The Best Way To Build Your Backlinks

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A lot of people are already aware of the need for building one-way backlinks to their website, but what is not often appreciated is that backlinks will work much better if they are built with a clear pyramidal architecture, in mind.

Too often, people build Backlinks without any clear strategy in mind. Of course, any form of Backlink building is better than none at all, and any kind of Backlink strategy will be effective when seeking to dominate a relatively uncompetitive niche.

However, as you get more ambitious you will want to try and get onto the first page of Google for some of the higher powered kick-butt keyword phrases. But, because those phrases are so much more competitively fought over it is usually only the “big dogs” of the Internet marketing world who can secure top spot on Google for them.

So what you need to do as a smaller player is to develop a specific Backlink building strategy. In short you need to build a Backlink pyramid.

What exactly is a Backlink pyramid?

A backlink pyramid builds links in a systematic way, using the most popular sites as the basis on which to build several layers of interconnected backlinks that point to each other as well is to your website. To build a backlink pyramid you first need to research the Google Page Rank of the various websites where you wish to build backlinks. We are talking here of websites such as blogs, social marketing sites, article directories, Web directories and free sites such as free hosting services, and also where you can make your own webpages.

First of all work with those sites that have a lower page rank and set up a series of webpages on them with relevant content. Post-one-way links from them to your website. These sites could be free webpage sites, less trafficed article directories. You could also frequent relevant but low ranking blogs and add some comments in response to the bloggers posts.

Now, whenever you post comment or an article on a higher ranking site, where possible, link the higher ranking page to your website and to some of the lower ranking pages where you added content previously.

By consistently adopting this kind of backlink pyramid building strategy, you will be building a web of links which all ultimately lead to your website, whereas your website does not link back to any of the linking sites.

Because Google seems to give such a high weighting to one-way backlinks as evidence that your site has something of value to offer, this kind of strategy is especially effective for improving website ranking on the Google search engine, which of course is the most popular search engine on the Internet.

One thing to bear in mind when developing a Backlink campaign is that it is probably better to build slowly and surely, rather than to pay somebody to build a massive backlinks in a very short period of time. Backlinks to your website should grow organically, which is great news for you as it means that it is a job that you can handle yourself if you don’t want to pay somebody else to do it for you. Building a backlink pyramid takes time, but if you stick at it, the potential rewards for your website, and to your bottom line could be very beneficial indeed.


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