Today the IRS issued Tax Tip #2019-72, stating, “Taxpayers have the right to  pay no more than what they owe.”

Yes, howard, you do have the right to
reduce your taxes to the minimum amount
required by law.

Today the IRS issued Tax Tip #2019-72,
stating, “Taxpayers have the right to 
pay no more than what they owe.”

The “tip” went on to say, “Taxpayers have 
the right to pay only the amount of tax 
legally due, including interest and penalties, 
and to have the IRS apply all tax payments 

This is one of 10 basic rights known as
the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
The full list includes:
– The Right to Be Informed
– The Right to Quality Service
– The Right to Pay No More than
the Correct Amount of Tax
– The Right to Challenge the IRS’s
Position and Be Heard
– The Right to Appeal an IRS Decision
in an Independent Forum
– The Right to Finality
– The Right to Privacy
– The Right to Confidentiality
– The Right to Retain Representation
– The Right to a Fair & Just Tax System

The complete “Taxpayer Bill of Rights”
document may be downloaded at:

Here are some important things the IRS says
in Tax Tip #2019-72 that taxpayers should
know about their “right to pay no more than 
the correct tax owed.” You should:
– File for a refund if you believe you
overpaid your taxes.
– Contact the IRS if you believe there is an
error on a notice or bill.
– File an Amended Tax Return if you discover
an error after the original return was filed.
– Request that any amount owed be removed
if it exceeds the correct amount due.
– Request that the IRS remove interest from
the account if the IRS caused unreasonable
errors or delays.
– Submit an Offer-in-Compromise (Form 656-L) to
ask the IRS to accept less than the full amount
of tax debt. You may do this if you believe all or
part of the debt is not owed.

It is important to know your rights, because if
you don’t, you cannot protect your rights.

Creating-Tax-Smart Small-Business Owners,
      Dr. Ron Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker & Small-Business Tax Coach

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