What’s the “27% Club?”

howard, this email is not one of my valuable
Tax Tips You Can Bank On” alerts. THIS one
is about your MLM or DS business success.

I’m sending you this note because I just talked
with a longtime friend of mine and of the
networking profession, George Madiou.

George is now publishing an amazingly
high-value, content-rich online magazine,
TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com which
features advice, training and wisdom from
dozens of the biggest names you have
surely heard of.

George Madiou and well-known network
marketing guru Dale Calvert hav e teamed
up to bring you a no-nonsense solution to:
How YOU Can Become the Networker
that Others are Envious of?

(If you don’t know who George Madiou 
and Dale Calvert are, Google their names.
Be prepared to see pages and pages of 
links to learn about these two geniuses.)

They are calling this no-nonsense solution
the “27%er Success System.”

Madiou’s research reveals that only 27% of
all people who become engaged with the
MLM and Direct Sales business actually
“are in it to win it.”

Another 3% are big money earners and the
remaining 70% are simply looking for fast-cash, 
easy-money, tax deductions, camaraderie, 
false-promises … the list goes on and on.

Bottom line is:
70% of MLM’ers do not treat their business 
like a business.

However, Madiou says the other 27%ers are 
here to make it work – BIG TIME!

George Madiou and Dale Calvert are focused
on empowering those 27%ers with the training,
coaching, guidance, mentoring and success
systems that go beyond what most networking
companies provide.

Madiou explains, “This is not a substitute for
company-provided training,” it’s a turbocharger.

Several network marketing companies are
already embracing the “27%er Success System”
as an invaluable extension of the training they
are currently providing.

Some think of the 27% System as the
“graduate course” or as an “advanced
street-smart, practical coaching program.”

Here’s what the 27% club’s head coach and
guide, Dale Calvert, has to say in a quick
6-min video: Click HERE to watch.


▪ New network marketers looking for
the shortest path to the holy grail.

 Committed network marketers who
“just can’t seem to break into profit.”

 Successful network marketers who
are ready to kick it up another notch.

▪ MLM corporate trainers who would
consider integrating the 27% System
into their own corporate training program.


If you are ready to learn about the “missing
piece” of the MLM success “puzzle,” Click here

Supporting Tax-Smart Small-Business Owners,
   Dr. Ronald R. ‘Ron’ Mueller
Author, Speaker & Small-Business Tax-Expert

P.S. — By the way — between you and me… 
This appears to be so good, that I am thinking
about adding it to my Resource Center on my
website, https://HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com
My Resource Center is a short list of a very few
extremely high-value resources that I personally
recommend. Should the 27%er Success System 
be added to it? I think so, but you tell me, okay?


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