Bank Fees One Of The Ways Banks Make Money

One of the ways banks make money is through the various Bank Fees they have. But the major one that nets them the most profit is the dreaded overdraft fee. I am sure everyone out there has had to deal with this at least once in their lives. It is not a pleasant thing to see when you log into your account. Not only could you not cover the payment, but now you have to pay even more. If you do not want to have to deal with these overdraft fees, there are some rather simple steps you can take to avoid them.

There is also some information you can use to better protect yourself. Learning some of the games the banks like to play will give you the ability to play, and win those games. First and foremost, try to avoid cutting it close. If you will be getting money deposited overnight, as well as money being taken out, this can often lead to overdraft fees. One of the tricks banks like to play is that they will put a cheque through first, so that you are overdrawn, then they will actually deposit the money you earned. So even though you had the money there, because of the order it was all done in you still have to pay an overdraft fee.

So if at all possible, try to avoid waiting until the last day in order to protect yourself from such Bank Fees. Another thing you should try to do is stop relying on cheques or credit cards. These things lead to a false sense of security, as you can buy things even when you do not actually have the money. Things like credit cards are good for emergencies, but they should not be used for daily things. If you are buying gas, or buying groceries, pay in cash. If you do not have cash, ask yourself why? You need the money to cover these expenses, whether you use a credit card or not, so figure out why you seem to never have the cash when you need it.

If you can alter your budget to rely solely on cash, you will have a lot fewer problems with debt and the various Bank Fees out there. It can be a bit more of a hassle having to carry cash around all the time, but in the long run it can save you a lot of money. Another tip you should look into is the whole overdraft protection thing banks offer. It sounds good in theory, protecting you so that you can buy what you need even if your account is empty. But it really is not useful. If you use credit cards primarily, then simply having them denied outright is preferable. It can be embarrassing to have your credit card denied when at the store, but it is far better than having to pay an overdraft fee, isn’t it? Money is tight for a lot of people, see you need to do what you can to save what you do have. Even if it means suffering a little humiliation.

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