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One of the most powerful ways of making money on the Internet is to use your website and blog as platforms from which you can build an e-mail subscriber list. However, generating fresh subscribers to your list will not make you any money if you do not position yourself as the expert in their eyes and make people feel that you are worth listening to.

How can you do that, especially if you are not yet an Internet marketing expert?

One quick and easy solution is to preload your auto responder with a series of pre-written newsletters that have been written by somebody who is an expert. Or you could send out a series of PLR articles and reports to your list. If you want to do this, it is essential that you choose only the best quality material for your subscribers. In this way, you will be able to offer your growing subscriber base the kind of valuable information that they are seeking without having to write it yourself.

Once you have set up this system it will work on autopilot. You will have an automated e-mail series, and if it is well written, and fits in well with your main offer, you will probably be able to generate some business from it. There are, however, a couple of disadvantages with this quick fix “this automated marketing” method.

1. If you send out unmodified PLR material to your subscribers, there is no guarantee that they will not read the same material elsewhere on the Internet. Your claim to being a unique authority will then be undermined.

2. This method of communicating with your list lacks the vital ingredients of spontaneity and topicality. The material you are sending out is not the freshest, and if you do not regularly update your preloaded material, it will gradually go stale. Fewer and fewer of your subscribers will read your e-mail newsletter, and of those who do read it, fewer will respond. If we are honest about it, there is no such thing as a 100% automated online business that yields high conversion rates on autopilot.

That does not mean that you should stop sending out PLR material to your list. However, there are other things that you should do as well.

1. Before sending out prewritten newsletters, modify some of the content to make it more uniquely your own. Stamp your own identity on the material you are using.

2. Review your newsletter series several times per year. Eliminate anything that is now out of date, and be sure to add information about new developments related to the theme of your newsletters.

3. Make use of the “broadcast” feature on your auto responder to send out extra mailings with the latest news content in them. This is an especially valuable way to communicate new developments and new ideas to your subscribers. It will also add the vital elements of spontaneity and topicality to your newsletter service, making it much more likely that people will want to read your mailings.

In short, your e-mail newsletter is one of the most valuable resources that you have for making money on the Internet, so you won’t regret it if you don’t neglect it.

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