Get Them Checking In – Internet Marketing Strategy for Independent Hotels

If you are one of the big hotel chains then an Internet marketing strategy isn’t really a problem. More than likely you have name recognition going for you as well as a lot of cash and resources available to get the work done. Many of the best hotels that the public will find are just like yours, small independent hotel that makes people feel comfortable. Independent hotels will have a special feeling that no big chain can imitate. You have created or are creating a place that is near to the hearts of people who will keep coming back year after year. The only problem is, you still need to be competitive. There are many things that you can offer customers and letting them know what it is that you have to offer can be very helpful to your success.

The best thing that you have to work with is those customers that you have already. Make sure that you get their email and create a list using them. Create a newsletter letting them know about things that are going on not just with the hotel but in the surrounding area. Find out what is going on in the community and let your newsletter be an ad for your community. Another thing that you can do is try and give them incentives to get friends and acquaintances to go to the hotel.

Give them a discount or gift certificate for telling new customers about you. Another thing that you can do is create a website and work with other businesses in your area and create a network of local businesses that cross-promote each other. When there is a community event, get everyone to do their best to promote it on their site. Many small businesses have found success in using search engines. You can be successful as well. Check into how that can be done for you. Look at pay-per-click advertising and see if it would be suitable for you. You might want to do paid search search engine listings but there are quite a few studies out that have shown that customers prefer the organic search engine listings so when you design your website, find ways to get it optimized for search engines.

Search engine optimization might be the best avenue for you to take but it can be pretty involved and difficult. There are plenty of resources available at a good price that will help you learn how to do it effectively. There are also small businesses who will do the work for you at a very good price considering the value it can be for you. As a small, independent hotel it can seem that you are getting blown away by the larger hotel chains. Once you learn how to use the Internet effectively, though, you will find that even as a small hotel you can have a marketing strategy that levels the playing field.

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Generic Drugs vs Branded Drugs- the tussle is on

Generic and cost efficient The question is not much about money when it comes to prioritizing life and death; but when the more relevant and more useful drug comes at half the cost of curing than with a branded drug, people opt for the generic version. Why, that appears to be the best choice for many in future too. What Generic drugs have done is to open up a new vista in the field of treating the sick at a lower cost. Now for those wondering what exactly a generic drug is, here is the answer.

Any drug that is manufactured and sold by the company other than the actual patent holder comes under the category of generic drug. What is there to look forward to when buying a generic drug? Nothing but the rating that is given by the highest authority qualifying drug manufacture in the country. For instance, an FDA rating of ?A? for a generic drug in the US makes it a bio equivalent of the branded version. Dealing with side effects Time of the treatment also varies less with the branded version of drugs; with the active ingredients in the generic version being similar to the branded version, time frame for curing the disease is similar in both the cases. Now if the fear is more on the side effects, there again the generic version wins. So with the same effect for both and a lower cost to the generic drugs, senses should drag you to the corner and advice you to buy generic drugs. And the best possible way to access would be through getting the generic drugs online. The only thing that should be of concern to a person desperately looking forward for the generic drug is that not all of the branded versions have a generic equivalent; and more is the trouble when patents protect the branded drugs from the generic variety.

You shan?t be the pawn So this is the opportunity to grab to save your soul; if on the other hand you feel that the insurance cover that you have could protect you from the cost of the drug whether it be a branded or the generic, you are yourself being made a pawn in the process of price rise of the drug. It would be better if you stayed out of the pandemonium. The best option is to access generic drugs online and buying them as in the long run the very act of yours could make the availability of the drug to you at a cheaper rate. So start depending on generic versions than the branded ones; buy generic drugs and clear the troubles in stock for the future.

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Free Internet Marketing

Many people who are interested in making money online wonder if they need to take an internet marketing course. The truth is that there are many free internet marketing resources online where you can learn the ins and outs of online marketing for nothing. There are forums you can visit to learn pretty much anything you will ever need to know about building a successful business on the internet. This free internet marketing information will not cost you a penny. The only downside to this strategy is that you never know how accurate the information you are getting actually is. This is hardly the most time effective way of building an online business because you will have to put all the information together piecemeal. So, if you have the money and want to speed up your learning curve, I suggest getting an internet marketing course. Before you go out and buy one, though, there are some things you should keep in mind.

First, before you invest your hard earned money in any course you want to make sure that the techniques you will be taught actually work. Many things that used to work online are now outdated and either do not work like they did before or they do not work at all anymore. Pay per click is one perfect example. When it first came into play you could get a lot of traffic for very little money. Today PPC has become so competitive and so complicated you can lose a lot of money quickly if you do not learn the process inside and out. Just make sure the course you choose is up to date with all the information it offers you. Another important consideration is the format the course uses. We all have our preferred ways of learning. Some of us learn by reading, others learn by watching a video, still others learn by listening to an audio book, and of course, some learn with a combination of all of these methods. When considering any given course, make sure that it will make your learning process quicker and easier by highlighting the way you like to learn and are most comfortable with.

You also need to find out what type of support you will have access to. You will undoubtedly find you have a question during the course of the training and you will want to get that question answered as quickly as possible. If you don’t have someone who you can turn to with questions you might as well have just stuck with the free methods we discussed earlier. Make sure that there are qualified instructors who can help you out if you ever get stuck while going through the course. There are a lot of courses around today and it’s important that you take your time to find the best course for you. But, if you have the time and not the budget go ahead and find the free internet marketing resources that will teach you to build a business online.

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Free Financial Advice Good Or Bad You Be The Judge

Things are very tough financially for many people around the world. With the upcoming holidays the stress seems to intensify. Because of the increased need their are more people than ever who are seeking out assistance If you are looking for free financial advice I have some information that you will find very helpful. There are a few things to keep in mind first though. For one thing there is a lot of truth to the expression you get what you pay for. Not all financial advice, free or otherwise, is good. Never put your own common sense on the back burner. Always think long and hard about the advice you receive. You also want to check the credentials of anyone who is offering advice. Again, that will apply whether the advice is free or not. Even a planner with the proper credentials might not give the best advice. To a large degree financial advice is very subjective and some advisors may give you what they think is the best advice, and it may be the best advice, but not for you. For this reason it’s a good idea to talk to more than one advisor if at all possible. By comparing a few different opinions and points of view you may be able to combine elements from each to help you find the right combination for your financial goals. Here are some places you can go to find the financial help you need. Just keep the points I mentioned above in mind not only when you are searching for help, but also when you are actually talking to someone about your specific needs and goals.

1. The first place you can start is at your local bank or credit union. While they might not actually be able to offer free help, they may know of some organizations locally that specialize in helping lower income people with financial difficulties. Even your local United Way may be able to point you in the right direction. Also your local library may be able to help you find the help you need. Also check your local paper, your phone book, and ask around. There is no shame in asking friends and family if they know of a qualified financial planner. Often times planners will offer help on a sliding scale and may be able to help you for little, or no cost. It can’t hurt to ask!

2. Finding someone locally is the best option, but if you’ve exhausted your options locally you can always go online. This approach has to be done very carefully though. Online you never know who you are dealing with. They may say that they offer free help, but than when you start to get involved with them they may request a small fee for this and a small fee for that. Or, they may try to hard sell you on some of their products or services. If you decide to look online just be very careful that you don’t give out any personal information and that you ask a lot of questions. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a thinly veiled sales pitch is really financial advice. Before you actually get involved with a company, either online or off, you can check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if they’ve had any complaints filed against them. Just remember that there are scammers around all the time and they really seem to come out from under their rocks when times are tough. When looking for free financial advice never leave your common sense at home. If something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t, walk away.

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Four Tips for At-Home-Business Call Success

You know it?s happened to you. Your phone rings and it?s the important business call you?ve been waiting for. As you look at your children wildly circling you, you ask yourself, ?Do I take the call? ? It leaves you wondering how other Mom Entrepreneurs handle at-home-business calls. Here are four quick tips:

1. Don?t apologize. On the days my daughter, Camilla (age seven) is with me, there ARE times she talks or is noisy when I?m on a business call. I used to say, ?I?m sorry, my daughter is here?? But thankfully, I?ve changed. I?m grateful to Ponn Sabra who told me to be proud my daughter is with me. And she is right. Now when I proudly state, ?My daughter is with me today,? I find callers are gracious. Most reply with, ?Oh, that?s wonderful! Enjoy your time with her.?

2. Be prepared for the unexpected. As a mom, you wear many hats. When on the phone, always smile and project a good attitude. But be prepared to deal with unexpected situations. If children are disruptive during a call, remain calm. This is the time to have a sense of humor and make light of the situation. If the caller hears the background cries and you?re unable to quickly control the situation, offer to call back at a later time. ?Would ten minutes or a half hour be better for you??

3. Give ?silent hellos or goodbyes?. You can develop a ?silent hello? (or goodbye) used when on the phone and your children walk in or out. Wear a headset to free your hands for a big hug and a quiet kiss. Train your children to be quiet and they understand you can?t hang up just because they?ve arrived. Your children will soon compete to see who can be the quietest, and you never have to hang up on a client 🙂

4. Leave your children ?reminders?. For example you can purchase a small stop sign for your office door. It serves as a visual reminder for you kids to stop and listen so they don?t burst in during a business call. Below the sign youcould post three questions for your kids to ask themselves before interrupting.

1. Is someone hurt?

2. Does it concern schoolwork?

3. Would you pay $5 for the answer? ($5 = the 15 minutes it takes to work through the question and get refocused) This cut the interruptions down to almost zero after about a week. By being proud of your decision to work from home, being prepared for the unexpected, giving silent hellos or good-byes, and leaving your children reminders, you, too, can experience more success with your at-home-business calls.

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Forum Marketing Etiquette

Forum marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business for free on the internet. This is why you do not want to lose out on this great money making marketing program by not reading the rules that are posted in all the forums. These rules provide guidelines on what you are able to and not able to do on the internet. This will help you learn your limits when it comes to posting so you do not break any of these rules. It will also set limits on how aggressively to make your marketing campaign. Lack of reading these rules of the forums can lead to banning from the forums as well as black marketing of your name. So reading the rules before you join any forum, it is very crucial that you read the rules and understand them clearly. This is also the first rule of your successful marketing campaign. You will find the rules for every forum right below the guidelines or general discussion section and are not very tedious or hard to understand. Along with the rules you also should follow some simple rules of etiquette.

1. Forums simply disagree or will ban you for any aggressive form of self promotion. Also you will get banned if you make any negative comments that may offend another forum member. The degree of strictness to these rules will vary from site to site. So reading the rules before you, post can save you a lot of problems later on.

2. Remember you joined the forum because of the issues being discussed so therefore you are not allowed to promote your business within the posting portion. Do not start promoting your product like no other product will beat it especially without using proper content first.

3. You need to read what is being discussed before you post. You need to pay attention to whether the posting is either formal or informal and respond accordingly. Also you need to get to know a few of the people on the boards and start a conversation with them before you approach the issue of your website which should be done in a subtle manner.

4. When you follow the conversations you have an added bonus. If you are following, you can follow certain questions that are being asked by other members. If any of these questions fall into your expertise, you can give them an answer to their question or problem. You may even be able to lead them to your site in a subtle manner that may deal with their issues. Following the rules is a critical part of any forum but following etiquette is a matter of principal. If you follow these simple etiquette guidelines, you will become a well-trusted forum marketer in no time.

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Financial Lender-Find The One To Meet All Your Needs

There are many reasons someone may want a loan and almost as many places to get that loan. Your options for finding the right financial lender for your needs will depend on many factors. Ultimately, any time you are borrowing any amount of money for anything you have to know who you are dealing with. This is called doing your "due diligence". You can find the right financial lender for your needs but don’t just assume that they are all reputable or the best for your needs. So, what do you need to look for and consider before you actually sign on the dotted line? Well, keep reading:

1. First of all, what type of loan do you want? How much do you need and for what purpose? This will go a long way to determine the type of lender you should use. For example, if you want a loan for a home, you will go to a "regular" bank or credit union. In many ways this can be the easiest type of loan to get. Of course, that’s not to say that you don’t need to meet certain requirements such as down payment, credit score, etc. Getting financing for a business loan will almost always be much more challenging. Since there doesn’t tend to be the same amount of collateral with a business loan, as opposed to a home loan which has the actual real estate for collateral, it can be much harder to get this type of loan.

2. The next thing you will want to do is do some research. You need to know what documents you will need to have available. That will, of course, depend on the type of loan you want. If you are applying for a business loan you will probably need to provide a business plan for one thing. Any lender will want to know what your business is, how much you expect to earn, who your demographic is, etc. If you are applying for a home loan you will want have your credit report available, for one thing. Again, do some research and compile all the documents you find that you will need depending on the type of loan you will want to get.

3. Make sure you fully understand what the interest rate is, as well as your monthly payments. You need to know what all the terms are before you sign the documents. Also, don’t be afraid to look around to more than one lender to find the best combination of interest rates and overall terms. There are many types of lenders available so you don’t have to just settle for whichever lender is right down the street. You can look around and even online to find the lender that works the best for you and your needs. So, finding a financial lender for your particular type of loan doesn’t have to be difficult, but it will be necessary that you find the right lender for you. Be willing to take some time and do your research to find the best lender for you and you should be fine.

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Financial Planning Advice Can Make You Or Break You

When it comes to plotting your financial course, most people will be better off if they find a qualified person to give them sound financial planning advice. There are so many products available, and so many options it would be virtually a full time job if you tried to do it yourself. Getting qualified, professional advice is good advice, but you do have to be careful. Not everyone knows what they are talking about and many so called professionals are only interested in making a commission and really don’t care all that much about you and your longterm financial goals. The one thing you absolutely must keep in mind is that no financial planner will be able to tell you with any degree of certainty which stocks you should buy, when you should buy, etc. The market has a mind of it’s own and no one has ever been able to read it with any degree of accuracy. Oh sure, sometimes someone will get lucky, but they are never able to maintain that. Many commercials on t.v. will tout how they’ve outperformed this or that for the last ten years but in reality if you look closely they haven’t really done any better than the market on average.

Most financial planners will only get paid when they make a sale, they work on commission. That doesn’t make them, or their advice, bad…necessarily. It does, however, mean that you have to take everything they tell you with a grain of salt. I once read a book that said you should never trust anyone to give you financial advice unless they were living off of their own investments. Think about it. If the financial planner you are thinking about working with can’t make a great living off of the financial advice they are giving you, why would you trust them with your money? If they were so good at picking winners they wouldn’t be working for commissions and selling things to other people,they would be living off of their own investments on a beach in Tahiti! Having said that, it will still be beneficial for most people to enlist the aid of a financial professional, not to tell you what to do with your money, but rather to give you options and all the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision as to which course of action is best for you. You really want to be careful when ‘interviewing’ a financial planner.

Too many ‘professional planners’ or more about selling you a product than giving you sound advice so you can make up your own mind. Your money and your future is too important to just ignore. It’s also too important to trust just anyone. Take some time to interview potential planners. Make sure they understand what your goals are and that they aren’t just interested in making a commission and selling you a product. Sound financial planning advice is one of the best investments you can make in your future.

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For The Beginner – Stock Market Investing Explained

Getting started in stocks and shares can be confusing for the beginner. Stock market investing can be very profitable though so it pays to learn some of the basics. Once you master those basics however it can also be great fun – even for a beginner. Stock market investing can seem daunting at first because it is plagued by jargon and that’s often the hardest part to get to grips with. To overcome the mystique of stock market terms and jargon you can buy specialized dictionaries which will explain them in simple terms.

This as much as anything will help any new investor gain confidence by letting them in on the "secret code". So what are the basic principles of investing in shares as a beginner? Stock market investing really comes down to finding hidden value in a company or companies that other people haven’t spotted yet. That will enable the new investor to buy those shares at a cheaper price and then resell them for a higher price at a later date. To help you spot those golden nuggets of hidden value you can either get the help of full service stock broking companies or alternatively you can begin to learn how to read stock market indicators for yourself. It is beyond the scope of this article to go into depth about these indicators but in simple terms they are methods of seeing if a stock is following a particular trend either up or down.

There are many different ways of measuring these trends with some becoming very convoluted but almost all of them are designed to find patterns that show that a stock is worth investigating further. If you are new to investing you might want to consider employing the services of a full service broker and asking them to explain to you how they have come to the conclusions they have. You could then try to discover for yourself what made them recommend either buying or selling that individual set of shares by "reverse engineering" using some of the technical indicators. It’s always useful with any investment to try to discover the "why" of the investment as this will help you to repeat your successes and avoid your failures again in the future. Just a word of warning – be careful though because even for the beginner stock market investing can become addictive!

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For Successful Marketing Understand Your Target Market

Before you can do any good advertising your product and service or undergo any decent marketing campaign you have to know your target market. In the world of internet marketing you need to be able to know as precisely as possible all the information you can gather so you can custom tailor your marketing mix to be more effective. You will need to know about their demographics. On any online marketing campaign you need to know who it is that you are reaching out to. What does your ideal customer look like? How old are they? What income bracket are they in? Where do they work? Where do they socialize?

What are their buying habits? The marketing strategies that you incorporate are going to use all this information. Fortunately it doesn’t take much to find out much of this. If you are targeting a certain geographic area, use the internet to find out as much demographic information as possible. In the US use the chamber of commerce for that area. For your market targeting you will also need to know about their geographic location. What is the culture there like. Get familiar with ti and find out what things are typical for that region. Make sure you find out not only what marketing strategies are popular but find out also what things are taboo. What may seem harmless to one region may be a death sentence to your marketing strategy if your marketing research doesn’t find this information out. You also need to see what other factors might affect the buying decision and behavior of your target market. What styles are in fashion for your target markets? What type of climate is it?

Are they free with their money? It may seem like a lot of work but if you want your marketing plan to work, all of this research is going to pay off. The most important part of your marketing research will be understanding your customers needs. The more you understand this, the better able you will be to create an ad campaign. This will help bring about some effective branding of your product and services as a viable part of their buying pattern. Your best way to find out about your target market, though, is to spend time where they are. If your hope is to have a coffee shop, you are going to want to see first hand what works and doesn’t work You will want to know what the atmosphere is like in a successful coffee shop and spend time talking to customers to find out what they like and don’t like about it. The same thing is going to be important for any online marketing plan. Wherever it is that your potential customers go to find out more about what you are trying to offer them, go and spend time there. If there is a forum that is used by those who typically are interested in your product or service, be a member of it or spend time reading what is going on. Get in the shoes of your target market and find out what it is like to be them. The more you can understand them, the more effective you will be a marketing to your target market.

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