Homeprofitcoach Discusses the importance of list building for any business

Good day, my name is Howard Martell located in Virginia Beach Va. 

A little about myself been marketing online for well over 28 years and during that time I have experienced many ups and downs. Lately, the ups have been much more prevalent since teamed up with my current partnership.

Today I would like to discuss with you some important tips and techniques which I and my global leaders utilize for any online or affiliate marketing business.

The importance of having the ability to attract your client’s eyes is important that is why I utilize nothing but graphical landing pages with or without embedded videos or once my associates like my page and subscribe to my list a way to follow up further and answer any questions or concerns they may have.

As you all know who have been marketing successfully we only have a few seconds to keep our potential client attracted to what we offer. I have the ability to give away traffic bonuses, using sales funnels, offering valuable how to ebooks on pretty much any topic other than business. One of the best ones love to give away is Sandi Hunters Internet Marketing Secrets for Newbies and Veterans alike.

In less than 5 minutes create these wonderful landing pages and can embed my owns videos or find something on youtube to whether its music or tips and techniques to share with my audience.

The other services I provide is weekly online training; Solo ads, Traffic Blasters for one low price for the entire year. Proven traffic sources where other like-minded individuals share in promotion efforts and finally blogging, ibotoolbox, etc…

The biggest mistake I see with marketers is that they don’t understand where and what to promote they use direct selling links which will produce the results a good landing page can. This is because for a long time so many marketers have been told build your list of family and friends so wrong.

Your target audience needs to know how much you care first and provide them with some valuable information to make the best choice for them and their affiliates marketing business of direct sales products or services.

Another important sell point is Tax savings in the USA and some other countries as I been located in the United States been able to learn from the best in the business his name is Ron Mueller and he provides me with all the latest tax laws and how it can be a great recruiting tool for any business.

In conclusion, you can work alone or see what my business offers where we fill in the GAP many companies have created in the industry of the years. Stop throwing hard earned money down the drain with empty promises and no sales.  My program has been around for 25 years and is a proven leader in helping all types of marketers do it right the first time.

God Bless,

Howard Martell

Homeprofitcoach Inc LLC

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I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.