Worldprofit Member Update for October 2018

We’ve been working hard this month, to complete some projects that have been ongoing over the summer so we thought we would provide a summary update for Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members.

1. Autoresponder updates and upgrade – now completed. Members are urged to login and watch the Help Video for an overview of the capabilities of our updated Autoresponder System and Business Builder.

2. Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center, the majority of the work is now complete with a few more tweaks to be finalized in coming weeks.
The new system which replaced our 12 year old flash-based workhorse, is 100% compatible with phones, tablets, and personal computers.  Our team of Monitors tell us they like the simplicity of the new system, our Members tell us they LOVE the sales!

3. The Advanced Ad Tracker and URL Shrinker is now completed and installed for eligible members. The Help Video by George Kosch provides an overview. This is a very powerful tool for affiliate marketers and will allow you more precised and detailed tracking for measuring your marketing efforts.

4. “Sales Sources” output is now accessible so Worldprofit Members can see the source that actual sales are coming from, extremely helpful in distinguishing trusted reliable advertising sources from advertising sources that are questionable.

5. Lead Intel. Login confirmation stats, activation links, profile updates now integrated for Worldprofit Member access so you can better evaluate the quality of leads from your advertising sources to make better choices about where you  buy your advertising..

6. New Clickbank products and Money Maker products added to the ClickBank Promo Kit and the Money Makers Kit.

7. Outside of that it’s been mostly security updates, software upgrades, copy tweaks, it’s ongoing and necessary but doesn’t really effect Member experience other then to keep your services and resources current, relevant and most effective.

We have much more planned for the fall/ winter quarter, so stay tuned for updates. The best way to know what’s new and happening at Worldprofit is to either attend the LIVE affiliate marketing bootcamp training with George Kosch presented every Friday morning, or watch the recorded version later when convenient for you.

After 25 years in this business, we’ve learned you simply can’t stand still in this industry. Technology is always changing and we love the challenge.  Thank you to our Worldprofit Members who’ve sent in such nice notes, reviews, and feedback about the quality of our training, and how the tools and software are helping you grow your business. That’s our goal, to provide our Members with exactly what you need to grow your own successful online business, now and for years to come.  There is nothing so rewarding as seeing people using what we build to create a sustainable business for themselves and in essence changing your future for the better.

Questions? Concerns? Need help?

Submit a Support ticket from within your Worldprofit Member area so we can help you as needed. Link is on the TOP MENU click on SUPPORT.

Sandi Hunter, President and Co-Founder,  Worldprofit Inc
George Kosch, CEO and Co-Founder Worldprofit Inc. 

We need your help….

We‘re working hard on a complete redesign of our primary corporate site for Worldprofit Inc.

The current design has been in place for a very long time, how long we’ve lost track, years most likely.

It’s time for a fresh look. We expect to have the new site ready very soon.

We’re finalizing the design elements now and updating content.

We would like to add in some testimonials and reviews from our Members.

Can you help? 

Words directly from you,  are the most powerful and are so helpful in letting others know about the services, support and training we offer.

If you will help us out by taking a few minutes to submit a testimonial or review, we would be extremely grateful.

Here’s how.

1. In your Member area, look to the far right of the page.
2. See where it says SUBMIT TESTIMONIAL – click on that to enter your comments.

As always, if we can be of any other assistance let us know.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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This may be important to you, howard, Your correct amount of payroll withholding  tax has probably changed as a result of more than four dozen tax deduction changes that came into law this year.

This may be important to you, howard,

Your correct amount of payroll withholding 
tax has probably changed as a result of
more than four dozen tax deduction changes
that came into law this year.

Under-withholding and over-withholding 
are both bad ideas.

As hard as it may be to believe, the IRS 
has actually done something good for us.

The IRS now has an online “withholding
calculator” which is surprisingly easy to 
use –

Results from the calculator will tell you if 
it is a good idea, for you specifically, to 
consider submitting a new, revised Form
W-4 (“Employee’s Withholding Allowance 


Before going to the online calculator, you 
will want to have a copy of your most recent 
pay stub and tax return handy, and you will 
need other information as well

Questions you will need to be ready to answer:
– Filing status (Single, Married filing jointly
   or Married filing Separately)
– Can anyone claim you as a dependent?
– Total number of jobs held during the year.
– Contributions to a tax-deferred retirement, 
  Cafeteria plan or another pre-tax plan
– Scholarships or fellowship grants received 
  that are included in gross income.
– Number of dependents.

ALSO, you will be asked to input information 
about Tax Credits you will be eligible for.
– Child and dependent care credit.
– Child tax credit.
– Earned income tax credit.

Then go to the online calculator at

First, you will enter your total estimated 
taxable income expected during this year. 
“Total taxable income” includes wages, 
bonuses, military retirement, taxable 
pensions, and unemployment compensation.

For any lines asking for amounts that 
don’t apply to you, just enter “0.”

Then you’ll enter an estimate of adjustments 
to income, including deductible IRA 
contributions and education loan interest.

The calculator will ask whether you expect to 
claim the Standard Deduction (which has 
jumped to $12,000 for Singles or $24,000 
for couples) or will Itemize your deductions 
on a Schedule-A.

If you expect to itemize, you will enter 
estimates of these deductions.

                THEN WHAT?

You can then print-out your results summary,
and the use those results to determine if you
need to complete a new W-4 and submit it
to your employer.


Don’t be misled by the title. The “2018 Tax
Cuts Act” contains some tax increases also, 
not only tax cuts.

That’s why every taxpayer should use this 
calculator. Even if you are used to getting a 
refund every year, what if this year you end 
up owing more taxes? That would NOT be a 
pleasant surprise.

The cost to use the calculator is FREE, so 
check it out now so you can protect yourself 
from any end-of-year tax surprises.”

Creating Tax-Smart Small Business Owners
            for TWO DECADES! 
Ronald R. (‘Ron’) Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker & Small-Biz Tax Educator

Do you know WHY your payroll withholding
tax may increase or decrease? It’s because 
Congress has made 53 (!) changes to tax 
deductions so far THIS YEAR! Some new, 
positive deductions have been ADDED.
Some “old reliable” deductions have been
ELIMINATED. And a bunch of others have
been MODIFIED (some for us, some against us), 
Get the whole story at CLICK HERE 

Tax Tips You Can Bet On

Is your business a “pass-through entity,” 
howard? If so, this issue of Tax Tips 
will be important to you.


The term refers to Sole-Proprietorships 
(which includes most small and home-based
businesses), plus most LLCs, Partnerships,
S-Corporations, trusts and estates.

If you haven’t already heard, the big “2018
Tax Cuts Act” added a new section to the 
Tax Code, Section 199-A, which offers an 
across-the-board 20% tax cut for most
taxpayers running “pass-through entities.”

That’s great news for most small-business-
owners. The only type of business this does
not apply to is a C-Corp., which got its own
tax cut in the Tax Act.

           IT’S IMPACT ON YOU?
In most cases it means your business will pay
20% less tax this year (2018) than you would
have paid without the Tax Act changes.

Big tax cut, and easy to understand, right?
What’s not to love about that?

The IRS must think that is too easy, and “easy”
is not a word in the IRS glossary of terms.

So, they need to explain it to us. The draft
wording of that explanation is 284 pages long!

Can you believe it? Now, here’s the almost
laughable part – A statement is actually printed
on the draft notice, saying this 284-page draft
document has been found to be in accordance
with the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995
[44 U.S.C. 3507(d)]

I’ll be wading through this monster in the next
few days and then I’ll send you a condensed
summary of the key points in it.

Until then…

Creating Tax-Smart Small-Business Owners,
Ronald R. (‘Ron’) Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker and Small Biz Tax Educator

Welcome to the NectarKast  The Future of Marketing & Advertising

We develop technology that is designed to grow
your business. We serve storefront businesses,
service providers, and sales professionals.
We designed our product to put powerful technology
at the fingertips of every business owner to help you
grow your business!
  • The Future of Marketing & Advertising
    We develop technology that is designed to grow
    your business. We serve storefront businesses,
    service providers, and sales professionals.
    We designed our product to put powerful technology
    at the fingertips of every business owner to help you
    grow your business!
    NectarKast will send your custom
    notifications to anyone nearby!
    You work hard to bring in new business.
    Let NectarKast make it easy!
    No Wifi connection required to
    No cellular data connection
    Easy to use & packed with high
    end technology!
    Simply login & change your
    promotional messaging at any time.
    Connect with Customers
    Place your NectarKast device in your shop window,
    with your employees, or carry it around with you!
    Turn on your devices & login to your account at
    Write customized messages you want to appear as
    notifications on your customers phones.
    Change your messages as much as you like and let
    customers know about your special offers!
    Its Simple and too
    Easy to use
    NectarKast will send your custom
    notifications to anyone nearby
    The Android phone market
    is massive and growing.
    80+% of the international
    market and 60+% of the
    North American market use
    Android. The phones only
    need to have Bluetooth and
    location services!
  • r custom
    notifications to anyone nearby
    NectarKast will send your custom
    notifications to anyone nearby
    NectarKast will send your custom
    notifications to anyone nearby
    NectarKast will send your custom
    notifications to anyone nearby
    1 0 0 Yards
    Broadcast your customized message to Android
    users up to a 326 foot radius!
  • Businesses:
    We work with all kinds
    of small business
    We have worked hard to create a fantastic community of merchants
    and partners. We are the fastest growing team of merchants and
    partners on the internet, and we invite you to join our fast growing
    community. We have some wonderful rollouts planned in the future
    and your business supports our mutual growth and community!

Homeprofitcoach Discusses the importance of list building for any business

Good day, my name is Howard Martell located in Virginia Beach Va. 

A little about myself been marketing online for well over 28 years and during that time I have experienced many ups and downs. Lately, the ups have been much more prevalent since teamed up with my current partnership.

Today I would like to discuss with you some important tips and techniques which I and my global leaders utilize for any online or affiliate marketing business.

The importance of having the ability to attract your client’s eyes is important that is why I utilize nothing but graphical landing pages with or without embedded videos or once my associates like my page and subscribe to my list a way to follow up further and answer any questions or concerns they may have.

As you all know who have been marketing successfully we only have a few seconds to keep our potential client attracted to what we offer. I have the ability to give away traffic bonuses, using sales funnels, offering valuable how to ebooks on pretty much any topic other than business. One of the best ones love to give away is Sandi Hunters Internet Marketing Secrets for Newbies and Veterans alike.

In less than 5 minutes create these wonderful landing pages and can embed my owns videos or find something on youtube to whether its music or tips and techniques to share with my audience.

The other services I provide is weekly online training; Solo ads, Traffic Blasters for one low price for the entire year. Proven traffic sources where other like-minded individuals share in promotion efforts and finally blogging, ibotoolbox, etc…

The biggest mistake I see with marketers is that they don’t understand where and what to promote they use direct selling links which will produce the results a good landing page can. This is because for a long time so many marketers have been told build your list of family and friends so wrong.

Your target audience needs to know how much you care first and provide them with some valuable information to make the best choice for them and their affiliates marketing business of direct sales products or services.

Another important sell point is Tax savings in the USA and some other countries as I been located in the United States been able to learn from the best in the business his name is Ron Mueller and he provides me with all the latest tax laws and how it can be a great recruiting tool for any business.

In conclusion, you can work alone or see what my business offers where we fill in the GAP many companies have created in the industry of the years. Stop throwing hard earned money down the drain with empty promises and no sales.  My program has been around for 25 years and is a proven leader in helping all types of marketers do it right the first time.

God Bless,

Howard Martell

Homeprofitcoach Inc LLC

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To Grow out Faith, we Need Prespective

When the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith, He answered by telling them that if their faith was as small as a mustard seed, they would be able to uproot and cast a mulberry tree into the sea (Luke 17:5-6). In other words, the important issue was not the size of their faith;  it was the size of their God.

Jesus disciples needed the proper perspective in order to grow their faith. So do we.

I get an object lesson on perspective whenever I drive my car. The power steering I can easily turn my two-ton automobile around with one finger- not because my finger is that strong, but because the power steering is. My finger merely acts to engage the power that accomplishes the task. That is how faith works.

Lifestyle Ministries founder Ron Drunn said it this way:

Faith must have an object. To many people, the important thing is to believe and what you believe is secondary. They have the notion that there is something mystical, magical in the mere act of believing, a sort of holy shazam that transforms simple mortals into Captain Marvels. But the Truth is, faith itself has no power. It is not faith the moves mountains, it is GOD… Biblically speaking, faith, as a mere human activity, possesses no virtue, holds no merit, contains no power. The power of faith lies in its object.”

The conclusion in life and in my home business I rely on faith thank my lord and savior for the ability to help others using my God-given talents and technology to inspire people to achieve through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

One thing I learned over my 28 years online is to never quit even when times get tough. My upbringing taught me about never second guess myself and serving in the Military for 20 years also just reinforced this on my daily journey in life and business online.



Howard Martell

Homeprofitcoach Inc LLC


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Helping Network Marketers Build their Business

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