How to Drive Targeted Traffic from to Your Website with Customer Reviews

More and more people are getting creative with their accounts in eBay to enjoy even just a small chunk of the daily traffic that the popular auction site gets. If you?ve enjoyed similar success, let me point out a new direction for you to employ your strategies on. Let me ask you first: does the name ring any bells?

Step 1 Create an Amazon account. Use your business email address for registration. Fill up the online personal form, validate your account, and then proceed with editing your profile. You?ll be given the option to upload a photo of yourself. It?s highly advised that you do so because letting people know how you look like sort of affirms your credibility and trustworthiness.

Step 2 Think SEO when filling up the About Me section. Your first sentence should not only introduce yourself but your website as well. You can start with something like ?Hi, I?m Joe Smith, and I?m the CEO of It?s critical to get your website URL out in the open with your first sentence. This, together with your email ? ? will make it easier for people to remember your website address.

Step 3 is best known for being a bookseller so it?s their books that you should focus on. Books sold in are categorized in various ways and it?s important that you look for the categories that best reflect your products or services.

Step 4 Look for books that you?ve already read and make customer reviews about it. Unlike other types of online content, book reviews can handle more length than usual. You don?t need to be especially brief when reviewing a particular book. In fact, the more detailed your review, the more people would appreciate your work.

Step 5 Customer book reviews must showcase your talent, knowledge, or expertise. It must drive home the fact that you?re practically a guru when it comes to the subject at hand. Your introductory paragraph must sum up your feelings without giving everything away or it could detail your previous expectations of the book. Either way, it?s important to make them interested in reading more. The body of your review should make it clear to everyone that you really did read the book. If you can include excerpts and give its respective chapter or page number, so much the better. Remember to keep an open mind when reviewing a book. Being able to see the pros and cons to a book will impress your readers more. Include personal stories or anecdotes so that readers could see how you?ve applied what you?ve learned from the book. It gives your review a more intimate feel and fewer readers would assume that you?re reviewing the book for some personal motive. Be forgiving when you rate a book. It?s possible that there are a few vengeful minds out there and if they see that you?ve given a harsh rating for a certain book and disagree with it, they could choose to retaliate by writing a similar review ? even if it?s undeserved ? for your works.

There?s no need to invite people to drop by your site in the end of your review. What you can do is use anecdotes related to your business so you could mention your website in passing. Step 6 Every time you write a review, your profile description ? including your website address ? gets displayed. The more reviews you write, the more exposure your profile will enjoy. And when people like what they read, they?re sure to click on your website to know more about you. It?s very important therefore to write as many quality reviews as you can.

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