Get Them Checking In – Internet Marketing Strategy for Independent Hotels

If you are one of the big hotel chains then an Internet marketing strategy isn’t really a problem. More than likely you have name recognition going for you as well as a lot of cash and resources available to get the work done. Many of the best hotels that the public will find are just like yours, small independent hotel that makes people feel comfortable. Independent hotels will have a special feeling that no big chain can imitate. You have created or are creating a place that is near to the hearts of people who will keep coming back year after year. The only problem is, you still need to be competitive. There are many things that you can offer customers and letting them know what it is that you have to offer can be very helpful to your success.

The best thing that you have to work with is those customers that you have already. Make sure that you get their email and create a list using them. Create a newsletter letting them know about things that are going on not just with the hotel but in the surrounding area. Find out what is going on in the community and let your newsletter be an ad for your community. Another thing that you can do is try and give them incentives to get friends and acquaintances to go to the hotel.

Give them a discount or gift certificate for telling new customers about you. Another thing that you can do is create a website and work with other businesses in your area and create a network of local businesses that cross-promote each other. When there is a community event, get everyone to do their best to promote it on their site. Many small businesses have found success in using search engines. You can be successful as well. Check into how that can be done for you. Look at pay-per-click advertising and see if it would be suitable for you. You might want to do paid search search engine listings but there are quite a few studies out that have shown that customers prefer the organic search engine listings so when you design your website, find ways to get it optimized for search engines.

Search engine optimization might be the best avenue for you to take but it can be pretty involved and difficult. There are plenty of resources available at a good price that will help you learn how to do it effectively. There are also small businesses who will do the work for you at a very good price considering the value it can be for you. As a small, independent hotel it can seem that you are getting blown away by the larger hotel chains. Once you learn how to use the Internet effectively, though, you will find that even as a small hotel you can have a marketing strategy that levels the playing field.

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