Submit Your Site-Starting Your Online Business


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Starting your own online business and setting up your website are fairly easy to accomplish and can cost you almost nothing. The part that is difficult and that causes most people to give up is driving traffic to your website. Like with any business, marketing is key and if you can not get people to visit your website, it will not make you any money.

There are a ton of ways to get traffic to your website. From buying ads, hosting articles, using viral marketing, using social networking sites, or any number of other possibilities. Your choices for promoting your website are vast, and you are encouraged to try them all. But one method you should try as soon as possible is to Submit Your Site to a website directory.

As you can infer from the name, a website directory is a site dedicated to cataloging other websites, providing a one stop shop for those looking for whatever website they need. So as you can imagine, having your website on such a directory can provide a huge traffic boost.

There are really two types of website directories. Those who are free and those that cost money. For free directories you can simply submit your website and be done with it. The downside is that it can take months for your site to finally be hosted, so a long wait.

Paid directories are often preferred since they will have your site hosted within just a couple of days. So if you Submit Your Site to one of these directories you can see increased traffic almost immediately. But, as you can imagine, the downside is that it costs money. Money you may not have.

If you can afford it, paying is the way to go. But if you do go that route, you need to look into the directory and make sure it is worthy of having your money. While uploading your website to a directory is great, if the directory itself is ranked low on the search engines, people still will not see your site. So only host on directories that are highly ranked, especially if you are paying.

Sometimes these directories will require you to have their link, this is called back linking. By having their link you help increase their own page rank, which in turn benefits you since it makes your website more visible through them. So do not think this is a downside if a particular directory requires this.

You will want to Submit Your Site to as many directories as possible. However, when doing this, do not just copy and paste to every directory. Make sure every entry is unique. This will help make your results that much better.

Submitting your website to a directory is an effective and simple way of driving traffic to your website. While it can not do it all on its own, it is a wonderful boost to get your website going. If you need traffic fast, being able to effectively buy traffic can make a world of difference. Even if you do not need traffic ASAP, having your website out there as much as possible is still a vital component.

Traffic Injectors

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Directed Visitor Campaigns

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Boundless Visitor Campaigns

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Social Media Marketing Strategy- Ride The Wave


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One of the things that media considers when they are deciding what to promote or talk about is what effect that subject will have on various social groups. The media does whatever it can to have some kind of impact on whatever market they are chasing after. The smart marketer will use that commotion to their advantage. They will ride the wave.

One of the hardest thing for any marketer to do, whether on-line or off, is to create a stir around what they are trying to offer. You have to have some level of excitement surrounding your product or service for it to see any success at all. It can seem like you are beating your head against a wall many times as you try to get anyone to notice you and to get them to even care. I am sure that you think that you have something that is very important to offer people. Unless you can educate and convince them that it is important, they just won’t get it and you won’t get their business.

There is a way that you can get by without having to do all the work of trying to generate excitement and educate the people about your offering. That way is to let the larger media outlets do all the work. Create a marketing strategy that uses that work that the media does. Sometimes you will luck out and find that there is a big commotion related to something you are offering already and it will only take a little bit to get the social groups interested in what you have.

Sometimes you will have to use your imagination and find a relationship between something big that is going on in the media that has a huge impact on social groups of one kind or another. Once you find that relationship, though, you can find a marketing strategy that can make that connection obvious. You will have to educate yourself and look at what is hot on television or on the Internet. Look for what are popular topics on the regular news media, what trends are hot in the world of finance, or what gossip is going on in social circles. What are the things that is popular? More than likely you are going to find something that your product or service can relate to.

There are times, though, that it might be good to look at the media and decide on a product or service that is timely, that social groups of one kind or another are buzzing about. Choose something that there is already a lot of excitement about. Watch trends and if you see something that is starting to gain some attention in certain social circles, it may be something that takes off and has widespread appeal. Take advantage of these things.

On your own you will be trying hard to make waves about what you are trying to market but what you will end up making is a tiny ripple. A smart marketer will notice the tsunami’s being made by the larger media outlet and will use a marketing strategy that capitalizes on the huge splash they make on the bigger social groups laying on the beach.

Seo Ranking Tool-Things Change Online Quickly


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Things change online… quickly and often. It seems like there is an ebb and flow to various things. For example, a few years ago it seemed that everyone was talking about building lists, then it was link building and today it is turning more to seo. In order to get the most out of your seo you want to use the best tools. Finding a good Seo Ranking Tool isn’t as hard as you may have thought.

With any type of marketing you want to be able to track your results. If you can’t, how can you tell which things are working and which things aren’t? Without that information you may be spending too much time or money on ineffectual practices. So, you need to use whatever tools you have at your disposal to do just that, hence the need for a quality Seo Ranking Tool.

The nice thing is that you can get most of the tools you will need for free online. As a matter of fact one of the biggest search engines around will provide this information to you for free. All you need to do is check out what analytic s services Google has to offer. It is totally free and all you need to do is copy and paste a little bit of code onto your website.

You can then login to your dashboard and find all kinds of information that will make it easier for you to track your successes, or failures, when it comes to your seo campaigns.

One very important element to seo are back links. It’s not just a matter of getting as many links as you can, it’s also about getting quality links. But what is a quality link? Well for now, until it is changed, quality means that the back link comes from a site that has a high ranking and is considered an “authority” site in the search engine.

It also means that the site is relevant to your site. So, for example, if you have a site about training dogs and you get a back link from a site that specializes in selling dog accessories that would be considered relevant.

These factors will increase the amount of “link juice” each one of these back links has. In effect it’s more about quality than quantity. You can have fewer of these high quality links or you can work harder to get a greater number of less valuable links… it’s up to you.

Just these two tools can make it easier for you to closely monitor your efforts. Whether you are paying someone else to do your seo for you or you are doing it yourself, you must be able to find out what is working and what isn’t. Otherwise, you will waste valuable time or money… or maybe both.

There are many quality, and free or low cost, tools that will help you out with your seo. Just find the right combination of Seo ranking tool available to you and use it. That will ensure that you get the results you want as quickly as possible.

Planning A Strategic Marketing Campaign


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If you want to go hunting you have to know what you are going to hunt. Strategic marketing planning will help you find out what customers you are looking for and how to catch them. Essential to any marketing campaign is finding and knowing your target audience. Knowing your target audience doesn’t just mean identifying Planning a Strategic Marketing Campaign Will Improve Your Aim

who they are but getting to know how they think and what they want and where to find them. After you know them you can find ways to catch them. The better you know them, the better your chances are at getting to them before your competition does.

Selecting your target market is only the beginning but it is a very important beginning. It is best to go after customers that you have some knowledge about and have a legitimate chance of getting with what you have available. While a BB gun might be enough to take down a small bird, you wouldn’t want to try it on a grizzly bear. Use what you have at your disposal and use it on those you have a legitimate opportunity to be successful with. Choose a target audience whose needs you can meet. There is no shame in starting small. Use that audience to learn with and prepare for bigger targets. Many people choose to work exclusively with small markets and do quite well.

There are several factors to consider when getting to know your target audience and planning a strategic marketing campaign to go after them. You will want to know as much about their demographics as possible. Pay attention to things like their age, sex, race or ethnicity, education, income, family size, or any other factor that can have an impact on their buying behaviors. Don’t believe that you are being racist or buying into stereotypes when you do this. Every demographic group has behaviors that are special to them, even though they may be subtle. Do your best to notice what those behaviors are and cater to them.

Knowing your target audience is incredibly important for anyone planning for a successful strategic marketing plan because it is how they use that knowledge to their benefit that will separate themselves from their competition. All of that knowledge is going to give you insight into how to meet the needs of those future customers of yours.

In planning your strategic marketing campaign you need to know how the other elements of your marketing mix will work together to meet the needs of your target market. The other areas to take into consideration will be things like the particular product or service you want to offer, your method of distribution, your promotions, and the price. The better your knowledge is of your market, the better your ability will be to find a mix that will have an advantage over your competitors.

Old News In Internet Marketing Business


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There are many people that think that since the new updates at the search engines that article marketing is old news in Internet marketing business. Personally, I could not disagree more. There is still a place for getting a lot of very targeted traffic by using article marketing, you just have to change how you go about doing it.

Back in the first part of 2011 Google introduced a fairly major change to their algorithm called Panda. Since then many people have lost traffic and have been scrambling to find a way to appease the “Big G”.

Since the Panda update hit a lot of the top article directories really hard many people erroneously jumped to the conclusion that article marketing was old news in Internet marketing business, but they are wrong.

Writing quality content either for submission to a directory or to add directly to your own website still is, and probably always will be, a good way to curry favor in the search engines. You’ve no doubt heard the expression “Content is King” well that is still true.

The only difference is that with the various updates the algorithms are actually sophisticated enough to weed out a lot of the lesser quality content. So the new saying may be more along the lines of “Quality Content Is King”.

No more submitting mind numbingly boring articles that are only 250 words long. Today it will require interesting well written articles that really offer something to the reader.

Today it is more about writing as much good information on a certain topic than it is to write around a particular keyword. It’s about writing content that shows the world you really are an expert on a certain subject. Once you get that part done you can still benefit greatly from submitting these articles all over the web.

Other than creating content that is longer, say a minimum of 700 words for instance, you also want to get out of the habit of using the assembly line of composing your articles. What I mean by that is don’t just compile a long list of keywords and than write articles on those keywords, instead compose a list of keywords that will fully explore your niche.

So, if your niche is on bird watching, for example, don’t do what most of us have done in the past: have only keyword optimized content. You know what I mean, sites that have keywords like: bird watching in the north, bird watching in the south, bird watching in the east, etc.

Instead focus on the overall topic of bird watching. Think more about topics like: the best binoculars for bird watching, how to get great pictures when bird watching, what is the best time of day for bird watching?, etc.

Building your site, and all your onsite and offsite content, based on this method (topics rather than just keywords) will show Google that you are really trying to supply your readers with all the information they need to get the most out of your niche topic. It is more geared to providing your readers with quality, well rounded, information and not just geared solely to driving traffic.

Article marketing is a great method to build trust, set yourself up as an expert in your niche and of course get more traffic… but only if done properly. Do it the right way so you don’t become old news in Internet marketing business.

Need Web Traffic The Internet Is A Realm Of Endless Possibility


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The internet is a realm of endless possibility, anyone can go out and start up their own web based business and be successful. Thousands upon thousands of people have already done this, and there is nothing stopping you from getting that same success. The only thing that can stop you is, well, you.

The single greatest pitfall potential business owners face is they simply give up. They do not see any returns and think it does not work, so they lose hope and abandon it. But if you stick it out, you can join the statistics of successful internet business owners. But to do that you Need Web Traffic to get to your site.

Driving traffic is the most important aspect of owning an online business. The more traffic you get, the better odds you have of selling your product and making money. It’s like they always say, even if you make the best business in the world, if nobody knows it exists then you still will not make any money.

There are some methods you can use to get people to visit your website that I will share with you.

1: Pay for ads. This method requires money, and so if you are working under a tight budget this may not be an option. But if you can afford it, then purchasing ads with search engines like Google or Yahoo! are a great way to increase awareness of your site’s existence. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, after all.

2: Disperse links. If you Need Web Traffic, then back linking is something you are going to have to do, and likely will have to do a lot. Back linking is where you have another website carry a link to your site. More often than not this is done by submitting articles to article directories, or search directories that will carry your link.

3: Viral marketing. I am sure you have heard of this before, viral marketing is where you get other people to market for you naturally. For example, if you have a youtube video that involves your business and it gets a ton of hits because it is popular, that is all marketing for your website. It can be difficult to pull off, but when it works you will have very noticeable results.

4: Keywords. Like back linking, keywords are a stable of internet marketing. Keywords are the words or phrases people type into google to find what they are looking for. You want to make sure your website is using keywords properly so that the search engines can find your website and put it into the results when people search for that specific keyword.

If you Need Web Traffic then following these tips can help you get it. These are not all there is when it comes to internet marketing and there are a lot of finer points you can learn to maximize your gains. But once you get the hang of it and get your business going, it is an easy and secure source of income.

Motivate New Business For Your Web Site


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Once you get your online business up and running and get traffic going to it, it can be pretty easy to manage. This ease of management is one of the big selling points for owning an online business. Simple oversight and a little work every day can keep it running smoothly, earning you a consistent income.

While this is how it is most of the time, this is not necessarily true for every internet based business. Sometimes you will need to Motivate new business for your web site in order to keep it going. This can be a bit of a challenge since you still need to stay true to your original business model, but you also need to keep things fresh and entice people to visit your website and buy your product.

There are three things you can do to help you out with this.

1: Play into desire. People want what they want. People will also be willing to part with a fair bit of cash if it can get them what they want. So as a business owner, you need to try and give them what they want. If you can feed into this desire, you can keep them coming back for more. If your current business model is not cutting it, try to branch out to similar products that people may desire to keep your business going.

2: Enjoyment. Another way to Motivate new business for your web site is to show potential customers that they can enjoy the product they buy from you. It does not necessarily have to be enjoyment in the sense of a child playing with a toy, but if you are selling say… self help books. Then make them think they will get a lot out of your product and thus enjoy purchasing it since it gives them what they want. As stated above, desire is a powerful motivator, does not hurt to try and make them desire your product.

3: Fear. A common and effective method is to invoke a little fear. If you read through websites trying to sell you a product, you might pick up on a little scare tactic going on. It plays into the human psyche in making them feel as if they need something. By making them think they will lose something by not buying your product, you make them more willing to buy your product. Obviously this does not mean to intimidate them, it is all about wording, as you probably noticed from other websites.

Trying to Motivate new business for your web site can be a bit tricky since it means you have to expand, or at the very least find new ways to promote your product. These three tips may or may not work given what exactly you are selling, or maybe you already follow them.

But for those of you who can utilize these tips, they can provide you with a means of increasing sales. There are still many more methods out there for you to use as well, so whether these work or not you should still seek out more ways to build up your business.

Keep Your Internet Marketing Business Fresh


FREE consult(150)Expert shows you how to make money online. call 757-647-2886 24/7 skype me at homeprofitcoach NOW! Profit today! FREE EBOOK on list building download it prior to contacting

Having an internet marketing business is a great way to be independent and have a secure source of income. It can be started up with very little money and really the only resource required to keep it running and be successful is your own time and dedication. Despite the advantages of having such a business, countless people find themselves getting frustrated and throwing in the towel, so they do not find the success they were hoping for.

If you want to be successful on the internet, one of the important things you will need to do is Keep Your Inter Marketing Business Fresh. Most people will throw up their website and then let it sit, maybe poking it once a week or so. This is why they fail. The internet is an ever shifting market and if you are not constantly working your business, it will fall behind and fail.

Now, just to be clear, I am not saying you need to spend all day every day working on your website. That is a selling point about working online, you do not have to work all that much to keep it rolling. Just work an hour or two every day to keep it going, that is all it needs.

By working your website every day, you provide new and fresh content and this in turn makes the search engines happy. By Keep Your Inter Marketing Business Fresh you keep it high in the rankings. Google and other search engines look for certain criteria to determine what page your website should land on when someone searches for related terms.

That is referred to as Search Engine Optimization. SEO, again, looks for a variety of things but most importantly is just keeping your website active and loaded with new, unique, and fresh content. If you just let it sit, the search engines would bump your website down and down until it ends up on page 100, and who is going to find it then?

Google is constantly updating its software to help the user find what they are looking for, but this also means it requires you, the website owner, to be on your toes and always adapting. Even if you were going good before, an update can absolutely wreck you. So if you want to Keep Your Inter Marketing Business Fresh, the absolute most important thing to keep in mind is to always be aware of what Google is doing.

You need to keep tabs on what the current software requires of your website and you need to keep on the look out for updates. Many businesses have gone under because an update decided their website was not doing what needed to be done, and ended up bumping them down to lower pages.

By keeping your eyes on Google and always working to abide by their rules you can ensure that no matter what happens, you can keep your website on the top pages and get a consistent flow of traffic, which in turn means a consistent flow of money.

Internet Advertising Help-Use Your Popular Search Engines


FREE consult(150)Expert shows you how to make money online. call 757-647-2886 24/7 skype me at homeprofitcoach NOW! Profit today! FREE EBOOK on list building download it prior to contacting

Have you been trying to break into the online world of business and need internet advertising help? You’re not alone. Although many small businesses realize the importance of the internet, they often do not take advantage of what Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines have to offer. And many people don’t even know what Google Maps is all about – but this is essential if you own a brick and mortar business. Similar services exist in Bing and Yahoo too.

These are just some of the many internet advertising places. There are many other venues that you can use to promote your business, products and services:

1. Article Directories and Content Sites. Registering with Ezine Articles (and the hundreds of other article directories), Hub Pages and Squidoo is completely free. Your goal with these sites is to create informative articles about your products/services and publish them here. Doing this will earn you credibility, expert status and possibly higer ranking in the search engines once you start bringing in traffic to your site.

2. Search Engine Pay Per Click Platforms: All of the major search engines and many other search engines offer the possibility for you to advertise on their sites and some of the most sophisticated internet advertising help. It works like this. . .you place an ad based on some keywords that are relevent to your business, products or services. All of the search engines give you free tools that you can use to find the keywords that you want to target. You will bid on each keyword that you advertise and the search engines will also help you to identify what your bid should be. Once you have placed your ad, whenever anyone types in the keyword that you targeted into that search engine, your ad will come up. Where it appears depends on how high you placed your bid and how relevent your ad is to the keywords that you specified.

3. Ezine Advertising. Advertising in online magazines, called ezines, is another very effective way to get started with internet advertising. As with all of your advertising efforts, this requires some research on your part. Your goal is to find an ezine which fits your target market and advertsing budget. Don’t discount ezines with small subscriber count. They may allow you to advertise for very little and often have very responsive lists.

4. Banner advertising. Placing banner advertisement on high traffic sites within your indusry is also an effective ways to bring in traffic to your own site.

5. Online Classified Ads. Many online classified sites allow you to place free advertisements within restrictions. Upgrading to become a paid member usually allows you to place more sophisticated ads more frequently than if you are a paid member.

Each of these methods offers internet advertising help in the form of written instructions, tutorials and support communities within their sites.