What is Network Marketing? Practical Solutions to help in retention and reduce experience ZERO REJECTION!

What is Network Marketing? Practical Solutions to help in retention and reduce experience ZERO REJECTION! 

Good day this is Howard Martell known as the Homeprofitcoach located in Virginia Beach Va. 

Today we are going discuss what network marketing is and how it one of the most powerful tools you have to make money online using your computer. 

A little about myself been marketing for well over 30 years and over the past 10 years plus been concentrating on helping fellow affiliate marketers built a list of clients using nothing but graphical landing pages with our without videos. Prior to this journey served in the US Navy for 20 years honorably and was discharged as Cybersecurity Professional.  My niche market is global and been able to built a list of over 92,000 and growing daily who have subscribed to my services. 

What I have learned along the way and as continue to hone in on new skill sets is to never give up and the this Mantra “ The business is the list your build every day” The MONEY IS THE LIST”! 


Without a list of clients that see your landing pages you will not succeed in helping others and making consistent residual income on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Another thing learned along the way networking is about relationships first and foremost not about pushing products and services, for years marketers have been told make your list of family and friends. I say that is nice but before you can convince your loved ones who might not have interest in being a home business owner or customer. You need to first show your clients the value us business owners receive. 



I am using a different way to address 36 Billion MLM/DS industry has SERIOUS and ONGOING PROBLEMS that to date, hasn’t even come close to finding a solution. 

What IS the “Industrywide Problem”   

That needs addressing?  Very high failure-rates and very low success rates, which continue to be reported both by the industry itself and by outside third –parties. 

Here (without comment or judgement) are quotes from online sources: 

Study: 25% made a profit, but more than half  of them made less than $5000. 

Study: Vast majority of MLM participants earn less than 70 cents an hour! 

Study: Fewer-than half made even $500 in the past five years combined. 

Study: 95% fail to even reach breakeven 

Study: Two biggest causes of MLM failure 

(1) insecurity of the individual 

(2) lack of adequate marketing training 

Study: 30% drop out because it felt  awkward to pitch to family and friends. 

Study: Here are some interesting stats: 

Some 25-50% join just to buy the products at wholesale 

A full 50-60% NEVER take ANY serious Business Action 

Only 10-15% EVER “Work their Business Like a Business” 

Let’s compare that with success rates of OTHER small-business start-ups, as reported by the SBA: 

44% survive at least four years 

39% are profitable 

30% are at breakeven, and only 

30% lose money eventually. 




Let’s consolidate what we just learned. 

People join MLM’s for variety of reasons…. 

Most often it’s just to buy products at wholesale. 

They are really customers, pretending to be Distributors. 

You can make a little money from them, but not much 

Why do 30% of the drop-outs – drop out? 

Because they don’t like begging family and friends to join. 

Only 10-15% ever treat it like a BUSINESS 

But they’re the ONLY ONES who’ll ever make you any serious money. 



  1. Recruit people who are Ready to start a Business. 
  1. Get them into a BUSINESS-MINDSET on (or before) DAY-ONE. 
  1. Get them to Buy the products- but AFTER they decide to join you. 
  1. Give reasons to Work it on REGULAR & CONSISTENT Basis. 
  1. Give them Reasons to NEVER QUIT & to NEVER DROP AUTOSHIP 



  1. Get prospects to ASK YOU if they can JOIN so they won’t feel “sold” 



You will not approach anyone you have EVER approached before about a prior business. 

We’ll  set up a system in a way that REJECTION OF your Product, or your COMPANY or YOU is NOT POSSIBLE! 

You can become a top distributor WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING 

You Will have people asking you to please sign them up 

Then they will thank you for saying yes 



We will begin by Giving (not selling) them something They already WANT 

We will begin by Giving not selling) them something already know is HIGH VALUE 

We will begin by Giving not selling) them something They will be GRATEFUL FOR  

BUT it’s  SOMETHING they Cannot Get Until they establish a Home-Based Business 



 At least now, during this trial/ test phase, consider adopting  a new personal job description. During this test period when a person ask, “ What do you do? Try this Reply:  

I show people who operate a part-time home-based business, where they can learn about legal tax deductions that can slash their taxes by some three, four, five-thousand dollars or more, starting this year. 


Since half of all households in America contain a home-based business, chances are 1-in 2 they will ask you to tell them more. 

Eventually, once they understand that this works, they will ask you how they can get started in a part-time home-based business. You simply befriend them and offer to let them join you in your own business, so you can get them started and so you can mentor them.” 


Once you start using this proven concept and more experience under your belt, you will have prospects ready to join you in your business before they even know what company or products you represent… Trust Me… You See. 




Howard Martell 

Homeprofitcoach Inc LLC 


Contact me to find out how you too can enjoy these same tax savings as home-based business owner! 








I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.