Marketing With Traffic Exchanges


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Three Things to Consider When Marketing With Traffic Exchanges

When marketing with traffic exchanges there are some important issues that need to be taken into consideration before you begin.  If you do not make a solid marketing plan with realistic expectations, then you are likely to be disappointed when your campaign falters.  Here are some things to consider before you even start marketing with traffic exchanges.

1. Types of Traffic Exchanges: Manual v Automatic

There are a variety of different traffic exchanges that you could use and they all have unique features that need to be taken into consideration. The basic delineation is manual vs. automatic traffic exchanges.  Manual traffic exchanges force the people surfing to at least look at the page before they get credits, whereas automatic exchanges will simply flip through pages with no effort of the part of the surfer  Manual exchanges will have a much higher conversion rate because surfers will at least see your offer.

Automatic traffic exchanges can simply be set going in your browser and then ignored and they will continue to show new pages and rack up credits for you while you work on something else. This sounds great until you realize that if nobody has to look at pages, nobody is likely to respond to your offer so all those automatically accumulated credits are really quite meaningless.

2. Other Features

There are many other different features that you need to look at as well when choosing which traffic exchanges are the best for you.  The first is whether or not you can build a downline and gain credits from your downline’s actions.  This is a critical feature if you are planning on using traffic exchanges as part of your long term plan.  If you just want to try them out, then this issue is less important.

How you acquire credits is another important issue.  If you do not understand exactly how you will get advertising credits, then it may not be worth your time.  Additionally, without this information, you can not effectively compare one exchange with another.

2. Time

The amount of time that a surfer is required to view your page is another critical factor to consider.  The longer they look at your page, the more likely it becomes that they will take action.  Most exchanges require a 15 to 20 second viewing time.  Anything less should not be considered.

3. What is a Conversion?

The goal of every marketing campaign is to maximize your conversions.  When marketing with traffic exchanges it is important to use a tactic that easily converts.  With limited time, the easiest way to generate conversions is to offer a free item, such an ebook, to get surfers to sign up for your list.

Once they are on your list, you will much longer to actually make a sale.  If you give them a giant sales page right away, the odds are high that they will be able to read the entire thing, let alone actually make a purchase.

Marketing with traffic exchanges doesn’t have to be a disappointing ordeal.  As long as you consider these 3 important issues, you can start a campaign that has a much higher likelihood to succeed.  Before you start marketing with traffic exchanges make sure to: choose the right type of exchange, make sure that surfers have enough time to read your page, and make the conversion process as easy as possible.


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