Landing Pages: What GETS Responses and What Turns Leads Away! You need to read this if you are an on

The test results are in! We tested various types of Landing Pages with rich media, and some without. Listen up, you need to know what we found are the BEST type of Landing pages to get you leads! You may be very surprised at our test results! Once you know the results you can abandon what doesn’t work and concentrate on creating Landing Pages that pull not repel.

Our tests revealed that Landing pages with rich media like video, distracting flash, or animation did not produce nearly as good a response as old-fashioned graphic pages with good copy. In fact, some of the rich media Landing Pages actually irritated readers and sent then clicking away! The non-rich media Landing pages kept readers attention longer, AND got a FAR higher response rate.

Now that you know this here is what you should consider when creating your landing pages so you get the results you want!

These are the DO’s of Landing Pages that get the BEST results!

-FAST Loading! -Use images that are colorful, directive, and related to the theme of your Landing Page -Your copy MUST be short, punchy, laden with benefits – speak directly to the readers. -Tell readers clearly what they get -Tell readers what they get if they ACT now! Limit the offer, even better! -Capture the contact information of the reader so you can deliver what they asked for -The more goodies, freebies, offers, and cool stuff you can give people the BETTER the response!

In a nutshell if you want Landing pages that get a terrific response, tell people what they get, how to get it, make an offer to get them to take action NOW!

Look reader! You get this! Do this to get it! Do it NOW and also get this BONUS!

These are the DO NOT’s for Landing Pages!

-Do not use video on your Landing pages. I know you think the video helps, but test after test says, scrap the embedded video in your landing pages!
-If you want videos, and don’t get me wrong they DO have value, include them on your website but not your landing pages.
-Do not use long, dull, oh so boooooring copy that never gets to the point.
-Skip the animation, the flashing, the blinking irritation that readers hate and gives reason to click off and terminate your annoying page.
-Don’t FORGET to include a lead form, to capture contact information

In a nutshell: If you can’t write short punchy copy on your Landing pages, list the benefits you are offering point by point then conclude with a compelling offer. Don’t forget the # 1 purpose of your Landing Page: to get leads! Give people good reasons to become your prospect. Treat them right, make a pitch, make a bonus offer. They get what they want and you get a valuable lead.

Now go review your Landing Pages and start looking at them like a READER looks at them. Modify the annoying animated ones and get back to basics, powerful copy, eye-grabbing graphics, and a GREAT ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE REFUSED – DO IT NOW OFFER.

Sandi Hunter is President of Worldprofit, Inc.,where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Sandi is responsible for the design and development of thousands of websites.

Republished with author’s permission by Howard Martell AKA HOMEPROFITCOACH INC LLC


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