Learn Why Opt-in Lists Has the Potential to Make Your Website Popularity Explode

If you have an opt-in list but you don?t know what to do about it, at least you?re in the right direction. But if you don?t even have an opt-in list to offer then you definitely need to create one right now. An opt-in list, when managed properly, can easily drive massive targeted traffic to your site and maybe even make your profit margin zoom up along the way. What?s an Opt-In List? An opt-in list is a list of customers who have willingly provided you with their email addresses for a specified purpose. What Can You Get from an Opt-In List? An opt-in list is a list of prospective customers. These people wouldn?t have given you their email addresses if they had zero interest in your products and services. All you have to do next is find a way to make even the tiniest nugget of interest grow into an intention to try out and eventually, avail of what you?re offering. An opt-in list also provides you a very affordable way to contact prospective customers. Emails, as you know, don?t cost you a cent, no matter how many times you send a message. The only potential cost you?ll have to worry about is legal fines if you?ve been identified as spammer. But you already have that covered since all your recipients have opted-in to your list and if they?ve forgotten about it, you have their subscription forms to prove your claim. Ultimately, your opt-in list represents a perennial opportunity to sell. These people belong to your target market and you now have the means of contacting them with their permission. When you figure out what exactly they want and need from you then the money will start rolling in. Tips on

How to Create an Opt-In List Tip #1 Never ignore the ?opt-in? aspect of your list-building strategy. Regardless of how you?ve acquired the email addresses of potential customers, none of it can be added to your list unless they opted to do so. If someone catches you doing otherwise, your reputation will immediately suffer but more than that, you are in danger of being charged by the government for violating the US CAN-SPAM law. Tip

#2 Create an easy opt-in list form. In most cases, it would do to have a form that asks the person?s full name, valid email address, and for the person to click the box signifying his agreement to receive future emails for a specified purpose.

Tip #3 Figure out a way to bait them. Once in a blue moon, there?d be an individual visiting your website with earnest intentions to join your list and get a hold of your offers. But it?s impractical to rely on those rare beings completely. Most people who visit your website aren?t like that. Most people need you to woo them first. Consider recycling use of your baits. For this month, you could urge them to opt-in by offering a free ebook. Next month, you could inveigle them to joining by offering special discounts. This way, you get to attract all sorts of people without hurting your pockets too much.

Tip #4 The first email sent to those who have opted-in to your list is the most important of all messages. Welcome them with a personalized message. Provide your recipients with the assurance that you?ll only contact them when you truly have something valuable to offer or share. Let them know that they always have the option to unsubscribe from your list, no questions asked.

Tip #5 Build your relationship with them bit by bit. Make sure each email has valuable content and the tireless offer to know more by visiting your website. Sooner or later, your subscribers will see it your way and take you up on your offer.

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