Yahoo Messenger: Not Only for Chatting?

Yahoo Messenger is indeed one of the most popular communication tools nowadays. Since it relies mostly on advertisements, users enjoy it for free. One only needs to have a Yahoo account, download Yahoo Messenger, build a contacts list, and that is basically it. Communication and interaction with anyone anywhere in the world is very easy. The features of Yahoo Messenger are continuously enhanced through the years. Now, one receives notification when an email arrives, can make PC to PC, PC to phone, and phone to PC calls, transfer files, converse via webcam, send SMS, and join various chat rooms covering a variety of topics. Likewise, by using IMVironments, one can change the look of the instant messaging windows and use pictures, cartoon characters, and other forms of graphics as backgrounds.

The possibilities seem endless. These are unquestionably the reasons why more and more people are getting hooked to Yahoo Messenger. Perhaps, there is no office in the world that does not use Yahoo Messenger. At home, at least one member in the family knows how to use it. And since it is such a powerful tool, more people are eager to learn how to use it. Kids, who are obviously more technology-oriented than the earlier generations, are teaching parents and even grandparents how to use it. In other words, Yahoo Messenger is an essential tool both in the office and in the household. With such a huge base of patrons, several also use of it as an advertising tool. Not only is the main feature of instant messaging used in promoting something, the interesting side details can be maximized as well. One of the commonly used is the portion indicating status. Yes, people are indeed very creative.

They use this function not only to indicate whether they are available to chat or not or whether they are online or offline, but also to convey other messages. Some write down inspiring quotations while some prefer the funny phrases. Those who are more enterprising use their site URL as Yahoo Messenger status. It can be a link to a website selling products, or a website of pictures, or a website of events, and many other limitless options. Whatever it may be, it definitely catches attention and adds up to the website?s traffic. One?s contact list may not reach millions of people but if the main contacts are satisfied with the website, word-of-mouth will take care of the rest. Using the URL does not take so much effort on the part of the website owner. He does not have to be there to spread the information.

One can be in a meeting but the URL messenger status can do the job. It is a very simple information channel with a lot of potential. It tickles one?s curiosity and lead to action. Indeed, with today?s technology, people are finding alternative ways to what they have been used to in terms of promoting anything and everything under the sun. If one only looks around well, a lot can be discovered to be very effective. Increasing website traffic is basically about introducing the website to as many people as possible and ensuring that the content is something that will keep them interested. What is important is for people to be able to maximize even the smallest details available, including Yahoo Messenger which is so close to everyone.

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