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We installed our’s 2 months ago…we saved $40 our first month and excited to see this 2nd month’s savings!  But, that’s just the start of it because we installed the GenEnergy+ unit with the Whole House Surge Protection.  The Surge protection guards all of my computers, T.V.’s …anything plugged it, from power surges and lightning strikes!  I wished we would have had this a year ago when our main TV was “blown-out” by a nearby lightning strike…the new TV cost us $1,700…so understand this…I believe in the value of this product!  And get this, it doesn’t just save you 1 time against surges or lightning strikes and then you have to throw it away like a traditional surge protector…no, this unit’s patent-pending “Lightning-Strike” surge protection technology was designed and tested to withstand 1,000’s of lightning strikes and surges!  You and your home need this product!

My name is Howard Martell and Independent Gold Team member of this great company and also have installed the Gen + unit so far we have had our for 1 week and my wife told me recently she has seen a decrease in our bill. Once we do receive next bill we will no the exact first week savings. This is must have device for all homes who are over paying and not keeping enough of your hard earned money.

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