7 Effective Tips on Using Ezine Submissions to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you don?t have the vital resources needed to create your own ezine then don?t. You don?t really need the hassles of publishing your own ezine, do you? Instead of worrying about getting enough subscriptions for your own ezine, you could start enjoying the simple and easy life by submitting traffic-generating articles to other ezines. Let others do the rest while you let yourself enjoy the rest! It?s a good deal, isn?t it?

Tip #1 Start by creating articles with valuable content. Whatever Internet marketing strategy you employ subsequently won?t work if your articles aren?t worth reading in the first place. To refresh your memory, here are a few essential guidelines for writing articles for ezines. Keep it brief. Online readers are rarely in the mood to digest excessively long articles. Take note of your word count and make sure that your articles are readable in one sitting. Keep the paragraphs short, too. It?s better to have several short paragraphs than few long ones. Focus on creating attention-grabbing headlines and sub-headlines. These will make it easier for readers to skim your articles. Start and end strong. Your introduction must be informative but not without giving it away. That?s what you have the body for, after all. Your ending paragraph must also include a strong call to action: you have to emphasize the need for readers to learn more about, if not buy, your products and services. Lastly, don?t forget to add a short description about your business and your contact details. Don?t use any fancy codes when providing your website URL.

Tip #2 Choose the right ezine publishers to submit your articles to. Ezines mostly cater to niche markets. If you choose the wrong ezine publisher to submit to then all your hard work will be for naught. People will still get to read your articles, but they won?t be interested in what you have to say. Simply put, choose ezine publishers whose readers belong to your target market.

Tip #3 Choose ezine publishers with the greatest readership base. Aim to get as much exposure possible for your article. Focus and prioritize ezine publishers with established reputations and with wide distribution scales.

Tip #4 Browse online forums, blogs, and websites regularly to find new ezine publishers you can submit your articles to. Don?t hesitate to ask people you?ve just met online about it. Use all the resources available to you to have as many prospective ezine publishers you can work with. Tip

#5 Be familiar with the work aspects that make ezine publishers unique. If a particular ezine has made a habit of celebrating its anniversary then you should create articles that would at least match its theme. This will help endear you to the publisher and its readers.

Tip #6 Monitor the results. Consider conducting surveys once in a while or using your sales forms to determine how people found out about your site. If they mention a particular ezine then you should submit more articles to that ezine. It must be doing something right to have generated not just traffic but sales for your website. Tip #7 Show your gratitude to ezine publishers that were able to contribute a lot to your website?s profits. Good business etiquette never hurts anyone and it can usually lead to lots of indirect benefits.

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