How to Generate Traffic Using A Facebook

In the age of Web 2.0, driving traffic to your website is not all about search engine optimization (SEO). Part and parcel of an effective Internet marketing strategy is to ensure that your website is also present in the realm of social networks and media sharing. Visitors do not only arrive at websites only through search results, but also through links that their peers share through these social networks. What social networking platform could be more important than Facebook, the world’s largest? With over 800 million active users, your website stands to reach a wide variety of audience through Facebook, and sometimes all it takes is one "Like" button in your webpages.

How to generate traffic using a Facebook "Like" button on your site? A Facebook "Like" button is a stamp of approval that visitors may click when they literally like the content of your blog. Experience with video-sharing site YouTube indicates that visitors prefer a like-dislike system instead of a rating system when expressing approval or disapproval for content. Facebook modifies this model and only has "Like" buttons that third-party content may use in their customized pages.

What makes the "Like" button extra special for Internet marketers is its content sharing component. Visitors who click the "Like" button automatically share the links to their Facebook profiles, which can, in turn, be viewed by people in their respective networks. If your content is good enough, the Facebook "Like" button serves as a form of endorsement by the people potential visitors trust the most–their personal contacts. Viral blog posts are created this way. When putting Facebook "Like" buttons in your website or your blog posts, remember to put it in two positions: the top and the foot of a webpage or a blog post. With the now-familiar appearance of the "Like" button, approval and sharing should only be a click away. SEO should still be of high importance, but you will never go wrong with a few Facebook links here and there. INSERT CALL TO ACTION HERE

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