Referrals From Old Customers Makes Your Website Explode

Think referrals if you want to increase your website traffic without paying a cent! Referrals are old-fashioned way of advertising yet still are very effective today. Think about it, every customer on your website has neighbors, co-workers and friends with similar incomes, backgrounds and interests ? they are the perfect customers for your website. Therefore, through building firm relationships with your existing clients and catering to their needs, indeed you can turn existing and contented customers into talking and walking advertisements. All you need to do is simply ask for a referral. Yup, sounds so simple but most web owners just do not do it hard enough. According to experts, referrals are very precious part of your website business transaction; at times, even more vital than taking your client?s order. Don?t be shy to ask for referrals ? if you are providing good service, then ask for a referral. Here are guidelines how to ask for referrals from existing customers:

1) Offer incentives to existing customers. It is already a routine, to website owners to offer free services, samples or discounts to somebody who refers them a customer. However, experts recommend you offer the incentives to the client as well as the referral; this way, your customer feels good that they have done something good for their friend.

2) Simple thank you note. Send an email to say thank you for the referral. Your customers will greatly appreciate this and will be encouraged to refer more of their friends to you.

3) Update old customers of new offers, new products and what?s going on in your business regularly. Never ignore old customers as they have already developed trust in you. While it is also important to find new customers, keep your old customers updated about what’s tantalizing and new in your website. Tell them about the honor you just received or a new product you are offering, anything.

4) Recognize good customers. Acknowledge good customers for their loyalty. You can send them freebies or offer discounts every year and an email telling them how you appreciate their loyalty.

5) Inform the client who gave you a referral what went on. If your business is remodeling, for instance, after you finish your customer?s neighbor’s kitchen remodel, make certain you send some pictures of the kitchen the referring client with a letter saying: look how beautiful your neighbor?s kitchen is now, because of your referral.

6) Give it back to your customers. Certain customers will have a business and a clientele that is similar to your business; refer people to them too. Here are other ways where you can get referrals: ? Forums Forums are a great venue to get your website noticed as well as get potential customers to click your website?s referral links. Make sure you join online forums with topics similar to the products or services that you offer at our site. Make certain to include a link back to your website at the bottom of your signature. Though almost all sites do not allow obvious advertising, they do permit that you place your link under your signature. ? Blogs Here?s another way to get not just referrals, but also establish good relationships. You can comment on high page ranking blogs having similar content to your site and also include your site?s link at the bottom of your signature. Just remember, offer products and excellent services so you deserve those referrals. Cheers to your success!

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