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howard, a whole lot of my followers are in
the network marketing or direct sales business 
– but I don’t know which of you are and which
are not so I’m sending this to al of you.

The information applies to ANY entrepreneur,
not only networking and direct sales folks.

I just talked with a long-time friend, George
Madiou, who is the founder and publisher of 
I don’t need to tell you what his magazine is 
all about – the name itself does that, right?

Although I have worked with more than 150
MLM companies doing tax savings education,
what George shared on the phone with me,
was truly fascinating!

If you know me very well, you know that I have
the inquisitive mind of a 4-year-old – I never
grow tired of learning something new! In fact,
someone once referred to me as a “Career
Student” – which is pretty accurate actually.

What I’m about to share may totally surprise you!

Here’s what George Madiou shared with 
me that I found really fascinating…

We all have experienced that a relatively
small percentage of MLM’ers make the vast
majority of money, but I have always wondered
(a) why is that, and (b) how is it that a relativity
small percentage “make it” and a relatively
large percentage NOT “make it?”

If we could solve that riddle, maybe some of
the “didn’t make its” could join the “made its.”’s
research revealed that only 30% of all
people who join an MLM opportunity are
truly “in it to win it.”

3% of them are in it to win it AND figure out
(usually on their own) HOW to win it.

The other 27% WANT to win it, but don’t
know HOW to win it.

When the sugar coating is scratched away,
maybe 70% are simply looking for fast-cash, 
easy-money, tax deductions, camaraderie, 
false-promises or they think that they just 
bought themselves an MLM Lottery Ticket.

In trying to “help everyone,” most MLM
training is aimed at the “masses.” What if
70% just want the car or the house or the
big income, but don’t want to actually
work to make it happen?

What if George’s research is correct? What
if 70% of the “masses” are not really interested
in success strategies, or motivation, or learning
conversation-starter opening-lines, or “using
the tools to do the talking,” or setting goals
and targets, etc., etc., etc.?


The failure of large-class-size public school
education has something to teach us…

When a teacher is trying to teach 50, 60 or
even more in a single, huge classroom, there
is only one way to do that. The teacher has
to take the subject matter and “dumb it down”
so that most kids “get it.” What happens?

Most kids get passing grades, but kids that get
left behind are the brightest, most gifted few.
How will those few ever fulfill their potential to
become leaders, if we teach them to be followers?

School systems learned from that failure and
created Charter Schools and Honors Classes
because “mass education” was letting-down
the few who were destined or determined to
lead tomorrow’s world.


If George Madiou’s research is correct (which
I suspect it is), maybe it’s time for the network
marketing profession to make a critical shift in
their philosophy on training.

Perhaps the current training programs are fine –
for 70% of the people who enter our industry.

But what if they added “Honors Classes” and 
“Accelerated Training” for those between the 
70% “masses” and the 3% high-achievers.

It’s time for a special program for the 27%ers!
The ones who are treating their business like
a business, who are in it to win it, who are
committed to making themselves successful.


George Madiou has joined forces with the
famed success guru Dale Calvert, to create
the “27%er SUCCESS SYSTEM,” an elite
program, without elite pricing.

George and Dale have just created a 
“charter school” or &ldqu o;gifted program” 
or “honors class” for the “hungry-for-
support” network marketing 27%ers.

And, trust me, it is amazing!

They have brought together some 200 of 
the biggest names you have ever heard of.
Names like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Denis
Waitley, and Dr. Shad Helmstetter just to
name a few.

Check it out. Get a Trial month for just 97₵.

What’s the Mission of the
27% Success System?

It is to empower the “current-27%” into the 
“current-3%” category through accelerated
teaching, leadership principles, mentoring
and master-mining, coaching, role-modeling,
proven-success-blueprints – training that
goes beyond what most networking companies
are providing today.

George Madiou told me “This is not a substitute
for company-provided training,” it’s a turbocharger. 
It’s like graduate school. It adds a new level to 
what companies are already doing well.

Big-name network marketing companies are 
already embracing the “27%er Success System”
as an invaluable extension of the training they
are providing internally.

Some are referring to the 27%er Success System
as the “graduate course” or as an “advanced 
street-smart, practical coaching program.” 
Check it out. Get a Trial month for just 97₵.

WHO IS THE 27%err Success System FOR?

▪ New network marketers looking for
the shortest path to the holy grail.

▪ Committed network marketers who
“just can’t seem to break into profit.”

▪ Successful network marketers who 
are ready to kick it up another notch.

▪ Company Owners & Leaders in
network marketing who are looking to
identify those 27%ers in their company
and to support them in a special way.

▪ MLM corporate trainers who would
consider integrating the 27% System
into their own corporate training program.


Find out by test-driving it. Trial month just 97₵.
Then, if you want to continue, membership
dues jump waaaaaay up to … a mere $27 a 
month (the price of a couple Starbucks.)
Is your business worth it?

That’s it. Really. I joined myself and I’m simply 
paying a flat 27 bucks a month. No add-ons.
No upsells. No kidding.

AND (get this) the little 27-dollar monthly
membership is 100% tax-deductible!

I’m in. The water’s fine. Want to jump in
and join me?

If you are ready to learn about the “missing piece”
of the MLM success “puzzle,” check it out here
and get the 97₵ first month “Try Us Out” bonus

       Dr. Ron Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker and Small-Biz Tax Educator

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