Dear Fellow Genusity Visionary


Dear Fellow Genusity Visionary

 know that when you first get involved with a program, it can
seem a bit overwhelming to understand how to get it going. I
experienced that feeling when I first started with Genusity, so
I asked the CEO of Genusity, Tim Sebert: “What do I do Now?”
He told me to simply send out this simple process that
everybody needs to take:

(If you’ve already Upgraded with either of the 2 buttons on
your TourPage, then please ignore this)

1.) Log-in to your Tour Page at  and
enter your email address to log-in.
2.) Click either the “Click Here To UPGRADE To Associate” button
(you make DOUBLE {50%} the Daily Commissions and qualify
for Cycle Bonuses) or the “Click Here To Stay A Fr ee Team
Member” and have the ability to earn 25% Daily commissions only.
3.) Complete the information from your selection, click SAVE or
SUBMIT and go back to the log-in link above.
4.) Enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD you selected and Submit
5.) In your new Back Office, you will see the MARKETING tab on the
left…click it.
6.) Then select the MY LANDING PAGES tab and you will then see
the available Landing Pages you have to select from. Depending
on if you are a Free Team Member or an Upgraded Associate will
determine how many pages you will have access to.

Since I am Upgraded, the page I like to use is:

Remember, this link is only available to Upgraded Associates…
the Free Team Member Landing Page looks different.  
 When you
find your Landing Page link, test it by sending yourself an email with
your affiliate link. Then click on your affiliate link and should come to
a Capture Page that will have your name in the upper left hand corner
or at the bottom (depending on the page you use).

For Upgraded Associates, there are other Capture Pages you can
utilize if you choose to. Just log-in to your member’s area:
Then on the left side, click on “Marketing” and scope it out. Frankly,
you don’t really need to do that right now, unless you really want to.
There’s a lot of good stuff there, but you might be better off just
keeping it super-simple for now. It’s up to you.

Keep in mind that the entire Genusity family benefits when you
succeed, and we’re all pulling for you to do so. That will happen
if you just put out your link to as many people as possible.

In case you still have not become a paid member, go ahead and
do that so you can optimize the pay plan. This program is the real
deal. Now you have the opportunity to be among the first people to
be founders in a future industry giant. Don’t let that chance escape!

Call me anytime;

Howard Martell   757-647-2886

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