Internet Marketing For Beginners Part II

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In my previous article I began to discuss how you can use basic keyword research to help you find viable affiliate products to sell on your website. Let’s look at this concept in more detail.

For example, if you are interested in fishing, then a site dedicated to one type of fishing such as “fly fishing” will be much easier to succeed with than a more generic site that tries to cater to all types of fishing interests.

The term is targeted on a particular niche that belongs to a popular hobby. It is a specific without being too narrow. You will be able to experiment with longer keywords containing the term flyfishing to attract very specific traffic to different pages on your website such as “salmon fly fishing”, “dry fly fishing” and so on.

In this way, by using basic keyword research to discover longer keyword phrases that include your main keyword term, and by creating webpages specifically dealing with those keyword terms, you will find that your website almost builds itself. The keyword phrases show you what you should be writing about, and the more of these keyword-based webpages you add to your website, the more traffic you will attract to your website over the long term, and the more business you will generate.

But wait a minute, you still don’t have a product to sell, do you…

To continue with our example of a flyfishing website, a simple way to find out whether there are any products out there that you could promote on your flyfishing website would be to run a search on Google for the keywords “fly fishing affiliate” or other related terms. You’ll quickly discover quite a wide range of products out there aimed at the flyfishing market. So now, all you have to do is to review each product and join the affiliate programs of those which you think you’re intended target market will find most attractive.

A good tip here is to buy the products and try them out yourself. In this way, you will be able to market their much more effectively on your website. You will be able to write honest reviews of each product that you have bought and tested. You’ll be able to talk about each product from a perspective of a customer with in-depth knowledge. This will add credibility to what you have to say on your website, as well is giving you plenty of unique content to post on it, and that in turn will attract the attention of the search engines.

It will also position you are in the market as something of an expert in the field. You should aim to capitalise on this by starting writing a blog about flyfishing or whatever your chosen Beria of expertise is to be. Don’t know how to start a blog? Simply go to or and follow the instructions! Just as with websites, nowadays you don’t need to know anything about the coding behind the blog platform that you are going to use.

The best sort of blogs are quite personal, so you could fill it with reports about your flyfishing expeditions, and talk about flyfishing kit that you have been using and your flyfishing adventures and misadventures. Any time you mention something that you feature on your website be sure to post a link through to it.

In this way you will be building up to valuable resources for your Internet marketing success, a unique website and a unique blog. The one will support the other and they will both contribute to making you a recognised expert in your field. And the beauty of the Internet today is that there is only great resources out there that you can achieve all of this without knowing a single thing about how to build a website or a blog. All you need are a few readily available online tools and some basic keyword research. 


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