Article Writing Strategy



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One of the most effective ways of publicising your website on a shoestring budget, or even at zero expense, is article marketing, and finding an article writing format will speed up the process of writing good articles.

The idea behind article marketing is relatively simple, although a lot of people find the practice of writing and posting articles quite daunting. So let’s break down the process into a simple article writing format that anybody could use to make it easier and quicker to write good quality articles.

Before we get into the process, let’s just rehearse what the purpose of article marketing is. Article marketing is a way to drive targeted traffic to selected pages on your website.

For example, if you want to start promoting a new affiliate product, then it is a good idea to write a review of the product on your website and add a click through link to the product sales page. When you write a review you will want to include some keyword phrases that people are likely to use when searching for information about that kind of product.

Once you have posted a review on your website you will want to find a way to get it ranking highly on the search engines for the selected keyword phrase. That is where article marketing comes in. Your next step is to write a series of articles around the same keyword phrase, and post them on Internet article directories.

At the foot of each article there is a place where you can add some information about yourself and your business and you can also post a link back to your webpage. Now, when people read your article they may be tempted to click the link to find out more about what you have to say on the subject. That will bring them to the product review on your webpage and ultimately to your sales page.

The articles you post on article directories will also contribute to your web page ranking by pointing one way, keyword-primed links back to it.

The more articles you post, the higher up the search engine rankings your webpage will rise for that particular keyword phrase.

Now for most people the most difficult part of the whole process is actually writing the articles. A lot of people simply do not feel they have the expertise to write 500 words on a single topic, especially one that is related to Internet marketing as they may feel that they do not yet have enough experience.

However, instead of thinking about the article as a 500 word project, it is better to think of it as a series of steps, each step of which requires just 50 to 100 words. Also, by following a particular step-by-step formula, not only will the process of writing a single article become easier, but it will soon be an easy matter to repeat the process again and again.

The formulaic approach will also save a lot of time, as you will know from the outset where you are starting from and where you are heading for.

So here is one common and very versatile article formula that you can use to turn out expertly written product reviews, and a wide range of other articles:

Step one: Write the introduction. This can be a simple three sentence, fifty word paragraph telling the reader about what you are going to tell the reader about. (50 words.)

Step two: Describe the dream. What is the dream behind the product? Every product is implicitly there to fulfil a dream. For example, the dream behind window cleaning fluid is to have sparkling clear dust and smudge free windows. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your windows could be so clean! (50-100 words.)

Step three: Describe the problem. The problem with wanting to have clean windows is that it is a pain in the neck to clean them, or expensive to have somebody come and do it for you. Have you tried cleaning windows recently with soapy water? All you get is a windows full of soap smears, and water dripping down your elbows. (50-100 words)

Step four: The solution. Describe the way in which your product has been designed to solve the problem. Talk about the benefits the product provides. In our crazy window cleaning example, you would point out how the spray gun nor is all means you don’t get water dripping down your arms. The antistatic quality of the liquid means no smears, and dust is repelled from the surface of the window for months on end. There’s no mess because you can just break on and wipe it off. (100 words.)

Step five: The objection. This is the place where you can raise any potential objections such as price or other potential negatives. Don’t be afraid to discuss these, as dealing with these points head-on will add authenticity to your writing. (50 words.)

Step six: Rebuttal and reaffirmation. Offer any counter arguments that will neutralise the negative points, and reaffirm the value of the product. (50-100 words.)

Step seven: Conclusion. Some are everything you have said and conclude on a positive note. (50 words.)

Once you have tried this seven step approach to writing articles, you will soon get the idea and find article writing to be much easier than you had feared. With this article writing format you will be able to produce a series of articles for every product that you want to promote on your website.


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