A Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Away Free Products that Get Traffic-Generating Product Reviews

Product reviews, especially when they?re positive, can definitely generate traffic for your website. But people will rarely review a product for free. If you don?t have to pay them, you?ll have to give the product to them for free. And unless you?re selling digital infoproducts or any other type of product which doesn?t cost you too much money to produce, you?ll have to be pretty careful choosing which reviewers to approach and how to word your proposal.

Step 1 Determine how many products you can afford to give away for free. Now, even if you can afford to give as many as you want, it?s still better to limit your giveaways to a few every month. Flooding the Internet with raving reviews of your products might give off a fishy smell to your readers and you certainly don?t want to have that happen.

Step 2 Be careful when choosing the people you?ll give your products for free and in exchange for reviews. Here are several factors to consider when making this all-important decision. Expertise ? Professional product reviewers are your primary target when giving away your products for free. But they can?t just be any product reviewer. The best type of reviewer is the one with substantial knowledge, familiarity, and expertise with the product you?re marketing. You cannot expect a food critic to create a valid review on the latest Microsoft OS, can you? Need ? The second type of reviewer you?d want to target are those who you believe will benefit from the use of your products and services. If you?ve designed a new online tool for bookkeeping, you should target small business owners, home-based professionals, and others with basic bookkeeping needs. These people are in the position to better appreciate what your product or service has to offer.

Writing Skills ? With professional product reviewers, there?s no need to worry about their writing skills. But with the second type of reviewer, not all of them would have flair for writing. Give your products to those who do have them or otherwise, they?ll just be put to waste since their reviews won?t be as clear or detailed as you need them to be. Website ? Another important factor to consider is the popularity of their website. Most product reviewers have their own websites and if not that then their own blogs then.

Research and see which websites have the highest rankings. It would be better to get as much exposure for each product you give away for free, don?t you think?

Step 3 Now that you know which individuals to approach with your offer, it?s time to create an email regarding your proposal. Your letter must explain your product offer in exchange for a review. Be very clear that the offer does not require them to sing praises of your product. All they have to do is be honest.

Step 4 Explain your requirements. You might have a certain format or word count in mind for product reviews. Inform them of this if so. You might also want to suggest that they focus on discussing the features and benefits of your product or maybe add an anecdote to the review. Step 5 Lastly, require them to post a short description about you or your business and to include a link to your website.

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