What Difference Does Heaven Make?

Set your mind on things above…. COL 3:2

What differene does heaven make?  Consider two people who live across the street from each other. One man thought about heaven all the time- especially when the setting sun turned the sky into a painting. On such evenings, he would sit on his porch and think about heaven. He studies the topic of heaven in the bible and often went to bed visualizing the scenes record in Revelation 21 and 22 about heavenly Zion. But the man’s neighbor never thought of heaven. He busied himself with his work, his family, his hobbies, and his golf-game- never pausing to think about the eternal future.

These two men lived on the same street, but in different worlds. One man’s interest was on things below; the other mans mind was on things above.

Which of the two men lived most happily? Which was most productive? Which busied himself  with optimistic works  of goodness? Which lived with promise , perseverance, and purpose? It’s not hard to guess. Those who think the most of heaven do the greater work on earth. Keeping heaven on our minds keeps hope in our hearts. and the Gospel in our mouths.




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