Discussion: Worldprofit’s Silver Membership – an all inclusive Business package and marketing system

Discussion: Worldprofit‘s Silver Membership – an all inclusive Business package and marketing system
What it is and how you benefit from all that us available to you as a Worldprofit member.

  • website hosting set up for you
  • Mobile Friendly, SEO friendly responsive website set up for you, ready to go
  • content management system – if you want to, customize your site, add links etc.
  • personal email accounts tied to your domain name
  • your own Newsletter
  • Free Classifieds (Unlimited for own use, and plugin for your site)
  • Traffic Injections (EVERY Month)
  • Worldprofit Dealership/Reseller program – earn commission referring sales
  • Email Commander (Guaranteed In-Box delivery = HIGHER sales conversions)
  • 24 HOUR SALES Closing (Monitor Program)
  • Recommended Trusted Income Programs
  • PROMO codes for free advertising at hundreds of top traffic sites.
  • Lead Generation
  • Amazon Store set up for you
  • Lazy Blogger (one click instant posting to ALL your blogs)
  • Recommended Product Vendors
  • Recommended Quality Advertising Sources
  • List Builders
  • Advertising Aids
  • PDF and Image Storage
  • Prospect Management Software
  • Ebook Creator Software
  • Traffic Multiplier
  • Link Manager
  • Reminder System
  • Magic List Builder
  • Graphics Editor for creating your own professional banners, headers, ebook covers
  • Content Management Resources
  • Worldprofit‘s Website Editor for other sites you wish to create beyond the site we include in your Membership.
  • WordPress Blogs (Worldprofit hosted)
  • Worldprofit SSL Certificates
  • SEO Tools / Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools
  • Online training, video training, LIVE interactive WEEKLY Training
  • Support and Help when you need it 7 days a week.

Value is built into Worldprofit‘s Silver and Platinum VIP Membership to help you start and GROW an online business. It’s a membership package built on 25 years of experience of what works.  Worldprofit offers a complete, all inclusive online business package, advertising, hosting, software, training and importantly –  support.  You will NOT find the total business package offered at Worldprofit ANYWHERE else or at the price we offer.

NEW! Worldprofit‘s Classified Ad System

Worldprofit Members  get both a plugin for your site AND can post UNLIMITED ads.
George Kosch demonstrated what it is and how to use it.
Includes customization Features – change your main page image, the title etc to make your site unique.

  • How you benefit (leads, sign ups, list building, backlinks, ad views, traffic, promotion, sales conversions, SEO, and more)
  • How to get this system activated on your Worldprofit domain hosted Silver/Platinum VIP website
  • How to start posting your own UNLIMITED Classifieds Ads.
  • BACKLINKS! HUGE value for getting backlinks without doing anything, the network of Member sites does the rest for you
  • Each and every Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Member gets this Classified Ad System installed on your site at NO cost
    our gift to you for your ongoing support of Worldprofit and the services and training we offer.   

Worldprofit‘s LIVE Business Center and Monitor Team.
What it is and how it works for YOU our Members to help you make sales. It’s unique, universal and ONLY available at Worldprofit.
Think about the power of this incredible system to grow your business –  real, honest, down to earth people greeting and assisting your referrals as they login. You promote, Worldprofit‘s system does the rest. We provide the tools, resources, advertising aids, newsletter and more for your promotion.


NEW!   Love your name? USE IT!

Want to get personalized email addresses tied into your domain name?
Submit a Support Ticket tell us the email address you would like set up and we will do the rest. No cost.

A:   NEW Commission payout option!

Worldprofit has now added another payment option for getting your commission.
For our International Members,  you now have the option to be paid commission by direct bank deposit.
Other options include cheque, PayPal, or in the case of Canadian Members –  (EFT) Electronic Funds Transfer
Members also have the option to put your commissions on hold to allow them to grow then use or have them issued at a later day.
100% of Commissions can be applied to purchase of services, or renewal of services including Memberships and advertising.
Access:  LEFT MENU under Sales and Commission –
Access your Commission Reports by month and also update your commission payout preferences under “How We Pay You”.

B. NEW products just added to the Clickbank Promo Kit!

Worldprofit has a Members keen on promoting Clickbank products for yet another source of income.
Worldprofit provides you wth some clever time saving options to help you promote and earn ClickBank products..
Take a look at your included CLICKBANK Promo Kit.
Login to see what new products have been added and how to easily promote them with 1 click, add to your website, blog etc.
REALLY serious about promoting ClickBank?
We suggest you consider our optional Clickbank specific software and autoresponder, it’s called the CLICKBANK Maximizer.

C  UPGRADED Traffic Injections!

As promised, we’ve INCREASED the inclusions in the MONTHLY TRAFFIC Injection for Platinum VIP Members.
Silver members will continue to get a BASIC Traffic injection of free ad credits, while PLATINUM VIP Members enjoy an even BIGGER MEGABLASTER injection.

Platinum VIP Members get MORE Solo Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads, and Ad Credits at 18 top traffic sites – this is real value – if you purchased all that we’ve included it would be about $200 in advertising EVERY month.  Use this advertising to promote ANY Affiliate program, it doesn’t have to be Worldprofit.  Use your included Worldprofit REMINDER service to send yourself a reminder of when your next Traffic Injection needs to be activated.

D:   Worldprofit‘s Universal Rotator  – making your promotion sooooo much easier 
Use this clever tool to bundle ALL your affiliate links into one URL. Now you can promote all your links with just ONE URL with Worldprofit‘s Universal Rotator.  Makes promotion so much easier, allows you to promote YOUR OWN URL (not someone else),  allows you to test your promotion.
Access: Left Menu, select WEBSITE MANAGEMENT then select UNIVERSAL ROTATOR

E:  Want your own hosted Blog. We can help with that.
Recommended for SEO – it’s like candy for Search engine bots scouring the web to index new content, can help with your SEO, with personal branding, niche marketing and so forth.


Silver Members interested in upgrading to Platinum VIP Membership submit a Support Ticket to get a personalized Quote.
Platinum VIP Member get an UNLIMITED use Autoresponder, MORE traffic, MORE TRAINING courses..
…….and earn DOUBLE the commission that Silver members earn – PLUS new Volume Bonuses up to $1,000.

Suggested Actions:

1. Join our Worldprofit Social Community. Share your Affiliate links, post videos, blog, network. Enjoy free promotion

2. Join Worldprofit‘s Facebook Group

3. Bootcamp Training. If you haven’t started the bootcamp training, what are you waiting for?!
Advance to Lesson 3 to learn how to get your traffic BONUSES!

Here’s the link to watch the Jan 25, 2019  RECORDING 


The next LIVE interactive training bootcamp with George Kosch is  Friday Feb 1,  2019.  Hope to see YOU there.

How to get help.

Worldprofit‘s Support Team is here to help you 7 days a week.
Submit a Support Ticket, link is on the TOP MENU click on SUPPORT.


I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.