What’s in the New Tax Cuts Bill?

Here’s an update, howard,

As you are probably aware, the House and 
the Senate have both approved a “Tax Cuts 
and Jobs Act” DRAFT bill.

You see, we do not yet have a tax-overhaul 
bill passed into law. The House has passed
its version, and at 2 a.m. Saturday the 
Senate passed its version. But there are 
several differences in the two.

The next step in our democratic process, 
which will begin (Monday, Dec., 4th)
is for a small delegation of Senators 
and Representatives to meet as a 
“Conference Committee” to work out the 
differences between the two bills.

Conference Committee work can often
take a long time, BUT in THIS CASE, 
all members of the committee are 
committed to having a final bill approved
by both houses of Congress, and on 
the President’s desk for signature, 
no later than Christmas eve.

So, until we know what is in the final
bill, any “information” you receive from
anyone, will be merely speculation.

Here’s my promise to you, my loyal
subscribers and followers…

Within 72 hours after approval of a
final, signed version of a new “Tax
Cuts and Jobs Act,” I will publish a
“plain-English translation” of what it
all means to those of you who are
running small- and home-based

It will be distributed ONLY through
this early-alert newsletter,
“Tax Tips You Can Bank On.”

BTW, if you have colleagues or friends
who would benefit from this upcoming
analysis and condensed summary of
the first major tax code over-haul in 
35 years, they can subscribe to this 
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Stay tuned. This will likely be major!

   Ronald R. ‘Ron’ Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.
by Creating Tax-Smart Home-Business Owners
      Speaker, Educator and Author of
“Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy!”

P.S. I presume it may take a series of
“Tax Tips” emails to fully inform you of 
the full contents of this 200 +/- page tax 
bill, so (a) watch your email for the next 
several days so you don’t miss anything,
and (b) have you associates subscribe.
I never use this ‘early alert’ newsletter
to “sell” anything to anyone. Promise.


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