How Credit Card Points are Earned

Credit card companies offer varying benefits and promotions to entice their customers to use their credit cards not only in their everyday purchases but also for major buying decisions. One of the promotions that credit card companies have is the rewarding of points to their users for every purchase that they make. Different credit cards have different product features, benefits and ways of providing rewards to their users. A frequent traveler credit card that is made available in the market to those who are frequently flying can avail of the rewards points their card companies provide to them by converting these rewards to frequent flyer miles.

These frequent flyer miles is then converted to actual miles that can be redeemed from airline companies that are co-sponsoring the credit card promotions with that credit card company. The frequent flyer miles are not always equivalent to the actual miles required to travel to the particular destination. Some credit card companies reward the credit card user with 1 flyer mile for every dollar spent on his purchases. Different purchases mean varying reward points.

Retail companies that may also co-sponsor those credit cards available in the market today may have higher reward points equivalent for purchases made on those credit cards to promote the sales of their products too. Citing the frequent traveler credit card rewards system for example, a card user who purchases groceries, gas or technically his daily purchases, may have an equal travel reward points awarded to him for every dollar he spends on his regular purchases.

On the other hand, should he ever buy plane tickets from an airline company co-sponsoring the credit card he?s using, the reward points that he may earn may be higher as this is also one way to help promote the airline company’s latest promotions or travel packages. Once an individual credit card user has accumulated enough points from his purchases, he may then redeem them for equivalent rewards. The higher the accumulated points, the higher the value of the reward he may redeem.

Appliances such as a big flat screen tv or electronic gadgets such as a notebook PC are some of the possible rewards that credit card companies may offer their users when they redeem their rewards points. For smaller, accumulated rewards points, a not so frequent credit card user may also redeem their points for rewards of smaller value such as a personal wall clock or a desk calculator. Credit card companies have different rewards for various points accumulated in a specific time period.

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