Lead Capture Pages



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One of the best ways to build a list of subscribers who you can legitimately promote your business to is by using a lead capture page and linking it to an auto responder.

A lead capture page is simply a webpage that asks visitors to seek further information about your offer by sending you their name and e-mail address via a simple form. When a visitor fills in the form his or her name and e-mail address are gathered by your auto responder, which then automatically sends the information they have requested to their inbox.

Let’s look in more detail at what you should place on a lead capture page to achieve best results in recruiting subscribers to your list.

1. The pre-headline text. This is a kind of lead in to the headline. It appeals to your target market and tells them something about what they will get when they fill in the form. It is written in a bold, typically black font, but not too large as you do not want it to crowd out the headline.

2. The headline. This should be written in a big, bold, font. Many marketers tend to favour a red font colour and you will often find the headline is placed inside inverted commas. The headline should be designed to encapsulate your offer and arouse maximum curiosity.

3. The subhead. Here you give more detail, in a smaller, usually black font. The subhead add some flesh to the claim made in the headline. It is a kind of teaser that authenticates what has been said in the headline, perhaps by saying it a different way and by adding a little more detail.

4. Bullet points. These are optional extras. They can be used in addition to or instead of the subhead. Each bullet point should briefly and strongly emphasise the benefits to be had in filling in the form.

5. Call to action. Make sure you tell the visitor what to do in order to get instant access to the benefits you are offering. Tell the visitor to fill in the form and click the button.

6. The form. You will be able to get some HTML code from your auto responder control panel and pasted into your lead capture page.

7. Reassurance. Provide some reassurance about privacy and security. Make it clear that you will not sell, give away or otherwise divulge the details of anybody who feels in the form. Reassure them that you will not send them spam.

These are the key elements of the typical lead capture page.

However, there are different styles of lead capture page which appeal to different kinds of Internet environment. For example, if you are designing our squeeze page for a Google Adwords PPC campaign, then it would be a good idea to add a lot more information about what it is that you offer. This is because Adwords tends to favour webpages that are rich in text.

On the other hand, a lead capture page design for a traffic exchange campaign would want to be as brief as possible, and you might also want to add your photograph and name to strengthen the impact of your personal brand across the traffic exchange networks.

Nowadays, we are increasingly seeing lead capture pages that feature video. Video allows the marketer to offer a personal introduction, and to display his or her expertise, professionalism, friendliness and approachability all in the space of less than three minutes.

Nevertheless, video is not an essential component of a lead capture page with pulling power. What matters is making sure that you know who your lead capture page is targeting, and then make the strongest appeal possible to that particular market audience, in order to persuade as many people as possible to give you their name and e-mail address.

If you are not confident about your ability to build a lead capture page from scratch, then you might want to try a service such as TE Toolbox which is free to join and which includes an excellent lead capture page wizard as one of its marketing too


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