Tax Tip: The BIGGEST Tax Deduction You’ve NEVER Heard Of

Well, howard, if you missed last week’s 
web briefing, you missed something HUGE!

  (But don’t worry, I recorded it for you.)

What you missed was announcement of the
BIGGEST of ALL tax deductions for 2019,
available to most (but not all) Small and Home-
Based Business owners.

This one deduction alone can slash your
taxes (or increase your refund, which is the
same thing) by an average of ˜ $5,000/year.

This is the ONLY way that ANY taxpayer 
can deduct 100% of ALL health expenses 
for his or her ENTIRE FAMILY.

     Go ahead – read that again
This is MASSIVE for small-biz owners!


  • All Monthly Health Insurance PREMIUMS
  • Multi-Thousand-$$$ ANNUAL DEDUCTIBLES
  • All CO-PAYS and Co-Insurance
    Including SPECIALISTS and out-of-plan Doctors
    Including out-of-plan HOSPITALS
    Including Out-of-COUNTRY health care
  • Health costs Only PARTIALLY Covered by Ins.
    i.e., Orthodontics
    i.e., Lasik eye surgery
    i.e., Hearing aids
    i.e., Long Term Care insurance
  • Health costs Normally NOT Covered by Ins.
    i.e., WELLNESS care
    i.e., NATURAL and HOMEOPATHIC procedures
    i.e., EXPERIMENTAL Cures and Studies
    i.e., NUTRITIONAL Supplements


No one who runs a small-business of any kind
should miss this briefing. This is the BIGGEST
tax deduction EVER given to small-businesses,
to my knowledge.

Watch it now while it is still posted for FREE
viewing. It will soon move to “pay-per-view”
status, but FOR NOW it’s still free at

You still have time to get qualified and to be
up-and-running by Jan. 1, 2019 IF you act

Dr. Ronald R. ‘Ron’ Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker and Small-Business Tax Specialist

If you choose to not watch the video briefing, you
most-likely are choosing to overpay your taxes.
By thousands. Year after year. Starting now.

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