How To Get Your Pins Indexed Properly For Higher Visibility

As you begin to explore Pinterest you will notice that this highly visual social network is not the same as other the social networking sites and that you need to put some serious thought into getting your pins indexed properly To effectively get your pins to climb the ranks of Pinterest, you have to understand and focus your attention on the keywords in your descriptions, hashtags, and links. This is critical because pinboard’s mostly involve posting and uploading unique, entertaining, compelling images, photos, and videos. Some may say that since your posting images keywords don’t matter as much, but they do!

This even includes your choice of keywords for your Pinterest profile description, especially if you want to get noticed by other pinner’s in a specific market and ranked well by search engines. When posting a new pin be sure that you use relevant titles and informative, keyword focused descriptions. Not only will this help other pinner’s find your content, it will create added value on your boards. The same holds true when you repin other people’s images. Don’t be afraid to change or add to the description and be sure to use your keywords. While repining images posted by other people is fun and can be very beneficial, you should also be sure to upload your own unique or interesting pins with searchable keyword titles, descriptions and tags.

The main reason for this is so that your boards will have interesting pins that other pinner’s will want to repin. By providing fresh, interesting content on your boards you can help ensure that it will be shared more frequently and it will also help you attract more followers. This simple process of pinning and repining will help you drive more genuine page views and higher web ranking for your search engine optimized Pinterest pinboard. – Using Hashtag’s The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics. It was made popular by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Tagging pins with hashtag’s makes them easier to find and more searchable to most search engines. When you want your boards and pins to be quickly and conveniently searched, you can attach a hashtag symbol # before your keyword in a pin description. For example, if you include the hashtag ?#marketing? in your description, people can click on the hashtag to instantly search through Pinterest to find all of the pins related to that particular search term. – Including Links In your Pinterest profile description you can add a link of your business website as well as connections to your blog, and other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These external connections are ways for users to find your boards and pins.

As you are pinning keep in mind that Google indexes individual boards on Pinterest and that makes the descriptions you use on your pins and board extremely important. Pinterest has become extremely popular over the last two years and it doesn’t look like their growth will be slowing down anytime soon. That only leads us to believe that from a business standpoint we should consider Pinterest an important part of our marketing strategy, just like our blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

These is little doubt that the combination of these social platforms can go a long way towards increasing visibility, attracting visitors and generating more sales, which is the main reason for any business to engage in online social marketing.

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