Why Do We Need to E-mail The People Who Leave Comments On Our Blogs?

Getting comments from your blog is a great way to generate traffic to your site. According to Jakob Nielsen, a total of 90% of online visitors are lurkers or those who read without actually contributing anything to the presented article, while 9% are leaving comments but are not always consistent and only 1% are actively participating on blogs and contribute anything that is of relevance to the content of a blog.

Thus, maintaining a positive relationship with your readers is very necessary to make sure they will keep a regular visit every time they connect online. So if you have at least 10% of your readers who leave comments on your blog, better make sure that they are properly addressed and make sure you communicate with them to maintain interesting lines of conversation. Reasons why readers should leave comments on your blog While it?s true that only very few readers are actively participating on your blog through the comments and feedback they left you, however, you could always encourage readers who subscribe to you by sending e-mails to them encouraging them to take part in an online conversation so their voices and feelings could also be heard with regards to your articles.

Comments are really very necessary for someone who likes to blog. Aided with other people’s comments, you could therefore improve your future posts to make sure your redears are satisfied with your work. Comments also show what your readers minds are and allow you to post articles concerning what they are really looking for in your blog. Why e-mail the people who leave comments on your blog Since only a few people would actually comment at what you write, you should also need to make sure that their comments are not wasted to you. Make them realize that their comments are very much appreciated and show them how these comments have greatly helped you in your future posts. The best way to show appreciation and interest to their comments is to e-mail them personally. Your e-mail should consist of words of thanks for commenting and your reaction to what they have written. Be honest and straightforward. If in case you are not inclined to agree on what they have written, then tell them and explain briefly your point of view. Post what you have written on your e-mails and on your blog too so that you could attract more people in posting their reactions. When your readers who comment on your articles receive your e-mails, surely, they would appreciate it that you have devoted your time in responding to their comments. In addition, they?ll likely post more comments on your blog as long as they are also interested from what you have written for them thus generating more traffic to your web site. Other ways to increase you number of comments on your blog Aside from sending out e-mails to your readers, you can also do the following things to increase the number of comments:

1. Invite comments. If you ask your readers to put what they have thought of your writings, then it may trigger them respond to your articles.

2. Ask questions. Asking questions would somehow activate readers to answer what you throw at them.

3. Be humble. Allow your readers to take part in every online conversation and don?t make immediate conclusions to every comment that is being posted. Allow others to share what they know and encourage them to defend what they have to say.

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