The Royaltie Gem – spread your message everywhere

If I told you there was a way to automatically broadcast your message to people around you 24/7/365, would you be willing to sign up? (If yes, click here and order now! )

Well there is, and its quickly becoming the hottest trend for people and companies looking to spread their message. Its called the Royaltie Gem – Its brand new, its amazing, and its the most affordable form of marketing you can engage in.

Here are the basics…

There’s not a lot of new things in the world but this is new. The product we provide was literally not technologically possible until December 2016 – so like 6 Months – and we are the only company in the world doing this.

  • The Royaltie Gem is a wireless device.
  • It’s small (about the size of your thumb), lightweight, weatherproof, and waterproof.
  • Doesn’t need wifi or a cellular connection.
  • It runs 24/7 for up to 2 years on a single battery. No plug or recharging required.
  • It’s simple: Just take it out of the box, and you’re up and running!
  • Here’s what it does:

– The Gem broadcasts a Bluetooth signal 100 yards in every direction

– Anyone with an Android phone (60% of smartphones in North America) with Bluetooth on will receive a notification (70% of Android users have Bluetooth enabled). That’s not everyone, but you are reaching 42% of every person around you effortlessly.

-The notification is a 40-50 character message that links to a website of your choice – Facebook, Instagram, youtube, twitter, yelp, or your business website.

-The notification is not “spammy.” It does not cause the phone ring or vibrate, and the notification is only visible in 100 yard radius of the Gem

Why It’s Amazing: It is the first device to allow businesses to automatically send a promotional message to every Android device within 100 yards

The History of Wireless Bluetooth Devices (often called “Beacons”)

Bluetooth-enabled beacons have been used by large companies, stadiums, and university campuses since 2014. For example: If you have the Target app, when you walk into Target, you will be notified about specials, offers, deals, etc. However, small businesses have never been able to use this technology for two important reasons:

1. You used to need an app – that’s expensive!

2. You then needed to get people to download your app – that’s REALLY difficult for a small business since no one cares about ONE small business = no relevance!

However, in December, Google made a small, but critically important change to the Android operating system: Android phones will detect beacons and send notifications to the user WITHOUT needing the user to first install an app. So now…you could go into Target without the Target app, and your Android phone will show you notifications from their beacons.

This is HUGE for small business owners…because now

1. You don’t need to build an expensive app!

2. Everyone with an Android phone…60% of the market…can now see your notifications!

Royaltie is the first company to capitalize on this change to the Android operating system…and build and deploy a device that makes it easy for small business owners to take advantage of this amazing new capability.

Business Use Cases

The Royaltie Gem can be used effectively by ANY small business owner, anywhere in the world. Here are a few examples:

o Storefronts – upsell your customers

Restaurants: “Did you know that we deliver?”

Salons: “Next Tuesday: $10 off all products!”

Fitness clubs: “Members – book your fitness assessment TODAY!

Boutiques: “Join our email list for exclusive deals”

Realtors – Enhanced Exposure. Put a Gem on your keychain and it acts like a “Digital Billboard” anywhere you go. Attach a Gem to the For Sales signage for quick links to pricing, photos, or to book a showing. Royaltie even provides large stickers to create awareness! Attach a Gem to Open House signage on the busy streets – instead of just an arrow, link to google map, photos, price, etc.

-Mobile Service Providers

-Personal trainers – keep it in your gym bag and offer assessments to everyone at the gym

-Plumbers, Contractors, Cleaners, etc. – keep a device in your vehicle and promote your services to the neighbours when at a client’s home.

Get Creative

Royaltie Gems can also be placed strategically in busy public places in your town or city to create additional exposure.

Gems are weatherproof, waterproof and the battery lasts up to 2 years.

Royaltie provides double-sided Velcro tape and zip-ties to facilitate creative installations: Mall food court, Starbucks, Movie Theaters, Stadiums

Important: Notifications are only visible when users are inside 100 yard radius of the Gem. So make sure to select locations that have high “dwell time” – locations where people spend at least 15 minutes.

Average person checks their phone every 12 minutes – so the longer the dwell time, the greater the exposure DO NOT place these beside a highway…no one will see the notifications since dwell time is so low.

So what does this cost?

Its extremely affordable. Just $29 per month for 3 gems. Additional gems are $8 per month each. There is a $50 security deposit for each 3 gems that is refundable 100% after 3 months. No hidden fees, no setup fees.

FAQs about the Gem

I just got my device and “it doesn’t work”!

We test each device individually before shipping, and the battery last up to two years, so we know that the device works.

To confirm this for yourself, please follow these steps carefully:

1. Make sure you are using a modern Android phone (purchased since 2015).

2. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned ON. Turn Bluetooth off and then back on if unsure.

Note: phones made by LG (especially G4 and G5) have unreliable Bluetooth receivers -consider testing on a different device.

3. Turn the screen OFF then ON.

4. Check the phone’s Notifications screen – you will see your message there.

Note: Your message may appear on the home screen or locked screen, or you may have to go into the Notifications screen to locate the message.

5. If test unsuccessful, reboot phone and try again.

 What happens when a device breaks or battery runs out?

Royaltie will replace broken or malfunctioning units at no additional cost – maintenance of all Gems is included in Monthly Fee.

Who owns the Gems? The Gems belong to Royaltie. Monthly Fee is for usage of device and related services – not the purchase of the device itself.

What if I’m not satisfied?

You can return the Gems after 90 days, and there will be no ongoing fees or


How do I update the message on my Gems?

Login to your account on and update the notification or forwarding website. Please allow 24 hours for changes to take effect. Each device can have a different message and forwarding website.

How do I get these for my business?

Contact me, Howard Martell, at 757-647-2886, or go straight to my site through this link and click order now.

This device will be everywhere within a few years, and is revolutionizing how companies create sales leads, recruit, or simply spread a message. If you do not have this, you are falling behind the competition.


I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.