If you?re going to take on the task of adopting a child, you need to be sure that you are ready to put some work and effort into researching different adoption agencies. This can be time consuming and tedious. This isn?t the part of the process to get lazy. If you don?t do the proper research to ensure the agency is legitimate you can lose a lot of time, money, and most important; any hope of adopting a child.

Are you prepared to see it through from start to finish?

When you do find the right agency, there is still much work to be done. You, your spouse, and anyone else residing in your home will have to undergo an extensive background check and screening process. If you are adopting internationally, you?re going to have to travel to that country at least once, if not more. This is because you have to meet with the child and adoption officials of that country. Adoption can be an emotionally and physically exhausting process.

If you?ve answered yes to the above, then you probably are ready to go through the process of child adoption. Yes, the process can become tedious, physically, and emotionally draining at times. However, when you get to hug your adopted child as your own, it will make all the time and effort put into it seem like a walk in the park.

Conscious Creation- Bring Your Thoughts Into Existence


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Imagine a world where you could use your mind to bring things into existence. Simply by thinking the right thoughts, you could practice conscious creation and start getting the things that you want. Does that sound unbelievable or impossible? Well, the truth is that we already live in such a world, and your mind is already attracting the things that you have in your live, good or bad.

Most people try to deny that they are responsible for the bad things in their lives, but it’s true. The good news is that most of this bad stuff isn’t really their fault. Those two ideas may sound contradictory. After all, how can they be responsible for the bad but have it not be their fault? The answer is that they aren’t aware of what conscious creation is. What this means is that they are attracting everything into their lives (again, good or bad), but they don’t know that they are doing the attracting.

Conscious creation should not be confused with the concept of positive thinking, as they are quite different. Positive thinking is often about making the best of what you have, of putting a positive spin on negative things. While this type of thinking may make you feel better, it either makes you live in a fantasy world or it makes you content with things you don’t really want in your life. Conscious creation is about actually getting the things that you want and not settling for second best.

How much control do you have over your life? Does it seem as though outside circumstances are conspiring against you? The truth is that you are in complete control, and circumstance doesn’t change that. You get to take complete responsibility for everything in your life, but that also means you get all of the credit for the good stuff, too.

More than anything else, you need to focus on the things that you want, as opposed to the things that you don’t want. A classic example of this is someone who thinks they want to be out of debt. While it’s true that they may not want to be saddled with debt, the fact remains that they are ultimately focusing on the debt itself. What then happens is they keep creating more debt. If you happen to be in debt, then use conscious creation to focus on having more money, not less debt.

You also need to be ready to receive the good stuff that’s coming your way. The universe is filled with more than enough for everybody, and you deserve everything that it wants to send your way. By being receptive to it, you are showing that you not only want it, but that you are also grateful for the things you have.

Conscious creation is a subject that is as fascinating as it is rewarding. We have only scratched the surface here, so it’s up to you to take the next step towards a better future…the future you so richly deserve.

Community Service From Boyscouts-Its All About That


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Community service from Boyscouts is an integral part of what the Boy Scouting organization is all about. The projects selected give the Scout a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

Community service from Boyscouts is an important part of being a loyal and trustworthy. No matter how long or short the project is, it can have a major impact on the whole town and allow all the Scouts involved to develop leadership skills, learn to work as a part of a team, and make a big difference in their neighborhood.

Most cities have parks that the people of that city can go to relax and have fun, or go hiking and biking, skating or what have you. One great idea for the Scouts is to give their city a better looking area to do all of these things.

Making the parks within the city more attractive will most likely be an ongoing project that could take years to complete. Start by talking to the leaders of the city and get permission to clear a nature trail for walking, hiking and biking. Then add some plantings of native plants or let some of the area go back to wild, help it along by planting wildflower seeds.

Give a neighborhood school a freshening up by repainting the exterior, mending fences, and sprucing up the landscaping.

Put up fences around area athletic fields and help get them ready for the next season.

Churches in cities or towns can always use some help of some kind or another. Go talk to the minister and get some ideas on things that need to be fixed.

Engage with local leaders to make a difference in many lives. Present to them an informational program on just exactly the types of things the Boy Scouts have been responsible for in the past and what they are willing to do for the city, parks and neighborhoods in the area in the future. Let the local leaders have a crack at coming up with things that the troops can do around town.

Organize meal delivery for shut-ins and fun events for nursing home residents. Create a mentoring program for younger boys or a tutoring program for struggling students.

Start a weekend soup kitchen for the needy or create a carpool program for local workers. Initiate an informational presentation on Boy Scout projects and let the community know how they can contribute.

Create a list of home projects that the Boy Scouts are willing to complete, then hold an auction and complete the work for the highest bidder then donate any proceeds to a local charity.

Organize a fitness day to help raise awareness about the importance of physical health.

Install new seating for public areas like new benches in the parks and along those brand new nature trials you cleared.

Volunteer to stock shelves and sort food at the local food pantry. Set up donation boxes all over town and collect the food at the end of each week.

Assemble backpacks full of school supplies for children from needy families or full of blankets and necessities for the homeless as a part of your community service from Boyscouts.

Cheap Underwater Camera Housing


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When it comes to digital cameras there are a lot of options for you to choose from. The option becoming more and more popular are underwater cameras. No longer do you really have to rely on cheap underwater camera housing to allow you to snap photos under the sea. Now days underwater digital cameras are built to operate underwater, affording you far more versatility in your picture taking.

However even if you decide to buy yourself an underwater camera, there are still a lot of things you need to take into consideration. When you are looking at your underwater cameras, the first thing to consider is their sealing. Sealing is what allows them to operate underwater to begin with and it is the first and only line of defense should it be submerged, so you want to make sure it is top notch.

This becomes even more important on cameras with a lot of openings, such as those with removable lenses and USB ports. You want to make sure your camera has excellent sealing so that it will not break on your first dive. Sealing is also effect by the depth at which your camera is submerged. Cameras are rated based on just how deep they can go. With a cheap underwater camera housing you could only take your digital camera a few meters underwater, but with a proper underwater camera you could go much, much further.

The main concern with depth is the water pressure. Cameras are fairly fragile and it would not take much for it’s sealing to break or the more sensitive parts to break. This is why you need to be aware of just how far down your camera is able to go so that you do not accidently exceed this depth and break it.

Another thing you should be aware of is it’s size and shape. For most digital cameras these are merely aesthetics, maybe a little convenience issues. But with underwater cameras they become far more important as you will want to get a camera that is the right size and shape so that you can hold it easily while swimming.

If you get a camera that is too big or too small, you might drop it and recovering it could be quite the pain. This is also why you should make sure to have to strapped securely to yourself when diving.

Something else to be aware of is that underwater cameras are prone to being damaged by things like sand or chlorine. While cheap underwater camera housing can protect from this, an actual underwater camera has very little defense. It is best to keep your camera out of pools and to thoroughly clean it after every dive you make.

Underwater digital cameras can open up a whole new world of photography. All those fond moments at the beach, or especially for those who like to go diving. But even for those land lovers out there it can still be a good purchase as underwater cameras are highly durable and that water proofing may come in handy one day, and since they essentially the same price as a normal camera, there really is no reason not to buy one.

Blue Ray Dvd Rental-New Technology Not Always Better


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I may be aging myself, but it seems like not that long ago we were using VHS tapes instead of DVD’s. Today we have yet another option for our entertainment… Blu-ray. The only problem is that when they come out with a new technology, it seems like it takes them a long time to get older movies converted to that new format. So, you may find that not all the movies you want can be a blue ray dvd rental.

Today, some people use the term Blu- ray and DVD interchangeably. And while not totally accurate, it isn’t that big of a deal. All the top rental places will also have blue ray dvd rental available, though they usually won’t have as big of a selection in Blu-rays as they do in DVD’s simply because DVD’s have been around longer.

Blu-ray is called that because that is precisely what it is. Standard DVD’s work when a red laser reads the information on the disk. With Blu-ray the information is read with a blue-violet laser, hence the name.

Since the wavelength is shorter, the disk can be read with more precision and that means that more data can be picked up which can produce a sharper picture and more realistic sound.

Since more information can be stored on the same size disk, you can really get great definition and more of that “theater style” sound.

Blu-ray was developed by members of the BDA or Blu-ray Disc Association which is made up of some companies I’m sure you have heard of.

Companies like Sony, Apple, Dell, and Disney to be exact. One of the reasons Blu-ray isn’t even more popular, since it does deliver such exceptional sound and video, is the fact that you do need a different player to watch Blu-ray over a standard DVD player.

Many people are starting to get technology burnout where they have just spent hundreds of dollars for some new technology only to have it either be outdated or at least outdone by something better in a very short time.

Since people may be a little reluctant to invest in yet another player for their entertainment, Blu-ray isn’t quite as popular yet as you may have thought it would be.

If you do decide to get your own Blu-ray player, you can still play DVD’s on it. You can’t play Blu-ray on your DVD player but you can play DVD’s on a Blu-ray player. Confused yet??

Blu-ray players can sell for a wide range of prices, and as with all technologies, the price is coming down. As of this writing a basic Blu-ray player can be bought for as little as $50 online.

All in all, Blu-ray can offer a superior entertainment experience. But, you may find some limitations as to the number of blue ray dvd rental movies you can choose from. More than likely, Blu-ray will continue to expands it’s reach in entertainment and when it does, you will probably have no trouble finding all the movies and shows you want on Blu-ray.

Block Buster Dvd Rental-Has Good Competition

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With so many ways today to get your entertainment, it can sometimes be confusing to know which company will provide you with just what you want and need. In this article, I will go over the block buster dvd rental program so you can compare it to others that are available.

With the block buster dvd rental you can either rent a dvd right in the store, if you have one near you, or you can get one sent to you in the mail.

There are pros and cons with each method I will go over some of the basics:

1. One of the best reasons to get a subscription, and get your movies by mail, is that you don’t have any late fees. you can keep your movies, or games, as long as you want.

If you rent in a store you will pay a late fee. One thing that I found out from the Blockbuster web site is a little sneaky and I wanted you to be aware of it.

It says on the website that “our stores no longer have late fees” but then it goes on to say that if you don’t return your movie or game by the date on the receipt you will be charged an additional daily rate of $1.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like a late fee to me.

Also, if you don’t return the dvds or games in a certain amount of time after your due date, they will charge you the price of the dvds and games.

If you eventually do return it, they will refund the price of the dvds or games but they will deduct the $1 a day from the refund price.

2. You can go to the website whenever you want and add movies to your queue. That means that they will be sent out to you in the order they are in your queue.

As soon as you send back the movies that you have already watched, they will send out the next movie(s) in you queue, automatically.

That can ensure that you always have something new to watch and you don’t have to constantly go looking for what movie you want to see.

3. Depending on your local store you may be able to return your dvds and games right at your local store. Again, that can vary so make sure you check in your area.

4. There are 3 different plans available:

1 movie sent out a time with unlimited free exchanges – $9.99 / month.

2 movies sent and free unlimited exchange – $14.99 / month

3 movies sent and free unlimited exchange – $19.99 / month

There are many places you can get dvds and game rentals. With the success of Netflix, many other options have sprung up such as Redbox and Blockbuster by mail.

Now that you have some more information, you can decide whether or not the block buster dvd rental program is the right one for you or not.

‘And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters’. (Genesis I:2) Thoughts on Foxy Lady II and the most chilling words


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by Dr. Jeffrey Lant.

Author’s program note. To consider the great seas and oceans of our habitat is to consider the very origin of our species and how, upon decease, the residue of each of us returns to the water from whence we came.

The truth is not ashes to ashes, not dust to dust, but drop to drop, oozing towards the watery place where life ends and life begins all over again; an unbreakable cycle of life, death, renewal, our place by no means secure and irrevocable.

Those who move upon these waters know this cycle, respect it, seek to understand and profit from it. But none of them seeks to control it, for that is the prerogative of God Himself alone whose countenance hovers over the waters, dictating fair passage or foul, for God moves in mysterious ways, as the fisher folk of Gloucester, Massachusetts know; theirs the home of the oldest fleet, port and harbor of the new land, coming long years before the Great Republic itself.

This story is their story and despite its deep sadness I am whilst grieving glad to write it… for this story is well worth the telling.

To begin….

As soon as I became aware of this story insistent words filled my brain. They were the sharp words of Gordon Lightfoot’s 1976 classic “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” Once you hear it, the stark simplicity of its words and music arrest your full attention, as they will rise unbidden at every watery event of melancholy and loss. Lightfoot understood that the stories of greatest impact, the most powerful words, the ones that change your life and reside in your brain forever, are simple, short, thrust from his brain to yours where they reside, waiting for you to trip on the booby trap that sets them off in your mind all over again; each time to be reminded of the awe and terrible power of the unyielding water, the water that creates us, sustains us, and controls us, never to be released.

Lightfoot, poet, has this ability… and that is why listening to “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” is so haunting, painful, music you should listen to only when there is a sympathetic hand nearby touching yours, reminding you there is light and life and even the comforts of love poised for you. Then listen as Lightfoot weaves his tale of a great ship of 29 men, weighed down with too much iron ore and cargo, “fully loaded”; the ship, the men that have no chance at all, none whatsoever, when pitted against the capricious mastery “Of the big lake they called ‘Gitche Gumee’.

The ship, “the pride of the American side”, went down, all hands lost, never to be given up by dread Superior or seen again. They were now and forever entombed in the waters of eternity. And so the tune ends on a note that is at once bleak, somber, hopeless.

Go now to any search engine and see for yourself. But here’s the rub… the terrible, affecting, afflicting, distressing, dismal, depressing tale that Lightfoot tells is, with all its solemnity and woe, happier, I think, than what happened to the Foxy Lady II and her two-man crew.

For the grieving survivors of Edmund Fitzgerald’s dead could take what comfort they could from the fact their loved ones were immortalized by Lightfoot who thus gave them something of closure and peace. For those who knew the little Foxy Lady II and her crew it is very different. Their terrible sadness will abide, raw, chilling, tugging at hearts already broken and distressed. This is the greatest burden of all, for there is no comfort here.

The facts.

Here’s what we know about the Foxy Lady II, its 25 year-old captain Wally “Chubby” Gray Jr. and his 50-year old mate, Wayne Young.

Foxy Lady II was a 45-foot scalloper homeported in Gloucester although Gray and Young were from Deer Isle, Maine.

For all that he was a young man, Gray had a lifetime of fishing experience. His father was a fisherman; he had started his son in the family business at age 3, his mother reported. He knew boats, fish, and the movements of dark sky and darker waters. He respected them and so he was chary, careful, prepared, professional.

He had a young child, just 3, affectionately called “Mini me”. The backyard, eyes-squinting pictures of father and son are jolting, one now dead, the other bereft of a father. “Chubby” playing with his son, hair a riot of disorder, his young son, blond and happy to be with the father he will not recall at all in the long, lonely years to come. This is but one of the sad stories here….

The newspapers report that “Chubby” had a “girlfriend.” However, in all the coverage there is no mention of a wife or the baby’s mother. Such facts, such omissions, suggest turmoil and domestic confusion… and of the pain we humans cause so casually to each other. “Chubby” Gray was young, looked younger but life had already marked him. Maybe that’s why he looks so thoughtful in the few photos which now constitute a fragile heirloom to his son, his legacy. We long to hear his thoughts… but he is powerless to tell us, now or ever.

And what of the mate, 50-year-old Wayne Young? His photograph reveals much, far too much. It shows a man who knew too much of the provocations, hindrances and obstacles which constitute “life” for so many.

Young’s skin looks tough and weathered, his leathery face the face of too many mornings after the nights before. But then we learn he was married, a devoted family man. Now we suppose his leathered complexion to be the tax he paid with his aging body to keep his wife Shirley and 3 children comfortable. And so we learn he is anything but the kind of man down- and-out, no place to go and no one to go with; not just a casual laborer, not a cent to his name, well-known to locals and ignored by the “summer people” and fast-in, fast-out visitors like me who smell Young’s sweat and stale perspiration and never ask (or want to know) his story, just get away from him as soon as possible.

Looks are deceiving, but the great waters take all, good and bad, sinner and saint, loving family men and artful philanderers. Still, it is telling that this man, gnarled by life’s unrelenting realities was taking orders from young “Chubby”, a man half his age. One can only hope they were friends and left this Earth together.

An ordinary boat, an ordinary crew, an ordinary day… then…

What does a day when men die look like? It looks like every other day. And so it was Saturday, December 14 when Foxy Lady II left port for a one-day trip to Stellwagen Banks, famous for its whales. An early evening return was expected… but there was no return at all. Because both men were experienced mariners, because the weather was “not too bad” but worsening. Because no one saw a single distress signal and because Chubby kept in touch with his girlfriend by cell phone until noon Saturday, no one was unduly worried… just yet. Just yet. But as the hours went by a sense developed that all was not well; that something was wrong…. Monday morning. Chubby’s always unnamed girlfriend at last notified the Coast Guard. Had she waited too long? She will spend the rest of her life wondering… but never knowing.

And so the Coast Guard, still not hearing anything, launched its search of more than 2,800 square miles of Massachusetts Bay, finding nothing.

But then there were finds, discoveries which only intensified speculation without solving anything. The boat’s survival capsule washed ashore in a marshy area of the Saugus River, north of Boston. No signs of life. Then fishing gear which may or may not have been theirs washed ashore near Nantasket Beach in Hull.

While the Coast Guard worked to turn clues into facts, the fisher communities of Gloucester and Deer Isle did what their stalwart, God-fearing ancestors did. They bowed their heads and confronted the stern realities of their chosen way of life. And so as hope waned the communities pulled together to help each other through the growing prospect of death… and not just death…but death without the finality of bodies. “Habeas corpus,” the great waters said. And the great waters, adamant, tenacious, were determined to keep them. Through it all the Spirit of God still moved upon the face of the waters, inscrutable, baffling, our past and our future.


Historians of the Gloucester area estimate than in the last 350 years since its foundation in 1623 over 10,000 fishermen and mariners have gone down to the sea in ships… and never returned. The names of just 5000 are either painted on a huge mural on the main staircase at City Hall or listed on a new memorial cenotaph on Stacy Boulevard. The list never stops growing…

“They might have split up or they might have capsized; May have broke deep and took water. And all that remains is the faces and the names Of the wives and the sons and the daughters.”