2 Steps for Traffic Exchange Success 


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Traffic exchanges have garnered a less than ideal reputation over the last decade. Some of this was because of the vast number of systems that were not reputable or were designed as get-rich-quick schemes. The rest was because most people simply don’t understand how to make traffic exchanges work in their favor.

Yet there are many excellent traffic exchanges out there and every Internet marketer should at least consider adding this quick and easy online promotion method to their marketing arsenal.

In reality, there are only 2 steps that are needed to create a successful traffic exchange experience.

1.Don’t Sell – Do Build

One of the biggest reasons that people fail to gain anything from a traffic exchange is because they are trying to sell a product to someone in 20 seconds. Forget your products, get rid of your affiliate links, and get rid of the long sales page, and get rid of the videos. With most exchanges you have between 6 and 20 seconds to get the surfer to take action. This means that they are not going to make a purchase, they don’t have time to read a long sales page, and don’t have time to listen to a 30 second video.

However, they do have time to join your mailing list. Once they are on your list, you have all the time you need to make a sale or refer them to another website. Splash pages have proven to be much more effective than traditional landing pages because they load extremely quickly and they get to the point immediately.

To create an effective splash page, it is important to be as minimalistic as possible to ensure a fast load time. With only 20 seconds alloted to your page, you can’t use a page that takes 5 or 10 seconds to load. Your page should an eye-catching heading, 4-7 bullet points of why to join your list, and your opt-in form. It is best to give away something (ebooks are most common) to further entice a surfer to sign up for your list.

2.Upgrade and Create a Downline

If you are going to put in the effort to successfully utilize traffic exchanges, then upgrading your traffic exchange accounts make sense. These upgrades are normally fairly inexpensive and give you more credits to work with.

Most traffic exchanges allow you to create a downline of referrals. From this, you will receive credits based on how much each member of your downline uses the exchange. Since your list is built from people who are already using traffic exchanges, it makes sense to try and cross-promote additional exchanges for them to use. Once you have built a large enough downline, you will no longer need to do any surfing yourself because your downline generates enough credits for you to use. Once you have promoted additional traffic exchanges to your list, you can then move on to your actual products.

Traffic exchanges are not ineffective if used properly, in fact they can be an excellent way to build a list. By using exchanges as a list building tool instead of a sales tool, you will quickly find out how effective they can really be. Effectively using traffic exchanges isn’t a complicated process. All you need to do is create a splash page to build a list and then cross-promote other exchanges to your list in order to build your downlines.


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