Hope versus knowing

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful HEBREWS 10:23

A young girl finishes swim practice at 8:00 pm on a dark , winter night. Standing in front of the swim club building, she waits for her father who has promised to pick her up by 8:15. By the time all other parents, children, and cars have departed, she stands alone, still waiting. An hour later, she see hers fathers car approaching. After explaining he had to change a flat tire, she says, “That’s okay”; I knew you’d come.”

The young girl waited for without wavering. There is a difference between waiting while hoping a promise will be kept and waiting while knowing  a promise will be kept.  Waiting while knowing leads to waiting  without wavering .

A child learns by experience that a parent is trustworthy.  And Christians learn about GOD faithfulness the same way. The difference is thousands of years of experience versus a few years. The Bible is a record of God’s faithfulness to His people over millennia.

If you are waiting on God, wait  without wavering. He is never late; He always keeps his promises; He is always true to His Word.

God Bless,

Howard Martell

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