How Do I Relieve Knee Swelling

The following information is a guide only. If any conditions persist then seek medical attention immediately. If you want to relieve knee swelling then the information in this article could help you. Knee swelling is a common injury that most doctors see on a regular basis. It can be caused by a number of things from over exertion to arthritis and usually treated using anti inflammatory tablets. But more and more people are looking at alternative techniques to help relieve knee problems.

Causes There are many causes of knee swelling but here are a few of the more common causes. ? Ligament or muscle tears ? Arthritis ? Infections ? Excessive exercising Symptoms A swollen knee and pain are usually the first symptoms one feels when you injure the knee, bruising is another symptom you should look out for. If there is fluid on or around the knee then it will be red and warm to the touch. Your knee will also be stiff and difficult to bend and generally be painful. Help is at Hand Help is available to help relieve knee swelling, and it can take a number of guises but all with the same end result, to alleviate the pain and swelling you have in your knee. Usually with a swollen knee a course of anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin will help to relieve the knee of the swelling and pain, but nowadays more and more people are turning to natural remedies to aid them in reducing and relieving the pain and swelling.

The first thing you should do to relieve knee swelling is rest the injured knee and to elevate it so that if there is any fluid on the knee it can drain away. Take an ice pack or ice cubes and put them inside a sealable plastic bag then wrap the ice into a towel and place it onto the knee. Never place ice directly to the skin as this causes burns. A good anti inflammatory drug is called Bromelain. Made from pineapples and turned into capsules so it can easily be taken,

Bromelain is excellent against any type of swelling on the body. It has other benefits too and one is that it is good for the digestive system. Stay off the injured knee for as long as possible so that you can relieve knee swelling but if you must move about then use crutches to help you. This advice is just that, advice and should not in any way replace any medical care and attention you should seek If your symptoms persist over a few days. A Whole New Way If you want to relieve knee swelling then there are many ways in which that is possible with natural remedies being the number one choice for most people. Many are available from a great many places, you might even have some in the kitchen, try them and see what a difference they can do to help you and your swollen knee.

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