Social Networking Sites: Expanding Your Horizons and Then Some

Okay, so you probably know MySpace and Facebook. But did you know that there are numerous other social networking sites that you can use for network marketing, expanding your friends list and sent traffic flying to your site? Furthermore, there is one social networking site that very few people know about but is currently making a splash in the internet? Using social networking sites for business and website promotion is actually a natural progression, considering all the possibilities provided by these resources.

From small, exclusive ‘friends and acquaintances only’ sites, social networking sites have grown in size and influence, becoming highly visible platforms for communications, information and even profit. What are social networking sites? Even if you’re new to the most popular activities on the internet, you’ve probably heard about social networking sites. These sites are basically virtual clubs in the world wide web that people can join, add their profile, extend their invitations for friendships, business and personal relationships and communicate. Social networking sites have also become the showground with which people express their individualities and proclaim their beliefs and opinions. They are probably the new cure for agoraphobics.

Consider a social networking site as one humongous house party where the invitation has been extended to everyone. You’ll find plenty of personalities here ? people looking for genuine friendships, businessmen looking to expand their market, self-proclaimed pundits of change, even the occasional unsavory character. Your friend, sibling, neighbor, spouse, high school classmate, barber, maybe even your boss could be a member of these sites. It’s really just a matter of time before you find out yourself. Why social networking sites? Social networking sites function mainly to facilitate communication between individuals.

One person who wishes to meet others can join in and earn more friends and acquaintances. For some people, social networking sites are just part of an ego trip ? a way to be noticed, to stand out, be wanted and admired. However, by their very nature, social networking sites are also excellent platforms for business relationships. In fact, thousands of web entrepreneurs use these sites to promote their businesses, boost their marketing campaigns, recruit their members and subscribers and even snoop around for some industry insider gossip. Social networking sites are driven by technology that makes it a lot easier for website owners and internet marketers to conduct their business in a manner that is fast, efficient, effective and cost-friendly.

The most popular social networking sites offer their services for free, a fact that its members take advantage of. And there’s no sign that this free-of-cost hosting is going to change anytime in the near future. The secret social networking site? If you can name just five social networking site, you’ve greatly underestimated the power of the internet. There are dozens of social networking sites (established, semi-established and new kids on the block) that you can use to market your business to and send traffic to your own website. Furthermore, there’s one social networking site that has remained as one of the best kept secrets of many clever and enterprising individuals. Want to learn about this site?

Find out what it is, how to join it and what you can expect through’s ‘Barking Video # 14: The Secret Site’. The secret isn?t out yet and you just might find it highly useful (and profitable) if you start learning about it now.

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