Old News In Internet Marketing Business


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There are many people that think that since the new updates at the search engines that article marketing is old news in Internet marketing business. Personally, I could not disagree more. There is still a place for getting a lot of very targeted traffic by using article marketing, you just have to change how you go about doing it.

Back in the first part of 2011 Google introduced a fairly major change to their algorithm called Panda. Since then many people have lost traffic and have been scrambling to find a way to appease the “Big G”.

Since the Panda update hit a lot of the top article directories really hard many people erroneously jumped to the conclusion that article marketing was old news in Internet marketing business, but they are wrong.

Writing quality content either for submission to a directory or to add directly to your own website still is, and probably always will be, a good way to curry favor in the search engines. You’ve no doubt heard the expression “Content is King” well that is still true.

The only difference is that with the various updates the algorithms are actually sophisticated enough to weed out a lot of the lesser quality content. So the new saying may be more along the lines of “Quality Content Is King”.

No more submitting mind numbingly boring articles that are only 250 words long. Today it will require interesting well written articles that really offer something to the reader.

Today it is more about writing as much good information on a certain topic than it is to write around a particular keyword. It’s about writing content that shows the world you really are an expert on a certain subject. Once you get that part done you can still benefit greatly from submitting these articles all over the web.

Other than creating content that is longer, say a minimum of 700 words for instance, you also want to get out of the habit of using the assembly line of composing your articles. What I mean by that is don’t just compile a long list of keywords and than write articles on those keywords, instead compose a list of keywords that will fully explore your niche.

So, if your niche is on bird watching, for example, don’t do what most of us have done in the past: have only keyword optimized content. You know what I mean, sites that have keywords like: bird watching in the north, bird watching in the south, bird watching in the east, etc.

Instead focus on the overall topic of bird watching. Think more about topics like: the best binoculars for bird watching, how to get great pictures when bird watching, what is the best time of day for bird watching?, etc.

Building your site, and all your onsite and offsite content, based on this method (topics rather than just keywords) will show Google that you are really trying to supply your readers with all the information they need to get the most out of your niche topic. It is more geared to providing your readers with quality, well rounded, information and not just geared solely to driving traffic.

Article marketing is a great method to build trust, set yourself up as an expert in your niche and of course get more traffic… but only if done properly. Do it the right way so you don’t become old news in Internet marketing business.


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